Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne

Chapter 216

Chapter 216

Experiment and restriction .

The unidentified life forms were quite small in size .

From the results of yesterday’s investigation by various means, we knew that they were about the size of the fairies .

Although they had the means to nullify sorcery, it seems that they were not able to influence physical phenomena .

To avoid being noticed, we carefully and cautiously investigated the area where the sorcery was being disabled, by blowing wind to an extent that it appeared to be natural beforehand and sending leaves and other objects into the wind .

And the most important thing we found in the investigation was that the sorcery nullifying methods used by the opposing side had the properties of a mist .

As a characteristic of a mist, it is easily swept away by a strong wind, and if it is dispersed, its ability to nullify sorcery becomes extremely weak .

Once the space gets filled with my sorcery, the extent of the ability to nullify the sorcery will be better understood .

The constant use of exploration sorcery was camouflage, and it didn’t seem to matter how much I filled the space with sorcery since they didn’t seem to be surprised by it .

With their sorcery nullification, they can nullify any kind of sorcery, so they didn’t seem to have anything to fear .

Just the word “mist” brings to mind the existence of the White Mist that invaded Mireilleoryl’s world .

And they were as big as the fairies .

When Mireilleoryl first saw the fairies, she immediately took up a battle stance .

She also said that she mistook them for the evil race .

“I guess the other party must be the evil race . ”

“The question is, why did they come at us?”

This was the evil race that was hostile towards Mireilleoryl’s world .

I’m sure they have some relationship to the white mist, simply from the fact that sorcery nullification has similar characteristics to the mist .

From the information I learned from Mireilleoryl, it seems that the evil race is a troublesome race of liars .

For the Dragon tribe, which can crystallize magical power to dramatically increase their fighting ability, the ability to nullify sorcery may not have been very effective .

That’s probably why they were attacking indirectly rather than fighting heads-on .

As such, they may have been perceived as troublesome opponents by the Dragon tribe .

Because war wasn’t just about fighting directly .

If information warfare and sabotage were the main focus, the ability to nullify sorcery would be quite troublesome in a world where sorcery was much more developed than science .

In fact, the world where Mireilleoryl comes from was also well-developed in sorcery, but actually had no science to speak of .

In fact, their civilization, which is based on sorcery, seems to be developed much higher than the civilization of Auriol .

If sorcery gets disabled in a world like that, it would cause a considerable loss of strength .

According to Mireilleoryl, no race except the Dragon tribe was capable of retaliating .

“Rather, why are they here?”

“Did they come by sticking close to Mirei?”

“Rather, I think it would be better to say that Miss Mireilleoryl was swept to the Forest next to the world by the evil race . ”

To begin with, the destination of the Dragon tribe’s secret technique of the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery was Auriol .

I know that I am still working on improving the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, but the destination is not something that can be changed so easily .

It is very dangerous and delicate sorcery, because the slightest change in coordinates or even the tiniest mistake would lead to a completely unknown space or dimension .

But if you are the evil race that is good at indirect means of combat, then maybe it is doable . If so, I would like… that knowledge .

“Ah~… speaking of which, isn’t this place too narrow?”

“Endure, Kuti . We have it much worse . ”

“Reki, why don’t you roll up a little more?”


“That’s not possible, he says~”

“Is that so?”

The first earth dome was built to prevent escape, so it was quite large, but the defensive dome I built after that is frankly narrow .

Reki-kun could just barely curl up in it .

Of course, we had no choice but to take shelter on top of the curled up Reki-kun, which was quite crowded .

It also completely blocked out any air, so we’d be suffocated soon if we didn’t have space suit sorcery applied to all of us .

I don’t need it, but everyone else does, so I had equipped all sets with a light, too .

“If possible, I would like to render them powerless so we could get information from them, but…”

“It’s unknown what other secrets they are still hiding . Ojousama, please proceed carefully . ”

“Yeah . ”

Pushed away by the strong wind, the sorcery nullification mist released by the evil race has been already been dispelled .

However, the evil race appears to wear the sorcery nullification mist all over their bodies by default, or perhaps they nullify the exploration sorcery unconsciously, even when they are unable to move due to being slammed against the outer dome wall .

If we don’t do something about that mist, it would be difficult to examine the opponent in detail .

As Scarlet said, as long as we don’t know what they are capable of doing, we should proceed with caution .

Experiment and restriction .

“Let’s act according to plan then . Lily, okay?”

“Yes, I will leave it to you . ”

“Well, I’m the one who does it, though~ Oki-doki, let’s get going then!”

Although our vision was completely zero since the earth dome was covering our field of view, the location of the evil race was known to us .

Even if they nullify the sorcery, it is easy to locate them because the rest of the vicinity reacts to the exploration sorcery .

As long as we know that the opponent is going to nullify sorcery, there are many ways find them .

We have a number of countermeasures in mind, but the first thing we’re going to try is the performance of their sorcery nullifying powers .

The more we know about its performance, the easier it will be to plan countermeasures in the future .

There are still a lot of things we don’t know, so we’ll just have to figure it out one by one .

That’s why we created the earth dome to prevent escape .


“… Hm . G32-112 seems useless . All right, next one . ”

“Eh~! Let me rest for a little~! For how many hours have we been doing this already~!”

“Kuti-sama, it has been only about twenty minutes . ”


I have had them try out the experimental sorcery we prepared yesterday in order, and every single one of them has been nullified .

Even if the very same spell has been invoked from the edge of the nullification field, Kuti’s sorcery processing ability still gets defeated by that mist, it has such an extraordinary performance .

But thanks to that, I also learned something .

“Sani Sensei, try starting from G34-77 upto 89 . ”

“Sorceries involving physical conditions, huh . Sorcery alone seems incapable of working, after all . ”

In fact, it is possible to stop the sorcery nullification temporarily once the mist is dispelled by a strong physical wind .

What we were doing earlier was just a performance test .

It was a performance that taught us that even a sorcerer as good as Kuti would lose in terms of raw power . There is no point in further testing that relies solely on sorcery .

Then, the only thing left to do is to find an efficient way to deal with it .

Blowing away the mist with a strong physical wind cannot be considered means of restraint, after all .

While we were experimenting, even the evil race started putting up some resistance .

But all of it was just too weak against us .

They are most likely a race that specializes in information warfare and indirect combat, after all .

Their sorcery nullification is amazing, but other than that, they seem almost harmless .

It now makes sense, sabotage seems to play a big part of the reason why Mireilleoryl called them liars .

Well, frankly, there is no information warfare going on now or anything because we don’t understand what they are saying since we don’t understand their language .

In addition, the earth dome blocks sound and serves as physical protection too, so their voices can’t reach us directly .

Both audio and video were also transmitted via sorcery,so I have indirectly received it .

“Kuti, the break is over . Let’s go with G34-77 . ”

“Let me rest for a little longer~ bubuu~”

“I’m sorry for tiring you out so much, Kuti . ”

“It’s not your fault, Lily! It’s the fault of the entire evil race! How cheeky of them to nullify our sorcery! Geez-!”

Kuti, who had been rumbling on top of the curled up Reki-kun’s head, shot up and exercised one sorcery after another .

As I thought, if the sorcery involves physical conditions, they are hardly able to nullify it .

Especially after being trapped in G34-84——a cage made of molded ores extracted from the ground, there was nothing they could do .

The mist of sorcery nullification was absolutely meaningless against the ores that were molded and turned into a cage .

It seems that physical restraints without sorcery are still the most effective .

The question is whether the opponent has the means to destroy them .

The default only shows that they are capable of producing a mist that disables sorcery, but it would be premature to assume that they can’t use sorcery of their own .

Well, so far, there is no evidence of them using any sorcery whatsoever, though .

But as long as we are not one-hundred percent sure, we should act with caution .

The ideal would be to lock them in an indestructible, hardened isolation space, but if we create such a thing, we probably won’t be able to move them .

In fact, we can’t even move them out from the earth dome we are currently in .

Besides, we are on our way back to the Ovent Kingdom .

No matter how much we want the information, we don’t have time to worry about the evil race .

We should just neutralize them and hand them over to the fairies to get the information from them .

Well, we are still in the midst of investigating how to neutralize them, so there’s no way around it .

“Come on, just a little bit more, Kuti! You can do it!”

“Leave it to meeeh~!”

However, it would be better to contact Natasha soon .

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