Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne

Chapter 218.1

Chapter 218.1

It has been about six months since my first trip to the Forest next to the world .

I still haven’t made it to the Forest next to the world for the second time .

When I returned from the Forest next to the world, waiting for me were Ena, who was on the verge of emotional instability, as well as my Oniisama with slightly sunken cheeks and my Oneesama with circles under her eyes .

Obaasama, who was a little thinner because she couldn’t eat much anymore, and Ojiisama, who stayed in the same place where he tore up his important documents when I left .

And that’s only because of a five-day trip .

Otousama and Okaasama haven’t participated because they were busy at work, but if they had been just a little bit freer, they would have been added to the list .

On the evening of the day of our return, the two of them came in spite of their busy schedules and threw a grand homecoming party .

Well, of course, it was just with my family .

Seeing my family in such a state, there was no way I would have been able to suggest another visit to the Forest next to the world .

(And then! Even though I told her about it before! That I can already drive a car! The demonic instructor said that I, who stalls the engine on a hill road, is no good! Don’t you find it heartless!?)

(I believe the demonic instructor was correct in that . )

(Ehh~ I thought you would stand on my side, Lily!)

(Even if you tell me so~ In the first place, why drive manual? There was a completely automatic car, right?)

(I mean, manual is way cooler, don’t you think so!)


However, since we established the means of communication with the Forest next to the world, we kept in touch quite often like this .

The people we spoke to us changed from time to time, but I have been recently talking mainly with Mireilleoryl, who has gotten completely used to her life over there as she was even getting along well with the fairies now .

Even if she wasn’t getting along with the fairies, there are no children close to her size and age, so that might be the reason she’s the one I am communicating with so often .

… Though it is probably because she got attached to me from the very beginning .

(Oh no! The demonic instructor is coming this way! I will contact you again!)

(Yesyes, talk to you later~)

She has one dedicated officer in charge of her .

As the child of the patriarch of the Dragon tribe, she is considerably strong-willed .

However, she has a good eye for observing the surroundings and is smart enough to think and act accordingly, so she will not do anything recklessly .

Still, the power of the Dragon tribe’s child cannot be underestimated .

That’s why I’ve provided the officer in charge with the restraint formula I created, and she’s also under constant surveillance .

However, I am happy to say that half a year has passed without the restraint formula ever being activated .

That’s partly because even though she’s always trying to run away from the officer, she has never done something that would anger the officer .

Well, she wasn’t actually able to escape the watchful eye of the officer, though .

Mireilleoryl was also curious and enjoyed every day because the fairy town was full of strange things that she has never seen before .

She also communicates with me to tell me about the fun and strange things she found .

Like this time, she seemed to be practicing her car driving skills .

However, because it’s quite dangerous, she has been allowed only in vehicles that were especially safety-conscious, though .

I mean, she’s about the same size as me, so I wonder if it’s really all right for her to be driving a car?

She’s obviously just a child…

“Lily, have you finished?”

“Yes, Mirei is full of energy today as well . ”

“That is splendid . Let’s look at the data that has been sent to us last night then . ”

“Roger that . ”

It’s about the four members of the evil race that I handed over to Natasha and the others, but within the first month, the language-related problems were cleared up .

When it came to Mireilleoryl, it was only because of Sani Sensei that we were able to clear the barrier at such a speed .

Moreover, it seems that they have been using multiple words mixed together just to harass the fairies, so it would have taken some time even if they had a sensei with them .

Once the language-related issues were cleared up, the next step was to worry about the veracity of the statements made by Mireilleoryl .

To some extent, the information from her was able to solve the problem, but even though Mireilleryl is the daughter of a patriarch, she was still only a child . She didn’t know everything .

Of course, there’s a possibility that even her knowledge could be wrong, so we kept on gathering the data .

In the first place, both the evil race and Mireilleoryl are from a different world than the Forest next to the world and Auriol .

There is no need to rush, since they are not able to travel freely through Inter-dimensional movement sorcery .

As a result, it has become more and more important to investigate and evaluate the evil race‘s abilities .

In a world that is full of sorcery, sorcery nullification is too dangerous .

Even though there are measures to deal with it, a full investigation is essential .

With the advice of Sani Sensei who has a deeper understanding of this area, the fairies have also identified the evil race as the most dangerous creatures .

Even though I was not in any real danger, they now understand why I identified them as enemies .

Well, it was partly because I was collecting information on their movements and behavior, though .

And so, various data about the evil race from the Forests next to the world were being sent to us on a regular basis .

The research has not advanced too much as of yet, but we are also developing an experimental device to test whether it would be possible for them to posses abilites that nullify physical skills .

It was time to put the knowledge of the science-fueled world I used to live into full use .

Scarlet knows more about this sort of thing than I do, so she was taking the lead in developing the experimental equipment .

And, surprisingly, there was another person who showed a talent for developing this kind of equipment .

It was Mira again .

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