Nine Astra Skies

Chapter 380 - Forbidden Mystique Moon Zone

Chapter 380 Forbidden Mystique Moon Zone

A giant crash followed after the clash between the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron and the Celestial Chi giant palm.


If the overwhelming force of the explosion landed on the Scarlet Flame Sect, the Scarlet Flame Sect would be completely flattened! Fortunately, the explosion was in the skies above. Still, the cheeks of the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect had turned red with heat when they felt the shockwave of the explosion. It was such a terrifying battle. It felt far more astounding than the previous battle.

Upon destroying the Celestial Chi giant palm, the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron formed a whirlpool around it. It rapidly absorbed the force of the explosion. Soon, the cauldron was engulfed in enormous raging flames.

“Die!” Ye Chen grunted. The Heaven Rumbling Cauldron continued to pick up velocity as it crashed toward Fu Yu.

Cang Lin, the elder of the Tribunal Council continued charging toward Ye Chen’s location. He did not expect Ye Chen to be so obnoxious. Even his secret technique Hand of the Devil was blasted away by Ye Chen’s cauldron. Ye Chen was still insistent on killing Fu Yu.

“Insolent punk, you dare to look down on my Tribunal Council!” Cang Lin was so furious even his mustache jumped in anger. He bellowed and gestured with his right hand. “Telekinesis!” Fu Yu was pulled in by a powerful energy.

“Hmmm.” Ye Chen was unfazed and continued evoking the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron. The Heaven Rumbling Cauldron crashed toward Fu Yu. If the flames of the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron touched Fu Yu, he would be completely immolated!

Cang Lin’s face turned red. Throughout his life of hundreds of years, he had never seen such disregard for the Tribunal Council!

“Never once has someone challenged my Tribunal Council in such a manner. Brat, you’re the first!” There was a piercing gaze in Cang Lin’s eyes. He reached out with his left hand to grab Fu Yu and hit the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron with his right palm.

A loud “thump” followed after. The Heaven Rumbling Cauldron was slightly jolted. A small bit of flame scattered from the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron and landed on Cang Lin’s arm, which sizzled as white smoke erupted from it. He was burned.

“Such powerful flames!” Cang Lin was shocked. Fortunately, he did not make direct contact with the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron. He had only hit it with his palm force.

Ye Chen felt the powerful energy inflicted on the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron which caused it to stop in the air. His Ternary Sword Array was already on its way to flanking Cang Lin. When he waved his hands, bolts of Celestial Chi Flying Dagger shot out as well.

Ye Chen did not hold back against a Boundless Stage master. He was even prepared to use the Demon Suppressing Watch at any moment.

Cang Lin roared angrily. Waves of Celestial Chi came out of his body, blasting away the Ternary Sword Array. To his surprise, he noticed the Celestial Chi Flying Daggers effortlessly piercing through his protective Celestial Chi. He quickly clenched his fist and thrust it forward in an attempt to blast the Celestial Chi Flying Daggers away.

“Thump”, the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger pierced through his right hand as fresh blood poured out of his hand.

Such sharp flying daggers! The color was drained from Cang Lin’s face. He immediately dodged sideways and noticed the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger turning around and shooting toward him again as if it grew eyes of its own.

Who in the world was this person with such ferocious attacks? Cang Lin jolted, he immediately grabbed Fu Yu and tried to escape.

“Trying to run?” Ye Chen cast Thunder Dash. He went after him with a quick “swoop”, his speed had rivaled Cang Lin’s.

Cang Lin’s face turned green as he grunted.

“Secret technique, Invisibility!”

Cang Lin grabbed onto Fu Yu and abruptly disappeared with a quick “swoosh”. Ye Chen could not trace Cang Lin at all.

“Master Lion, where is he?” Ye Chen asked as he quickly began tracking with his Astral Body.

“Give it up, little brat Ye Chen. Even if you manage to catch up to him, you won’t be able to do anything to him. The gap between your cultivation base is still too large,” Master Lion replied.

Ye Chen stopped in his steps. He could not deny that Master Lion was right. At his current cultivation base, he could not do anything to Cang Lin even with the Heaven Rumbling Cauldron and the Demon Suppressing Watch. The most he could do was suppress Cang Lin. In the end, Fu Yu had managed to get away and Ye Chen was not pleased with that.

However, the next time Ye Chen encountered Fu Yu, Fu Yu would be no match for him. Ye Chen could still settle the score the next time they meet. Fu Yu was as good as dead unless they never crossed paths again!

Of the two Godly Venerable Rank masters who had attacked the Scarlet Flame Sect, one died and the other escaped.

The crisis the Scarlet Flame Sect faced was averted but Ye Zong and the others still could not process what had happened. They were already dumbfounded when they saw Ye Chen killing Zong Chengtian and giving Fu Yu a total beatdown. The one who came to Fu Yu’s rescue was a far more powerful being than Fu Yu. The Celestial Chi giant palm alone contained such devastating, absolute might.

Even that powerful fighter had to flee after being wounded by Ye Chen!

It was not just Ye Zong and the rest as Ye Rou was flabbergasted as well. She was Ye Chen’s childhood friend and they grew up together. Back in the Xiwu Ye Clan, she was aware that Ye Chen’s meridian channels had just recovered. In just a year, Ye Chen had already advanced to such a stage. There was an insurmountable gap between her and Ye Chen.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, you must’ve been through a lot.” Ye Rou looked at Ye Chen. Though she was happy for Ye Chen, she was silently clenching her little fist. One day, Big Brother Ye Chen would stand atop the world. She did not want to be a lady just silently cheering for Big Brother Ye Chen. She had to work hard as they promised each other that they would look out for each other!

Ye Chen came down and landed. His vicious gaze swept through the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect as well as Ye Min and Ye Yan.

Ye Min and Ye Yan jumped when they felt Ye Chen’s gaze, their body involuntarily trembled. They humbled themselves and lowered their heads. They were terrified. Why did they offend Ye Chen? They had never thought that Ye Chen possessed such terrifying abilities that he could obliterate them with just a flick of his wrist.

Ye Chen scoffed when he saw Ye Min and Ye Yan trembling in place. He paid no mind to them and walked to Little Rou.

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect felt the remnants of murderous energy still clinging on to Ye Chen’s body and it made them jump in fear. They did not utter a single word, it was plain suicidal to incur Ye Chen’s wrath now.

In the skies above, One Buck, Little Wingsy, and the Golden Sun Condor made their landing as well. The aura of the three mystical beast Daemon Kings immediately came over the entire Scarlet Flame Sect. The apprentices felt suffocated in their presence.

They were three Daemon Kings!

Under normal circumstances, any one of these Daemon Kings could effortlessly wipe out a sect!

Little Wingsy excitedly picked up Zong Cengtian’s Heaven-Earth Pouch.

“Little Rou, let’s go back to the Xiwu Ye Clan. The House of Storms will not stay silent in response to Zong Cengtian’s death. They say there are some hidden forces behind the House of Storms, you shouldn’t stay here any longer.” Ye Chen insisted. This time, even if Little Rou did not want to go, Ye Chen would still insist on taking her with him. His previously wounding Zong Yi was not a big deal and almost completely unrelated to the Scarlet Flame Sect. Still, it resulted in Zong Cengtian trying to ruthlessly wipe out the entire Scarlet Flame Sect. This time, who knew what lengths the House of Storms would go to in response to the killing of Zong Cengtian?

The House of Storms would come to the Scarlet Flame Sect. Zong Cengtian died in this place so there would be a great grudge to settle. Once Ye Chen left, who would stand up against the countless fighters of the House of Storms? They were stricken with horror.

Ye Rou lifted her head. She could feel how much Ye Chen cared for her. Her clear eyes turned to Ye Chen, there was a great hesitation in them. After a while, she muttered with her soft lips, “I understand that the House of Storms will not let the Scarlet Flame Sect get away with this. But Little Rou has some plans of her own as well. At the back of the Scarlet Flame Sect mountain is a place called the forbidden Mystique Moon zone, it was left behind by the ancestors of the Scarlet Flame Sect. I entered that place once in the past. I could bring the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect into the forbidden Mystique Moon zone. Even if the House of Storms arrives, they cannot break the seal of the forbidden Mystique Moon zone.”

“Little Rou, is there really such a place in the forbidden Mystique Moon Zone that can contain so many Scarlet Flame Sect apprentices?” Ye Zong’s eyes brightened as he asked.

Ye Chen glanced at Ye Zong and the others and scoffed coldly. “Little Rou, these people pushed you out and yet you treat them with such kindness. Is this worth it?”

“Whether it’s worth it or not doesn’t matter. I can’t just sit by and watch the Scarlet Flame Sect be destroyed,” Ye Rou replied sternly. She looked at Ye Chen and lowered her head slightly. In her mind she silently muttered, ‘Big Brother Ye Chen, do you know that Little Rou is also doing this for you? Little Rou doesn’t want to become your burden.’

Ye Chen stayed silent. After a moment, he nodded. “In that case, you can do as you please. I want to see what sort of place the forbidden Mystique Moon zone is and see if it can be penetrated by the Scarlet Flame Sect, then I’ll leave. I need to go to the Oracle Sect to meet Ye Meng and the others. Then, I need to make a trip to the Xiwu Empire. It will be several months before I return.”

Ye Chen now possessed Thunder Dash. In addition, the Golden Sun Condor was at mystical Daemon King Rank. It would only take half a month to go from the Central Empire to the Xiwu Empire.

“Hmm.” Little Rou nodded.

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect hurriedly got to work. They began moving and making preparations to enter the back mountain under Ye Rou’s lead.

Ye Chen silently gave Ye Rou several Cosmic Stones and some other items such as the Soul-consolidating Pill. He also gave her a Tier Nine spirit artifact longsword. Ye Rou needed to attain at least Mystique Venerable Rank to make sure the Scarlet Flame Sect would not be easily bullied by others.

“Big Brother Ye Chen, look, I found this.” Little Wingsy excitedly passed a Heaven-Earth Pouch to Ye Chen. The Heaven-Earth Pouch was weaved with golden silk and the word “Zong” was etched on it. It was Zong Cengtian’s Heaven-Earth Pouch.

Ye Chen took the Heaven-Earth Pouch from Little Wingsy. Upon closer inspection, he found out that the space within the Heaven-Earth Pouch was extremely large and there were many items contained within. There were several thousand Tianyuan ancient coins. There was also a variety of spirit artifacts which totalled to fifty-six, most of them between Tier Six or Seven. It also contained items like the secret technique scrolls of the House of Storms.

Ye Chen simply flipped through several secret technique scrolls, most of these techniques were ordinary Low Rank or Mid Rank secret techniques. They were far inferior to the Ternary Sword Array. At this point, Ye Chen had a good amount of attacks in his arsenal and he did not bother with these Low Rank or Mid Rank secret techniques.

‘Make several copies of these secret techniques and leave a copy for Little Rou and take the rest back to the Xiwu Ye Clan,’ Ye Chan thought. He continued inspecting the Heaven-Earth Pouch. There was a good amount of medicinal pills here as well, numbering in several thousands. Most of them were Tier Six, Seven or higher. The rest was just some compilation of various information.

An embroidered box in the corner of the Heaven-Earth Pouch caught Ye Chen’s attention. He was not certain what sort of material it was made with. Its exterior was woven in a blue flowery pattern and it looked like the symbol of the House of Storms.

‘What’s this?’ when Ye Chen evoked a thought, the embroidered box appeared on his palm.

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