Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual

Chapter 380 – The Governor’s Banque


Now these three different shaped and colored beads suddenly appeared together; what were their connections with each other? This made Lei Yu very curious. What made him shocked was the green energy inside him started moving after those three items appeared. Lei Yu could also feel the green brand on his nascent infant body started shaking as well!

The green energy was merely shaking and Lei Yu could feel it had no intention of leaving his body. Imperceptibly, Lei Yu had a feeling in his mind that he was missing something. This was a fleeting feeling and he couldn’t grasp anything further.

Since he couldn’t figure out why the beads suddenly appeared and his green energy started shaking, Lei Yu decided to put this all aside for now. He was going to give Zhou Jun Sheng his last treatment and then bring all three of them to their original target location – Phoenix Cloud City.


After finding a good inn and ordering three rooms, Lei Yu finally had some time to head to the drug store to find some medicine to treat Zhou Jun Sheng’s outer injuries. And at the same time, he was going to unblock some meridians that was necessary for him to start his cultivation.

What made Lei Yu excited was that he found traces of the lightning attribute inside Zhou Jun Sheng. This type of physique was more suitable to cultivate the Thunder Manual when compared to common people. Under these circumstances, Lei Yu felt that Zhou Jun Sheng’s future achievements would be even greater than Liu Hao’s.

After a long period of recuperation, Zhou Jun Sheng gradually recovered his health. The only thing left on his body was many faint looking scars that were not pleasant to look at. Zhou Jun Sheng was still single and hadn’t married yet. With his current scarred appearance, it would be even more difficult to find a woman that was willing to marry him.

Even though this was the case, his mother was still quite happy and treated Lei Yu like a God. Her own son had such an unpleasant appearance but at least he was still alive. Zhou Jun Sheng respected Lei Yu even more now, similar to a second parent.

While Lei Yu was chatting with the mother and son duo, he suddenly felt an aura disappear!

“Not good!” Lei Yu stood up and shouted.

“What happened?” Zhou Jun Sheng asked anxiously.

Lei Yu then helplessly said: “Everyone has witnessed how much in love the Liu couple were. Back then when brother Liu searched high and low for a cure for his wife, one could tell how much he loved her. But now… sigh…” Lei Yu couldn’t continue talking. Zhou Jun Sheng’s mother seemed to understand what Lei Yu was getting at and asked with some hesitation: “Did something happen to his wife?”

Lei Yu nodded and sighed. “She just committed suicide.”


“How could that be?”

Lei Yu was helpless about it. Even if he had heavenly powers, he still couldn’t stop things like this from happening. Ever since Liu Da Fu passed away, there wasn’t a single day that his wife didn’t cry. She knew how much her husband had suffered for her when she was sick. Now that her husband had passed away, the woman no longer had any courage to continue living. Therefore, she made a choice to leave this world.

An originally good family had their ending changed with the appearance of the Ancient Gray Beast. The happy matter turning into a sorrowful conclusion was too abrupt, so not many people were able to accept or handle something like that.


In the later days, Lei Yu bought a large manor in the Phoenix Cloud City and hired many servants and maids. Lei Yu was extravagant with his money so those servants and maids did their jobs well. The reason why he was so extravagant with his spending was because the wealth in his Universal Pouch was capable of feeding a million strong army in this chaotic era. Of course, there was no need to so he spent on whatever he wanted.

During this period, Lei Yu concentrated on helping Zhou Jun Sheng find internal energy within his body. He slowly brought Zhou Jun Sheng to the world of cultivation. Lei Yu was only able to protect him in the present and not the future. In order to allow someone to always live in peace, he had to make him much stronger. This was the only thing Lei Yu could help him with.

At this time, if we say Lei Yu’s relationship with Zhou Jun Sheng and his mother was only based on grace and benevolence, it would seem a bit too detached. Those two had already become sworn brothers.

One year later, Lei Yu and Zhou Jun Sheng were outside the city burying his mother. They two of them weren’t sad because when Zhou Jun Sheng’s mother left this world with a smile on her face. To explain it clearer, it meant she didn’t feel any pain. In her old age, she was able to meet with Lei Yu who was a God like existence, and her son was able to gain the care of this God, she was already very content.

Lei Yu sighed as he looked at all these burial mounds in front of him. “Life is too short. Some people live their whole lives without experiencing anything remarkable. Some people lead remarkable lives yet cannot protect it forever. Sigh…”

“Little Yu, how come you suddenly sound so emotional?” Jun Sheng turned around to ask Lei Yu.

Lei Yu smiled in melancholy. “It’s been one year now. My lover, brothers, and friends in another world are probably out of their minds with anxiousness. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to leave this place.”

“Why not just get married and have kids here for the rest of your life?” Jun Sheng replied as he was unwilling to see Lei Yu leave.

Lei Yu faintly smiled: “Those people are too important to me so I need to find a way to leave this place. Even if I were to get married and have kids here, my longevity is unlimited. Whoever follows me will be hurt. How many times will I witness my lover dying from old age? How many times will I experience such heartache?”

“Your longevity… is unlimited?” Zhou Jun Sheng’s eyes widened with a shocked expression.

“We’ll talk more after we head back!” Lei Yu patted his shoulder before getting on the carriage first. Zhou Jun Sheng then quickly followed.

The dozen of servants and maids started following behind the carriage. Within this year, Lei Yu had been rather idle. He took life at a leisurely pace but never stopped his training. His cultivation level would quietly increase every single moment and the only headache he had was he couldn’t leave this place. Up to now, there were no signs of what those three tests the Earth Vein had given him were.”

The scars on Zhou Jun Sheng’s body had gradually disappeared and were no longer as terrifying to look at like before. After cultivating this past year, Zhou Jun Sheng’s strength had increased quite a bit. From his originally strength of being slightly stronger than a First Order Warrior, he had now reached the standards of a Fourth Order Warrior. To have this kind of power in this chaotic era was considered not too bad already.

“What about opening up a martial arts school and accepting students?” Lei Yu proposed while they were sitting in the manor’s main hall.

Zhou Jun Sheng nodded in agreement since he rarely clashed with Lei Yu’s ideas. The task of teaching martial arts would naturally be on Zhou Jun Sheng’s shoulder since it was impossible for Lei Yu to show himself.

Three days later, everything was ready and they only waited to find an auspicious day.

“Two manor lords, our Lord Governor has setup a banquet and have invited you two to attend!” After arriving at the manor, a civil official in his official robes saw them two and spoke out.

Lei Yu shook his head, “Give my thanks to the Lord Governor for his kind intentions, but I usually don’t like making public appearances so I’ll have to apologize in advance.”

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