Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Seventh Prince

The person who had come over was a youngster around fifteen years old . He was wearing yellow robes and a very impressive golden crown .

“Greetings seventh prince . ”

Everyone hastily kneeled down when they saw him arrive . Even Shi Feng extremely unwillingly kneeled .

The youngster’s name was Chu Feng . He was the seventh son of the Phoenix Cry Empire’s current emperor, the youngest of his sons .

The rumors were that by the time he was born, Chu Tiankuo had already entered seclusion . Even now he had yet to exit that seclusion, and Chu Feng had never actually met his father .

Long Chen had heard quite a bit about Chu Feng . He knew he was the son of the Western Palace’s empress and was spoiled rotten . He was extremely domineering and unreasonable, and other than the crown prince, there was supposedly no one that he feared . No one could guess as to why he had come here today .

But when Long Chen saw Zhou Yaoyang by his side, he immediately knew that it was another attack on him .

According to imperial etiquette, all noble sons had to kneel when seeing the royal princes . Fatty Yu, Shi Feng, and all the others were all kneeling . Unless they broke through to the Blood Condensation realm, there was no away to avoid this .

Long Chen frowned . Some random relative wished to force him to kneel? Other than his mother and father, another person who could force Long Chen to kneel had yet to be born .

Chu Feng indifferently looked over everyone, but his expression immediately darkened when he saw Long Chen sitting there acting all grand .

“How bold Long Chen . The seventh prince is here yet you actually refuse to follow etiquette and kneel . Are you trying to rebel?”

Zhou Yaoyang and the others surrounding the seventh prince had never expected that Long Chen would be like this and actually so boldly refuse to kneel to the seventh prince .

Wang Mang who had previously already taken a blow from Long Chen celebrated inside when he saw this . He was the first to shout out against him in order to give Long Chen a bad name .

The others were all too startled to do so, especially Fatty Yu’s group . They all started to sweat profusely .

Battles between noble heirs were small things . But if you committed an offense against the seventh prince, you might very well be executed . Long Chen’s actions were extremely rebellious!

Zhou Yaoyang became excited . He had a slight friendship with the seventh prince . Every now and then he used to accompany the idiot prince to food or amusement .

He had had a sudden thought today to bring the seventh prince to see if he might suppress Long Chen . Even since Long Chen had defeated Li Hao, his fame had soared in the imperial capital .

As for Zhou Yaoyang and the others, they had received a slap in the face as they had placed practically all their money on Li Hao’s victory . Their group usually spent all their time indulging in drinking and pleasure; now that they had lost all their money, those days were lost .

He hadn’t expected that the current situation would be even better than he had imagined . There was no need for he himself to instigate anything; Long Chen had already provoked the seventh prince’s anger .

Hearing Wang Mang’s angry roar that was supposed to incite the seventh prince’s anger, Long Chen contemptuously smiled . In a fake concerned voice, he said, “Wang Mang, how did Li Hao taste? Seeing how healthy and plump you are, I’d think that that ‘egg’ you ate suited you pretty well . ”

Wang Mang’s expression immediately changed . His stomach heaved violently . What had happened then had left behind a strong aftertaste .

Now whenever he ate he would always think of what happened that day and involuntarily vomit everything back up .

He was basically unable to eat anything from that memory . In fact, he had already quite obviously lost weight, so Long Chen’s words were obviously sarcastic and just to insult him .

His face turned purple from rage, but he didn’t dare say even a single more thing . He was doing his best to control his stomach, and he was afraid that if he opened his mouth he would start vomiting .

“Long Chen, a small noble heir like you without an official rank or any achievements dares to not kneel when seeing this prince?” The seventh prince angrily demanded .

The seventh prince was normally overbearing and spoiled, and even his fellow princes and princesses didn’t wish to provoke him . He naturally was unable to hold back his anger when seeing a small noble heir be so rude to him .

Looking back at this youngster whose baby features had yet to recede, Long Chen indifferently said, “You’re just a child so I won’t bother with you . Go back to wherever you came from . ”


Everyone’s expressions changed . Was Long Chen asking for death? If he hadn’t kneeled down then the normal punishment was at most being locked up for a few days . But now that he had said such a disgraceful thing, it was the death penalty! Had Long Chen gone mad?!

“You… you’re asking for death! Arrest him for me!”

The seventh prince angrily ordered the people around him .

Those people were all Zhou Yaoyang’s group, and they all celebrated when they heard the seventh prince’s orders . Without even thinking, they all charged at Long Chen .

They might have some misgivings during normal times, but with the seventh prince’s order they no longer had to worry . With such a strong supporter, even if they killed Long Chen there wouldn’t be any punishment .

Just as they charged over, Long Chen kicked forward the table in front of him . That table was made from wood over a thousand years old and was as heavy as iron . Its weight was shocking, yet it was still sent flying by Long Chen towards the charging people .

Zhou Yaoyang bore the brunt of the table, roaring and using his entire strength to punch at the table .

With a boom, that sturdy table was pulverized by Zhou Yaoyang’s strength . He was definitely worth of being a strong person at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation . His power would definitely shock ordinary people .

But Zhou Yaoyang was still slowed down by the table, and Wang Mang zipped past him and was the first to reach Long Chen .

Looking down on this idiot charging towards him angrily, a strange smile appeared on Long Chen’s face before he punched out .

His speed was practically inconceivable . No one even saw him move before they heard Long Chen’s punch land on Wang Mang’s face .

Wang Mang was sent flying in a graceful arc through the air . But what was most shocking was that as he flew out, a dozen teeth were scattered from his mouth .

His body smashed into a wall and he fainted . But his mouth was still wide open and everyone could clearly see that he was now completely toothless .

Zhou Yaoyang paused slightly when he saw Wang Mang sent flying . Although Wang Mang’s cultivation base wasn’t that great, for him to be handled so easily still caused him worry .

But this wasn’t the time to retreat . Zhou Yaoyang roared and the power of a seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation cultivator exploded out .

“Six Yang Fist!”

A fist followed with Zhou Yaoyang’s shout . His fist was covered with a faint green light from his Battle Skill .

The Six Yang Fist was one of Zhou Yaoyang’s finishing moves that he had practiced for a long time . One fist had the force of half a ton .

Without any hesitation, Long Chen sent a palm to receive his fist . When the fist and palm met, energy exploded out everywhere .

But what caused people to be stupefied was that Zhou Yaoyang’s unstoppable fist was indifferently swatted away by Long Chen .

“How is this possible?”

Zhou Yaoyang was the most startled . He felt as if his fist had met a huge mountain, and the pit of his stomach started to ache .

As for Long Chen, he didn’t blink an eye . He coldly said, “It’s my turn now Zhou Yaoyang . ”

Zhou Yaoyang suddenly turned numb . He felt as if he was being stared at by a huge vicious beast . His heart jumped violently as he hastily retreated .

But he was unable to do so . Long Chen grabbed his fist tightly, and no matter how struggled, he was like a dragonfly trying to shake a tree and was unable to move him in the slightest .

Zhou Yaoyang was completely astonished . Just what was this power? Long Chen was a monster in human form! Without the slightest use of a cultivation base, he had completely suppressed him with just the strength of his physical body .

But Zhou Yaoyang was also a strong person . He had followed his father’s people to go kill a Magical Beast before . He was someone who had seen blood before and wouldn’t panic in the fast of danger . Seeing that he was unable to escape from Long Chen’s grasp, he raised his leg and kicked out at Long Chen’s stomach .

This was an extremely vicious attack, but Long Chen didn’t even look at that kick . Using a single hand, he blocked it .

With a loud roar that shook people’s eardrums, Long Chen lifted Zhou Yaoyang high into the air .

In front of everyone’s appalled gazes, Long Chen threw Zhou Yaoyang crashing onto the ground .


The entire ground shook, and at the same time, the sounds of bones cracking caused everyone to turn cold .

Zhou Yaoyang spit out three mouthfuls of blood, in addition to countless bits and pieces of some of his internal organs .

Seeing him spit out blood and the smashed ground, everyone was completely silent .

Long Chen finally felt a knot of anger within him be released . That anger had been stewing for a long time .

Over these years, the person he had hated the most was Zhou Yaoyang . He was like a never-ending nightmare that tormented him .

The entire hall was silent for a while, including the seventh prince . All the noble heirs that had been charging towards him gulped deeply, their bodies trembling involuntarily .

As for Long Chen, he had maintained a calm expression throughout the entire ordeal . But the calmer he seemed, the more frightening he was to the others . The impression he gave the others was that of a merciless death god .

Long Chen couldn’t help smiling when he looked at Zhou Yaoyang . Turning his gaze to the seventh prince, he slowly started walking over .

The seventh prince had always been spoiled . He had bullied many people, but as for being bullied, that had never happened before . Seeing Long Chen walk over with an evil smile, his face immediately turned white .

“What are you thinking? Get back!”

His voice was trembling with fear . Long Chen’s eyes were filled with icy killing intent . He felt as if a knife was being held to his throat . As long as Long Chen wished, his head would roll to the floor .

Long Chen didn’t say anything . He was still smiling a frighteningly calm smile as he slowly walked over .

Now everyone was stunned . What did Long Chen plan on doing? Was he planning on killing the seventh prince?

“No… no… don’t come over…”

The seventh prince was continuously retreating, but now his back landed against a corner and there was nowhere else for him to run .

Seeing Long Chen come closer and closer, the seventh prince’s eyes became filled with fear . He could smell the scent of death .

“You shouldn’t have forced me . Don’t blame me . ” Long Chen pitifully shook his head . His hand slowly reached into his robes before his fist suddenly approached the seventh prince’s face .

“NO!!!” The seventh prince emitted a terrified screech that reverberated throughout the entire literature hall .

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