Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Enmity With a Princess

Just as Long Chen was wondering how could draw out the puppet master behind the curtains, a huge net descended from above and completely trapped him before he could react .

The net’s design was extremely intricate . It immediately tightened up as soon as it had enveloped Long Chen, firmly trapping him within .

Just as Long Chen was about to struggle, he was whisked high into the air . Only now did he realize that there was a huge Hawkeagle above his head .

The Hawkeagle was not a Magical Beast, but was a regular wild beast . But due to how large and docile it was, it was a favorite for experts to ride on .

This Hawkeagle was clearly just a mount, but it was too late for any regrets from Long Chen . He had been careless and deserved to have been ensnared .

Soaring hundreds of meters into the air, Long Chen felt queasy just looking down and didn’t dare to move an inch .

He hoped the net was strong enough . If it broke and Long Chen ended up falling to the ground from this height, even ten lives wouldn’t be enough .

Even if he was granted some kind of divine capabilities, falling from such a height would turn him into a flat paste .

“Hmph, what a bold slave to dare bully my little brother . ”

A clear lovable voice rang out from atop the Hawkeagle . The voice was very beautiful, but the anger contained within caused Long Chen to realize something the situation wasn’t good .

No matter how Long Chen tried to move about in the net, he was unable to see who was atop the Hawkeagle . He was afraid to say anything because if this woman were to angrily let go, he would be screwed .

Long Chen closed his mouth and didn’t say anything, letting the person assume he was afraid .

That woman also didn’t say anything in response to Long Chen’s silence . Seeing a large mountain, she urged her mount to fly over .

That mountain was exactly Sunset Mountain, but the situation was completely different from when Meng Qi had brought him .

Last time he was atop a mount; this time he was carried by one in a trap . And furthermore, this time the descent was extremely unsteady, a far cry from last time’s slow and stable descent .

The treatment this time wasn’t so good . Just when there were thirty meters left, Long Chen was dropped down .

Although he had made some preparations and protected his body, to be thrown from such a height still caused him extreme dizziness .

“Hmph, you brazen slave . If I don’t give you a proper lesson today, you won’t know how to respect your masters!”

Fury blazed in Long Chen’s eyes . Now that they were on the ground, if he didn’t properly give her nose a twist then she wouldn’t know who was her elder Long!

Although he knew she was a woman, when his eyes fell on her, he was completely shocked .

She was a slender seventeen-year-old with large curves in all the right places . She was wearing white robes with a jade belt that caused her chest to become even more pronounced .

What stunned Long Chen most of all was her willowy eyebrows, her peach-like eyes, her jasper nose, and her small mouth that had a trace of anger that gave him a different sense of beauty .

“Hey slave, where do you think you’re looking?” angrily said the woman when she saw Long Chen’s eyes continuously roving around her .

His originally fading anger was once more aroused when she called him a slave again . Long Chen sneered, “Little girl, have you taken the wrong drugs? Or did you eat so much you started talking crap? Why have you brought me here? Or is it that you’ve become enticed by this master’slooks that you can’t help wanting to take the errant path?”

The angry and regretful expression he had along with his words angered the woman so much that her whole face turned red .

“You shameless scoundrel! You dared to bully my little brother! Today, I’m going to relieve my brother’s anger for him . And with a face like yours, even if this lady was struck blind, I wouldn’t even consider you,” angrily retorted the woman .

“Your little brother?” Long Chen was a bit confused .

“Hmph, my little brother is the seventh prince Chu Feng! I’m taking revenge on you for harassing him today!”

That woman was precisely Chu Feng’s blood sister Chu Yao . She was the empire’s third princess . The Phoenix Cry Empire had seven princes and three princesses, and Chu Yao and Chu Feng were the youngest of them .

Chu Yao had seen Chu Feng come home completely frightened and acting very strange . When asked what the problem was, Chu Feng had been so frightened that he wouldn’t tell anyone anything .

Chu Yao had learned of what happened through over means . Manhuang Hou’s noble heir had invited Chu Feng, so she quickly found out everything that had happened .

As his big sister, Chu Yao refused to let the matter of Long Chen frightening Chu Feng go . But as a princess she couldn’t act too excessively in public, so she had captured Long Chen secretly on his way home .

Long Chen had been busy thinking of other things and hadn’t expected to be acted upon within the imperial capital . Due to his guard being down, he had been completely ensnared in someone’s trap .

“I seem to recall that I didn’t actually do anything to your little brother,” frowned Long Chen .

“You slave, you scared my brother witless . The penalty for this is death . Do you not even understand who is royalty and who is not?” coldly asked Chu Yao .

Being repeatedly called a slave, Long Chen’s anger soared and he cursed, “You idiot woman, don’t think that just because you’re a lady I won’t dare to handle you . Don’t press master Long, or master Long won’t hesitate . ”

“You… you… you absolute scoundrel!”

In all of Chu Yao’s life, there had been no one who would speak to her like this . Her entire body was trembling in rage from being cursed by Long Chen .

A jade palm came down to attack Long Chen . What surprised Long Chen was that Chu Yao was actually a strong person at the ninth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation .

That palm carried with it a blazing explosion, and what was most astonishing was that this was at least a middle grade Mortal Battle Skill .

Long Chen was able to sense a strangeness from that palm, and although he wasn’t afraid, he preferred not to clash with her using brute force .

Just when that jade palm was about to land on Long Chen, Long Chen used a quick footwork and lightly pushed on her hand, causing her palm to go wide and hit nothing .

Long Chen had gently and easily dispatched Chu Yao’s attack that had contained all her power . All of her force seemed to have hit cotton and was dissipated .

“Scoundrel, you dare run!” Chu Yao cutely raged and quickly turned on the ground . She was like a graceful butterfly as yet another palm shot towards him .

Long Chen was once more infuriated by her insults . How could such a pretty woman say such vulgar things!

He continued to dodge over and over, noticing that although Chu Yao’s cultivation base was high, it was extremely superficial . Perhaps she couldn’t even match someone at the fifth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation .

Although her attacks were powerful, they were too inflexible . She also continued to use only one move against him over and over .

Whether he dodged or blocked, she only continued with that one attack . As this continued, Long Chen eventually started to smile .

“Scoundrel, what are you laughing about!” Having failed to strike Long Chen after so long and seeing Long Chen’s stifled smiles, her anger could no longer be contained . “You bastard, you don’t even know any martial arts! Come fight me head on if you have any skills!”

Long Chen finally couldn’t suppress his laughter anymore . His previous anger vanished into smoke . This was the first time he had ever encountered such an interesting woman .

Chu Yao’s face turned green, viewing Long Chen’s current actions as the greatest kind of insult .

“You bastard!”

Suddenly she gave up her martial arts attack and came at him like an ordinary person without any training .

This was greatly out of Long Chen’s expectations; he had never seen such a method of fighting before . He hurriedly reached out his arms to try to push her away .

The current Chu Yao had gone crazy and she didn’t even seem to see Long Chen’s hands as she continued her charge .

Long Chen’s large hands then ended up… tightly grabbing onto Chu Yao’s chest… the soft unknown feeling caused Long Chen’s eyes to open wide .

As for Chu Yao, when she felt a pair of large hands there, it was as if she was struck by lightning and she went completely rigid in disbelief .

“Sorry, sorry, it was a mistake!”

Long Chen hastily tried to explain as he quickly took back his hands .

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Chu Yao suddenly grabbed onto his arm and bit down tightly onto his shoulder . No matter what Long Chen tried, she wouldn’t let go, and it was becoming increasingly painful .

Angry and pressured, Long Chen didn’t even think before using his hand to spank Chu Yao .

The soft feeling enraptured Long Chen, but the pain from his arm quickly brought him back to his senses .

“Let me go or I’ll continue spanking you!” threatened Long Chen .

A sharp pain came from his elbow as Chu Yao lightly snorted . She continued to bite down tightly on his shoulder .

Furious from the increasing pain, Long Chen raised his large hand and spanked her three more times, each with great force .

She let out a pained groan and tears even started coming out . On one hand she felt pain, but on the other she felt wronged . But no matter what, she wouldn’t let go .

But what surprised Chu Yao was that after he swatted her bottom three times, he stopped . No matter how she continued biting, he moved no longer .

Quite a while passed . Maybe it was due to how her mouth was starting to hurt or maybe it was due to being tired, but Chu Yao slowly loosened her cherry lips .

Long Chen’s arm and clothes were completely covered in blood now . Long Chen sighed, “Have you relieved your anger?

Chu Yao looked at Long Chen and saw that there wasn’t any anger on his face; instead, there was a faint sad melancholy . For some unknown reason to her, this caused her heart to tremble slightly .

“You… why’d you stop?” For some reason, Chu Yao actually decided to ask this . She regretted it as soon as she said it and her face turned completely red .

“Ah, I’m not that good at hitting woman . ” There was no anger in his voice .

He tore of his sleeve, revealing that a part of his flesh had practically been bitten off . He then tried to use that torn off sleeve to bandage himself .

That one sentence of his caused her face to turn even redder and her anger actually faded away .

Seeing that Long Chen was completely unable to properly bandage his arm with one hand, she unexpectedly reached out her and took the bandage, gently saying:

“Let me help you bandage it . ”

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