Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601: Curious Maiden

Long Chen had just gotten near the white lake when a black light shot out at him.

Long Chen snorted and caught the black light with one hand. The black light was actually an iron tentacle.

“Get out here!”

Long Chen pulled with both arms, and a huge object came out of the lake. Long Chen was dumbfounded to see that it was actually a three-thousand-meter flying boat.

“How could there be a flying boat here?”

Long Chen was stunned. Was there someone like him who could bring things from the outside world into the Netherworld?

Just as Long Chen’s guard was raised, he saw a woman on the flying boat. She seemed to be seventeen or eighteen and looked just as human as he did. She had a normal person’s legs, black waist-length hair, bright eyes, white teeth, and a nice face.

The woman pointed at Long Chen and began to cry out. Long Chen just stared blankly as he had no idea what she was trying to say. However, based on her appearance, she should be expressing anger.

“Can you speak the same language as me? I can’t understand you,” shouted Long Chen.

The woman fell silent. She suddenly ran back inside the flying boat and began to randomly pat around something inside the control cabin.

“Is she angry? She’s going to use the boat to attack me?” Long Chen was befuddled. Was her temper even worse than his?

“Can you speak the same language as me? I can’t understand you.”

Just as Long Chen was puzzled, a voice came from the flying boat. That voice was identical to his. She had actually recorded what he had just said.

The woman began to press even more buttons. She suddenly said, “Wait… wait a moment.”

Long Chen jumped. She was actually speaking the same language as him. However, the way she spoke was still very strange and tough to understand.

At this time, the woman began to be covered in runes. After a moment, those runes vanished.

The woman once more jumped out. Long Chen was about to smile and greet her when she pointed at him and shouted, “You evil person, how dare you barge into my territory?! Do you believe me when I say I can turn you to dust with a single thought?!”

Just now she hadn’t known how to speak his language, and now she learned it instantly. Her words were now very clear and articulate. If it weren’t for what had happened just before, Long Chen would believe that she came from the Martial Heaven Continent as well.

“I don’t believe you. Your bragging is a bit too much.” Long Chen shook his head because he didn’t sense any danger from her. More importantly, he didn’t sense any hostility.

“You! How brazen! Do you know who I am?!” demanded the woman.

“I really don’t.”

“Then let me tell you, I am the Nethergod’s direct subordinate, one of the nine great guards of the Nine Springs, and this region is my domain! You’ve barged into my domain, so tell me, how do you want to die?!” shouted the woman, looking down on him.

“You sound quite amazing based on your title,” said Long Chen.

“But of course! I am the one in control of this place! Killing you doesn’t take any effort from me. Ah, since you don’t understand the Netherworld’s rules, just answer a few questions from me, and I won’t kill you.”

Long Chen frowned. Long Chen was also a conman, and he had great talent when it came to this regard. After many years of conning others, he felt like she was now trying to con him.

However, he didn’t expose her. Instead, he nodded. “Alright, I can answer your questions.”

The woman snorted, “Hmph, what’s with that way of speaking? Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you? I’ve lived for three thousand years, and I’ve killed countless people! I crawled out of a mountain of corpses and sea of blood!”

The woman was clearly very dissatisfied with Long Chen’s tone. That was because from start to now, he had yet to reveal the slightest fear. That made her uneasy.

“Amazing! Go ahead and ask then. Speaking of which, how old are you again?” asked Long Chen.

“Me? I’m eighteen- hey, I’m the one asking questions here!” raged the woman.

Long Chen, this crafty old fox, had launched a sudden sneak attack that instantly exposed her real age. As for being three thousand years old? That was pure nonsense.

“Don’t get mad, I was just asking randomly. I’m a very well-behaved, bashful person to be honest. I’ve never killed anyone, but I’m not afraid of death. People told me that once a person dies, they’ll ascend into the immortal realm and live a carefree life. If you want to kill me, then kill me,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Who told you that? They were lying. When a person dies, things become much worse for them. That’s why people have to live properly while they’re alive,” said the woman.

“Ah, so they were all lying? How evil! When I get back, I’ll definitely make them pay for that! Miss, you really are the best. You’re so beautiful and kind. Speaking of which, I still don’t know your name!” said Long Chen.

“I’m- you bastard, who’s asking the questions here, me or you?!” raged the woman just as she was about to state her name.

“If you have questions, then just ask. You weren’t saying anything, so if I also didn’t say anything, it would be awkward.” Long Chen shrugged innocently.

The woman’s chest was constantly heaving from rage. Speaking of which, although she was rather lithe and had a pure face, the scale of her chest wasn’t small. It could just barely be counted as causing surging waves.

“I’m asking the questions right now! What’s your name?” she demanded.

“Long Chen.”

Long Chen’s reply was short and direct. His name had yet to reach the point of being able to shake hell just yet.

“Where are you from?”

“I suppose the east?”

“What is the east supposed to mean? It seems you come from some tiny place. Which world are you from?”


“You… you don’t even know this? Then which star-field are you from?!”

“What’s a star-field?”

Long Chen looked at the woman in shock. Now he wasn’t acting. Just where was this woman from?

“Fine, I get it. You’re just a rookie and know nothing. You can leave then. I have to keep gathering- cough, I have to go into seclusion. I’ll spare you this time.” The woman waved her hand in a shooing motion.

“Alright, then I’ll go first while you busy yourself. This water’s so hard to gather. How much have you gotten?” asked Long Chen.

“Just a bit-” The woman had gone a bit absent-minded after shooing off Long Chen. It was unknown what she was thinking, but she randomly answered Long Chen’s random question. However, her expression quickly changed, and she glared at him, only to see a naughty smile.

“Bastard, you are provoking the grand-!”

“Alright, little conner, don’t think you can fool the old conner. Your Dao is still shallow. When it comes to duping people, it takes hard work and experience. Someone like you with no foundation, no technique, and no plan is just embarrassing the art of conning,” said Long Chen.

“I’m not a conner! You’re the conner!” raged the woman.

“Well, whatever. You’re here for the white water, and I’m here to gather it too. Why do you have to force me away? Do you think you can gather this whole lake by yourself? Don’t be so stingy!” said Long Chen.

“Tch, I’m the one who got here first! You charged into my territory! How can you be so unreasonable?!” raged the woman, puffing out her chest righteously.

“I’m unreasonable? Fine, you’re right, this place is yours. Go ahead and slowly gather as much as you can. I’ll switch to another place,” said Long Chen. It wasn’t as if he wanted to be enemies with her.

Although this woman had tried to con him, she had never had an urge to kill him. He wasn’t so narrow-hearted as to fight against her over this.

Long Chen refused to believe that she could gather all the water of this giant lake.

“Hmph, your boat isn’t even as large as mine. Even if you packed it full with water, how are you going to bring it away?” demanded the woman disdainfully.

Long Chen almost laughed. Why did it feel like she was looking down on him just because his boat was smaller?

Long Chen looked down at his small, shabby boat and then at her large flying boat. He supposed it did look a bit shameful.

Ignoring her, he went around this region and entered the white lake from a greater distance.

When he entered the white region, his boat directly sank into the water along with him.

He had forgotten that life and death were opposing attributes. There was no way his small boat made of the soil of death could float on this water of life.

Seeing him fall into the water, the woman laughed at him. Fortunately, this water was filled with life energy and didn’t harm him.

“What vast life energy. However… I can’t absorb it.” Long Chen’s expression changed.

“Hey, do you not know how to swim? If you beg me, I won’t let you drown,” said the woman.

Long Chen ignored her. He was sensing the rhythm of life within this white water. Its rhythm was completely different from a human’s, and there was no way to use it to heal injuries. This water was useless to him.

After all his trials to get here, he found that this water was useless to him. He almost shed a tear.

“Hey, isn’t it just water? Don’t cry. I can give you a bottle. You can bring it back and raise some grass and flowers,” laughed the woman. She slowly sent her flying boat over to him. A chain came out of it for Long Chen to climb on.

“Raising grass and flowers? Could it be…”

Long Chen suddenly laughed. “Thanks for the reminder.” A large vortex appeared behind him, and the water of the white lake was sucked in rapidly.

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