Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920: 1920

“Long Chen, find a chance to run . Yu Xiaoyun has already achieved his goal . He won’t give you any chance to argue . If this battle starts, the entire continent will be thrown into chaos . All the large powers will be damaged at their core, and Pill Valley will become the greatest winner . ” Li Tianxuan sent a message to Long Chen .

“Understood . ” Long Chen nodded . Yu Xiaoyun had played the Martial Heaven Continent like a giant chessboard . Now, the board was reaching its final stage . Whether or not Long Chen had colluded with the original devil race wasn’t important . Even without Yue Xiaoyuan, he would have other excuses to start this battle .

The main conflict between the two sides was now concentrated on Long Chen . Yu Xiaoyun was stubbornly insisting that Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion had colluded with the original devil race, using that to light the flames of war .

The Daynight Furnace and the Heaven Splitting blade erupted with divine light . The stars in the sky shook, as their terrifying clash caused even the Daos of the world to fragment .

“Cloud!” Long Chen, who had been waiting for this clash, immediately sent a message to Cloud .

Cloud transformed into her true body, and the Dragonblood Legion’s experts jumped onto her back . She transformed into a streak of light that shot away .

“Running to escape the punishment for your crimes? If you weren’t feeling guilty, why would you run?” sneered Di Long . He raised a hand, and a giant palm reached out to block Cloud .

Cloud’s true body was giant, but compared to this gigantic hand, she appeared tiny .

A ray of sword-light slashed down from the sky, cutting that hand in two .

“Running means they’re guilty, but not running means being killed by you . Long Chen is right, whoever’s mouth is bigger is capable of inverting right and wrong . ” Yan Nantian appeared in the sky, a sword in his hand . He was the one who had broken Di Long’s attack .

At the same time, the other three Grand Elders of the Martial Heaven Alliance also appeared, their expressions calm .

With Di Long blocked, Cloud vanished over the horizon . No one could catch up to her .

As for the fierce clash between the old man and Yu Xiaoyun, it caused primal chaos to explode as the laws of the world were shattered . The old man was forced back over and over again .

After all, the old man had just advanced to the Netherpassage realm, while Yu Xiaoyun was in the Death realm, the third step of Netherpassage . The difference in cultivation base was extremely great .

Being forced back infuriated the old man . With a roar, his white hair stood on end, and the Heaven Splitting Blade rumbled . A terrifying pressure crashed down, causing the world to change color .


“The legendary… ninth form of Split the Heavens . ”

“Legend has it that the ninth form is a divine ability capable of cutting apart heaven and earth, of destroying the entire world . This aura is truly terrifying . ”

The old man seemed possessed by a god as he raised the Heaven Splitting Blade . His aura was crazily climbing as if there was no limit .

“Guangyuan, don’t!” Seeing the old man’s actions, Qu Jianying instantly turned pale as paper .

“What’s there to be afraid of? Trading the life of an old man like me for the life of Pill Valley’s master is definitely worth it . As for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, it will still have Long Chen . He will be able to bring the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect back to its former glory . As for Pill Valley? Once he’s dead, they’ll have nothing . ” The old man laughed, his voice booming amongst the crumbling Daos around him .

The ninth form of Split the Heavens was the peak . There was a legend that said that it required awakening divine energy to use . Without the support of that divine energy, it was possible to use it once at the price of the user’s life energy .

Yu Xiaoyun’s expression changed . He felt a terrifying pressure lock onto him . Although there were countless powerful experts around him, he was the only one who would be facing this attack .

“Hmph, you want to exchange your life for mine? Let’s see if you have that ability!” Yu Xiaoyun crossed his hands before him, and the world behind him exploded . Two giant statues appeared in the sky .

Those two statues were of Pill Valley’s gods, Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight .

Sacred divine light flowed around them . Rather than statues, it was like the two gods had come in person . People couldn’t help feeling an urge to kneel .

“I have the power of gods supporting me . Let’s see just who will die here,” sneered Yu Xiaoyun .

“Then let’s see . ” The old man ignored the statues . His gaze was electric as his aura suddenly soared to a new level . A giant sword-image soared into the sky .

All the Netherpassage expert’s felt a chill . They felt a prickling sensation on their skin . None of them had expected the old man, who had just advanced to the Netherpassage realm, to be able to unleash such power .

“Guangyuan, you can’t!” Qu Jianying’s tears suddenly spilled over . She knew that if this sword fell, the old man would forever vanish from this world .

However, she also knew that if she tried to stop him, it would only distract him . It wouldn’t change that this move had to be unleashed, so her thoughts were in a whirlwind .

All the experts tensed . Once this move was unleashed, it would mean a giant war would fully erupt through this world .

“What is all this anger for? Wouldn’t sitting down and having a drink be better?” Suddenly, a gentle voice resounded through the air, a voice that made all those tense nerves loosen .

Shockingly, the clashing chaotic energy raging through the world calmed down as well . Both the old man and Yu Xiaoyun’s auras faded . The statues behind Yu Xiaoyun vanished, and the giant sword-image of the old man’s also vanished .

“Which expert has come? I would ask that you reveal yourself!” called out Yu Xiaoyun .

“I wouldn’t dare call myself an expert . I am just an old drunkard . But since you’ve summoned me, I’ll thicken my face . ” An elder with a kind and gentle smile suddenly walked out from the distance . He held a wooden staff, and there was a wine gourd tied to his waist . His robes were a bit old-fashioned, but they were extremely clean .

“The Wine God Palace’s High Priest!”

Suddenly, a startled cry rang out as someone recognized this elder’s identity . Following that person’s shout, the others jumped in shock . This was a legendary figure, the emissary of the Wine God, someone who was closest to the gods . His cultivation base was unfathomable .

Although his fame was great, only a few had ever seen him at all, let alone seen him fighting . That was why many people only viewed him as a mysterious figure and not some peerless expert .

However, just now, with just a few words, he had suppressed Yu Xiaoyun and the old man’s attacks . That level of cultivation base was absolutely terrifying .

“Senior, what is an outsider like you doing here? Do you have any teachings for us?” asked Yu Xiaoyun . Even he was fearful of this person, but his gaze was still cold .

That was because there had been some bad blood between the Wine God Palace and Pill Valley in the past, which had resulted in both sides parting ways . Perhaps the youngsters here didn’t know of it, but the senior generation knew that this was a stain on Pill Valley’s history .

So Yu Xiaoyun’s gaze was sharp . He felt like the High Priest had come to go against his Pill Valley .

That was why he immediately called him an outsider . His meaning was clear . This wasn’t any of his business .

The High Priest said, “Valley master, you are correct . However, whether I’m an outsider or not depends on how big the board is . If you were to start fighting here, it would implicate the entire Martial Heaven Continent . Millions of lives would be ended . The Wine God Palace is part of the Martial Heaven Continent, so we would also be implicated, so arguing that I’m an outsider means nothing . ”

“Hmph, don’t you think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill? Pill Valley is just capturing the spies of the original devil race for the safety of the continent . Everything we do is for the lives of the world . Don’t you think you’re inverting black and white with your words?” said Yu Xiaoyun .

“Haha, you misunderstand . I’m not here to mediate things or judge anyone . After all, I’m at such an age that I can’t be bothered with such things . I’m only here to say a few words to everyone . Currently, the Martial Heaven Continent has entered a great era, and many geniuses are being born . The continent is growing stronger and stronger . However, don’t forget that it’s not just the Martial Heaven Continent that is going through its great era . Don’t forget what the dark era represents . ”

After saying that, the High Priest actually turned and left .

However, the dark era he mentioned rang out in people’s minds over and over again . The impact of those words was immense .

The dark era always followed the great era . The descent of the great era also indicated that the dark era would come quickly .

Seeing the High Priest leave, Yu Xiaoyun announced, “It is precisely because the dark era is coming that we must be united against traitors and spies of our enemies! We have to be able to develop in peace . As long as Long Chen doesn’t die, the Martial Heaven Continent cannot know peace!”

“Valley master, don’t you feel like your words are a slap in your own face?”

Just at this moment, a large group of people appeared . When he saw their leader, Yu Xiaoyun’s expression changed .

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