Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922: 1922

Ma Ruyun stood there, calmly looking at Yu Xiaoyun . There were over hundred Netherpassage experts behind him who didn’t make a sound .

In truth, the Huayun Sect had four assistant sect masters, and it was usually those assistant sect masters that handled things in the outside world . Ma Ruyun was someone who many knew the name of but few had ever seen .

However, Ma Ruyun had personally come here with five hundred Netherpassage experts . That was the greatest display of power that the Huayun Sect had shown in all of its history .

The most terrifying power in this world wasn’t talent, it wasn’t magical arts, it wasn’t Battle Skills, it wasn’t divine abilities . It was wealth .

The Huayun Sect’s auction houses were spread throughout every corner of this world . After so many years of business, it was unknown just how much wealth they had accumulated .

With such wealth, they had to have secretly groomed their own power . The vision of businessmen always had to be looking ahead . They definitely wouldn’t have just groomed themselves into being larger and larger sheep to be slaughtered .

As long as it had money, even a sheep could become a ruler . It could even employ a pack of wolves as bodyguards . In this world, money wasn’t everything, but not having money was doom .

No matter how great someone’s talent, without money to support it, it would mean nothing . If a genius of painting didn’t even have the money to buy a brush, they would naturally be overlooked .

Someone mediocre could be raised to a certain level as long as they had a teacher and the wealth to support themselves .

The reason the Huayun Sect dared to challenge Pill Valley was because they were in control of that terrifying power - wealth .

In truth, whether it was Pill Valley or the Huayun Sect, there was no way to estimate their wealth or their foundation . So no one was willing to offend them .

The Huayun Sect and Pill Valley had both expressed their attitudes now . The Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, the Bloodkill Hall, even Heavenly Fate Island, they all hesitated .

If they offended the Huayun Sect, they wouldn’t be able to sell their wares or buy what they needed .

However, in comparison to the other leaders, the Corrupt path’s leader, Xie Wentian, was still calm . He hadn’t revealed much shock at all .

At this time, he suddenly said, “Today, to give face to sect master Ma, the Corrupt path will retreat from this place . However, Long Chen and his Dragonblood Legion must be slain by the Corrupt path, so I hope you can give me an answer . ”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s expression changed . Xie Wentian was actually the first to compromise .

However, Ma Ruyun wasn’t surprised at all . He knew that if a battle were to start here, even if the Martial Heaven Alliance was destroyed, it would only be a third of its sum .

There was still another two thirds of the Righteous path that had not joined . They would ally themselves with Pill Valley, and Pill Valley would try to mediate things between the Righteous path and the Corrupt path, making them both take a step back and settle their differences .

However, that was impossible . The hatred between the Righteous path and the Corrupt path could not be mediated . Furthermore, the Righteous path was crafty and wily, and they would definitely play tricks . Sooner or later, the Corrupt path would end up at a loss .

It was better for them to maintain the current fractured state of the Martial Heaven Alliance . Pill Valley would make sure the Martial Heaven Alliance’s interior was kept chaotic, while the Corrupt path could just watch .

To have become the leader of the Corrupt path, Xie Wentian was no fool . He knew that if he followed along with Pill Valley’s plan, the only one to benefit in the end was Pill Valley .

The other powers would become Pill Valley’s subordinates . No one wanted to be used by others, and this current state of the board had already been very profitable to the Corrupt path . Pulling out here was perfect timing, and he even had a perfect excuse by saying he was giving the Huayun Sect face .

“The battle between the Righteous path and the Corrupt path has been going on for many years . The hatred that has been built up can’t be resolved by anyone . As the Huayun Sect is just a business, we won’t bother with such things . We just want the Martial Heaven Continent to maintain at least a peaceful appearance on the surface . That will allow us to make enough money to feed ourselves . I, Ma Ruyun, will represent the Huayun Sect and its millions of disciples in thanking you,” said Ma Ruyun .

The Huayun Sect’s people were all businessmen at their core . As long as they were facing their clients, the former would view the latter as their livelihood and wouldn’t treat them with the slightest arrogance or airs .

It was precisely because the Huayun Sect was so polite that many people had assumed that their power wasn’t very great . But now their opinions had completely changed .

The five hundred experts that Ma Ruyun had brought weren’t just to support the Martial Heaven Alliance, but they were also a show of power . They were warning those eyeing the Huayun Sect .

Seeing that the Huayun Sect didn’t care if the Corrupt path continued to hunt Long Chen, Xie Wentian cupped his fists . Saying goodbye to Yu Xiaoyun, he turned and left .

Over two hundred Netherpassage experts of the Corrupt path also left with him .

Yu Xiaoyun’s expression was a bit dark . He had already guessed what Xie Wentian was thinking . The current state of affairs was most beneficial to Xie Wentian, so he wanted to maintain it .

“That’s fine, now that things have reached this point, we’ve already won . There’s no way that Long Chen and his Dragonblood Legion will be able to escape the net we have established . Forcing things at this point clearly isn’t wise . ” The Unfettered Allseer sent a message to Yu Xiaoyun .

The High Priest and Ma Ruyun’s arrival had caused the board to change . The majority of these people’s anger had faded to be replaced with calm heads . So both of them had lost their chance to use that anger to start a war .

Despite that, they had still won . Once the Dragonblood Legion and Long Chen were eliminated, the Martial Heaven Alliance would be nothing to fear . Without so many genius disciples, it would only be a few years before they declined .

“Don’t forget, they have tens of thousands of people that participated in the life and death tide’s comprehension . Even if we kill Long Chen, they will still be a threat once they grow up,” replied Yu Xiaoyun .

“There’s no need to worry . Apply pressure from the outside and buy them from the inside bit by bit . If they can’t be bought, isn’t the Bloodkill Hall right there? Those talented disciples can disappear one by one, and once the pressure is great enough, they will naturally submit,” said the Unfettered Allseer indifferently .

Yu Xiaoyun nodded . Turning to Ma Ruyun and Qu Jianying, he said, “Since that’s the case, let’s make an agreement . Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion have colluded with the original devil race to slaughter the disciples of the various powers . They are enemies of the entire continent and must be eliminated . We will hunt them down, and no one is allowed to block us, or they will also be viewed as enemies . ”

The other experts that Yu Xiaoyun had brought nodded . They had lost far too many disciples this time . They had to do something, or their morale would crumble .

“Fuck off, my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect doesn’t agree! You want to bully my children? Then you’ll have to step over my corpse first!” shouted the old man .

“Calm down! This is just a stop gap . We have to first ensure that this battle doesn’t occur…” Li Tianxuan hastily sent a message to him . They had to first agree to this . Once this army left, there were still many ways that they could protect Long Chen .

“That's also unacceptable! I’m not going to let the children be wronged like this!” shouted the old man .

Li Tianxuan sighed . The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people were as difficult to talk to as ever .

“Useless cowards, what are you afraid of? You might be afraid, but I’m not!” The old man suddenly pointed the Heaven Splitting Blade at Yu Xiaoyun . “I, Wu Guangyuan, declare that as long as I have breath in my body, no one should even think about bullying my children . ”

After saying that, the old man left . It was unknown if he was going to find Long Chen or if he simply didn’t want to keep talking to others here .

If he was threatening an ordinary sect, they definitely wouldn’t dare to target Long Chen . However, Yu Xiaoyun and the others could not be threatened . Although the old man was powerful, he wasn’t smart enough . A good trap could easily kill him . Their main goal was still Long Chen .

“What do we do?” Qu Jianying surprisingly sent Li Tianxuan a question . Li Tianxuan had always been wise, so Qu Jianying wanted to hear his opinion . After all, Long Chen was a disciple of the Xuantian dao Sect .

“Agree to their request . Expel Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion from the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Martial Heaven Alliance,” said Li Tianxuan without hesitation .

“How am I supposed to do that? It’s completely unfair to Long Chen!” raged Qu Jianying .

“Has your anger clouded your judgment? Weren’t you the one who said it was a stop gap? Today he is expelled, and tomorrow he can rejoin,” said Li Tianxuan . Why did these seniors of his not know how to think in a roundabout manner?

“But they will…”

“Don’t worry, no one can kill Long Chen,” guaranteed Li Tianxuan .

However, inside, he was definitely worried . A Heaven-Defier wouldn’t die to the hands of a human because they never had that chance . But the people beside Long Chen weren’t Heaven-Defiers . If Long Chen would rather die with his Dragonblood Legion, then he would be killing himself .

The reason those Heaven-Defiers of history never died to other people’s hands was because they were always lonely, isolated figures with nothing tying them down . But Long Chen was different, and his weakness was apparent .

However, if they did not accept this condition, this matter would not be left like this . If they did start fighting, they would be going along with Yu Xiaoyun’s plan .

Qu Jianying bitterly smiled . The old man would probably hate her for this, but she was the only one who could play the bad person in this case .

“I hereby announce that Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion are no longer disciples of the Martial Heaven Alliance,” said Qu Jianying . She felt her own head spinning and her heart dripping blood .

Long Chen had already done so much for the Martial Heaven Alliance, and she was actually forcing Long Chen to carry this burden on his own . She herself felt despicable .

Yu Xiaoyun was surprised that Qu Jianying would do this . That didn’t match her character . Suddenly glancing at Li Tianxuan, he understood .

“Unacceptable! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is a righteous and loyal hero! He and his Dragonblood Legion protected us without caring about their own lives! Alliance head, how can we expel them? That is completely unfair!”

The disciples that had come out of the Yin Yang World immediately went crazy .

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