Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Despicable Scum

The medicinal liquid entered into his stomach, and Long Chen hastily used his mind to guide the medicinal energy throughout his body, allowing it to merge into his bones .

Normal martial artists would let the medicinal energy assimilate inside the Dantian in order to absorb it, and only later would they spread it throughout their body . However, Long Chen didn’t have a Spirit Root, and so his Dantian was completely empty and had no way to store energy .

The only thing he could do was allow the medicinal energy to scatter into every cell . Although this medicinal liquid was formed from only ordinary medicinal herbs, it displayed a surprisingly great medicinal effect after going through Long Chen’s pairings and proportions .

As the medicinal energy rushed throughout his body, countless pores opened up and every single cell seemed as if it had been in a state of suffocation as they all began to crazily absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth .


A muffled explosion came from within Long Chen’s body . His originally sealed meridians were all forced open and Long Chen couldn’t stop himself from letting out a muffled groan .

When others cultivated, they would use the Dantian’s Qi in order to little by little open up their meridians in a step-by-step manner which would not cause any pain .

However, Long Chen couldn’t do so; he could only borrow an outer energy source . This energy was like the ocean’s water flowing into a river field; its violent and ferocious power wasn’t something that just anybody could withstand .

“This pain… I will definitely remember this pain . ” Long Chen gnashed his teeth; if it weren’t for some person stealing his Spirit Root, how could he have been forced to choose such a crazy method?


Continuous explosions echoed out from his body as his meridians opened up one by one . Every time a meridian channel was opened, intense pain would wrack his body .

When all his meridians were finally opened, Long Chen almost fainted into a coma . He had to rest for two full hours before he slowly revived himself .

With the pain now past him, Long Chen felt that the pores from his toes to his head were all open, and with every single breath he took, he absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth .

“Excellent, I can finally practice cultivation now that my meridians have opened . ”

Long Chen sensed his body’s condition . With his meridians opened he could absorb spiritual energy from heaven and earth through his pores in order to nourish his body to become stronger .

“I should first think of a method to make some money,” Long Chen muttered to himself . Switching clothes, he left his room . At this time it was already past noon, but there were unexpectedly few people to be seen in his huge noble estate, making it seem like an extremely desolate place .

Long Chen’s father was the Border Suppression Marquis, Zhenyuan Hou, and now was currently gone to the wild border . Long Chen and his mother had had to suffer many condescending gazes from everyone in the imperial capital over the past few years . Although they had the position of a noble family, but compared to before, they were completely destitute, and in their entire estate there were only ten or so maids who did some part-time work for them since they couldn’t afford employing more people .

It could be said that in all the aristocracy, they were the family in the worst straits, and Long Chen himself was the most destitute of the poor .

Phoenix Cry Empire was currently in a golden age of martial arts . Basically everyone practiced martial arts . But as it turned out, Long Chen’s special physique meant he was incapable of practicing martial arts, making him someone that everyone would sneer at .

But opposite to Long Chen was his father, Long Tianxiao . He was the strongest of his generation, and with him guarding the wild border, even if a barbarian tribe were to savagely attack, they would not have the ability to step even half a foot within the Phoenix Cry Empire .

Long Tianxiao was the Phoenix Cry Empire’s military god of this generation, whereas Long Chen was a trash who couldn’t even enter Qi Sensing . It was impossible to prevent people from feeling that this tiger father had had a dog of a son .

Countless people would jeer at him, but Long Chen wouldn’t care . However, that day, Manhuang Hou’s son, Zhou Yaoyang, had ridiculed Long Chen by saying that he wasn’t his father’s son .

Long Chen’s anger had immediately soared to the heavens . Zhou Yaoyang had obviously been insulting his mother as unfaithful! Long Chen’s anger had even caused him to become a muddle headed and he had recklessly challenged his opponent to a duel .

But his opponent was a strong person at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation while he was just an ordinary person incapable of even reaching Qi Sensing . He had basically been asking to be disgraced .

As a result, he later was beat to the point of losing consciousness and almost dying . He was sent home, and the news caused Long Chen to be an object of ridicule for quite some time in the imperial capital .

Leaving his noble estate, Long Chen went directly to the imperial capital’s Hundred Herb Market . That was the place where all kinds of precious medicinal ingredients were sold . Right now what he needed to do was to get an understanding of the medicinal herbs’ market situation .

Along the road there were quite a few people, and when they recognized Long Chen they couldn’t help put to point him out behind his back; however Long Chen was already used to this .

But at the same time, he bitterly smiled inside . His own father had suppressed the entire wild border, which was an amazing meritorious deed that protected the entire empire .

However what had he obtained for that? This mother son duo had been left to suffer from bullying and humiliating stares from the imperial capital, and Long Chen had almost been beaten to death . How could this be considered repayment? A group of people that were protected by his father all gave his son condescending gazes; this was his repayment?

Long Chen quickened his footsteps . Although he wasn’t afraid of these kinds of stares, he would always end up a bit gloomy . But at this moment, his path was suddenly blocked by a group of people .

“Aiya, are you actually Long Chen? I heard you were beat to the point where you couldn’t even recognize your own mom, so how are you so lively that you ran out today?”

In front of Long Chen was a sixteen-year-old teen wearing gaudy clothes sneering at him with two guards .

This person was also born as a noble heir in an aristocrat family and was called Li Hao . However his position within the aristocracy was not high and his status was incomparable to Long Chen’s . But in the Phoenix Cry Empire, nobility and status were only secondary . What was most important was still strength .

Li Hao was standing right in the middle of the road, and if Long Chen wanted to go through, he would need to pass by him .

If it was the previous Long Chen, he would have turned around and walked back, but today’s Long Chen looked at Li Hao, shook his head, and sighed, “People say even well trained dogs know not to obstruct the road . Looks like you’re not even as good as a dog . ”

“Long Chen, it seems you didn’t remember the lesson I gave you last time! If you want to be beaten within an inch of your life again, then let’s fight in the martial arena . ” Li Hao’s expression changed before he once again taunted him .

“That’s why I said you were a dog; just go eat crap with Zhou Yaoyang . ” Long Chen shook his head . He didn’t want to waste his time on this kind of person . He needed to handle his own affairs, so he started to walk around him .

“Long Chen, you are asking for death!”

Li Hao’s couldn’t help but to become angry, not expecting that the always cowardly Long Chen would actually act in such an unyielding manner that basically didn’t even pay attention to him . He stuck out his arms to bar Long Chen’s path .

Long Chen frowned slightly, but just as he was about to say more, a person walked over, and towards Li Hao he cursed, “Li Hao, you’re the one asking for death! Just who do you think you are to dare threaten my brother?”

The person who had come was an extremely tall eighteen-year-old . His height was especially extraordinary as he was nine feet tall, which was taller than either of them by over a head and very intimidating .

“Shi Feng, this isn’t your business! It’d be best if you didn’t meddle around . ”

When Li Hao saw Shi Feng, all he could do was act tough even though he was weaker . Shi Feng was also a noble heir whose status was about the same as his, but Shi Feng was a strong person who had reached eighth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation while he was only at the third Heavenstage of Qi Condensation .

In addition, Shi Feng had an innate strength that meant that amongst people in the same rank as him, few were an equal match for him . Therefore, Li Hao didn’t have the guts to challenge Shi Feng .

“Brother Long Chen, I heard that that bastard Zhou Yaoyang beat you up . How about I go help you vent your anger? “ Shi Feng looked at Long Chen and his expression became indignant .

Long Chen looked at the huge person in front of him, and his heart felt a bit of warmth . Shi Feng was the only one in the imperial capital who would consider him as his brother .

“No thanks, my enmities are something that I will pay back myself . Just don’t worry about it . ” Long Chen faintly laughed, patting Shi Feng’s shoulder .

When Shi Feng heard Long Chen say this, he thought that Long Chen might be worried about his image and so he didn’t raise the issue again .

“Let’s go, come with me for a stroll . ” Long Chen said with a smile, and he brought Shi Feng for a walk .

When Li Hao saw the two of them consider him as just thin air, he couldn’t help from angrily cursing, “Long Chen, you little bastard, if you have guts then you’ll join me in a duel!”

They had only just walked a couple steps when Li Hao said this and they paused . From deep within Long Chen’s eyes bubbled up a strong murderous intent and he slowly turned his head .

“You want to have a duel with me?” Long Chen’s voice was extremely cold . Each word he spoke was just like ice shards that caused people to tremble in their bones .

Li Hao couldn’t help but to shiver . For some reason he felt that today’s Long Chen was a bit strange, but his big words had already been spoken so if at this time he was to act like a coward, then he would became the entire imperial capital’s laughingstock .

Moreover, he was already used to bullying Long Chen over and over, so with those experiences, he ignored the trace of fear that arose in his heart .

“Not bad, you dare to accept the duel?” Li Hao mocked in a loud voice .

“Not a problem, however I want to add some stakes . ” Long Chen said after a moment’s thought .

“Adding stakes? Haha, your Long family is already almost unable to feed yourselves, what are you going to take out as stakes? You could use your family’s estate, or how about if you lose you’ll become my slave?” Li Hao coldly mocked .

However what he didn’t notice was that in the corner of Long Chen’s mouth was a callous smile that seemed to have some hidden intentions .

“Brother Shi, can you lend me your martial sword?” Long Chen asked .

“Take it . ”

Shi Feng did somewhat hate to part with it, but he still handed his sword over .

Long Chen nodded, and he quietly recorded this favor into his heart . Towards Li Hao, he said, “This martial sword isn’t top quality, but it is still worth eight thousand gold coins . For today I’ll just count it as five thousand gold coins . If you win you can take the martial sword, but if you lose you have to give me five thousand gold coins . How’s that sound?”

Li Hao’s heart shook; Shi Feng’s sword was made from steel essence and was forged by a master . It was definitely worth at least eight thousand gold coins .

Today this idiot Long Chen actually decided to use such a thing as a bet; he had long since started laughing cheerfully inside .

Hit mouth once again sneered, “I don’t know if should you lose whether someone will decide to back out and not own up?”

“Don’t worry, I, Shi Feng, will guarantee it . ” Shi Feng coldly smiled .

“Good, then let’s go to the martial arena to sign the contract . If today I don’t beat the teeth out of you, then in the future I wouldn’t be Li Hao . ” Li Hao couldn’t help from being extremely exuberant as he high-spiritedly spoke .

Long Chen’s face was still calm, however within his eyes appeared some darkness . Li Hao was just one of Zhou Yaoyang’s dogs, so he was never paid any attention by Long Chen . However, now they were always plotting against him; just what kind of hidden conspiracy was there?

However, no matter what kind of conspiracy it was, the truth would always come to light one day . Long Chen walked directly to the martial arena outside the imperial capital .

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