Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2274 Layers of Blockades

Chapter 2274 Layers of Blockades

As soon as Long Chen revealed himself and fled, all the Blood race experts shot after him. At the same time, countless attacks rained down on him.

Pulling Dong Mingyu, Long Chen repeatedly dodged. Suddenly, a group of the Blood race’s elite troops appeared in his path.

He changed direction, only to have another group block him before he got far. He was forced to go in another direction.

More and more of the Blood race’s experts converged on them, but Long Chen continued to weave through them, not allowing them to surround him.


Suddenly, a giant mountain in the distance exploded. Spatial energy converged into a giant portal.

The Blood race’s experts were startled and hastily looked over. They saw Luo Chuan and the others in the air, surrounded by spatial runes. The void twisted around them as they had finished their transportation formation.

Luo Chuan and the others shouted upon seeing Long Chen and Dong Mingyu being chased, but separated by space, their voices couldn’t be heard. They knew that the two of them were winning time for them to get away.

The Blood race’s experts immediately attacked Luo Chuan and the others, but before they could reach them, the void shuddered one final time, and they vanished.


The Blood race experts roared furiously. This game of cat and mouse had actually resulted in their prey getting away.

“You two let your comrades leave, so you can die in their place!” roared one of the Blood race’s young kings.

Long Chen sneered and grabbed Dong Mingyu. Lightning wings appeared on his back. “We’ll see if you have that ability.”

Like a bolt of lightning, Long Chen shot at the young king. Evilmoon appeared in his hand, and he sent that young king flying with a slash of his saber.

Upon seeing Evilmoon and the lightning wings, the Blood race experts let out alarmed cries. “He’s not from the Blue Star Continent! He’s from the Martial Heaven Continent!”

Even as they cried out, Long Chen shot away, vanishing from sight.

Dong Mingyu held onto Long Chen’s back, almost flying off.

“Big brother Long Chen’s Celestial Lightning Body Blink and Sundering Lightning Heavenly Wings are so fast together that probably only big sister Cloud can keep up,” said Dong Mingyu.

Although there was an army of Blood race chasing after them, she still felt safe with Long Chen. Long Chen smiled. When it came to this, he knew only Cloud could keep up with him.

Of course, this was a skill mostly useful for running. Since he liked to fight directly, many people often forgot about this speed of his.

“Yu-er, you call Cloud big sister, and she calls you big sister too,” said Long Chen curiously.

“Hehe, isn’t that nice? We’re the youngest, so by calling each other big sister, we both feel a bit bigger.” Dong Mingyu smiled brightly.

Long Chen laughed. To be called big sister made them feel bigger. But what about when you called someone else big sister? Wouldn’t that make you feel small? He didn’t know how they calculated that. Sometimes Cloud and Dong Mingyu would say funny things accidentally due to how little experience they had with the rest of the world.

“Big brother Long Chen, the Blood race is probably going to block our path back,” said Dong Mingyu.

The Blood race had to have their own communication methods. No matter how fast Long Chen was, he wouldn’t be able to outrun the flow of information.

Long Chen nodded. “That’s for sure. But we have to go back. It’s been more days than I wanted to be out. Everyone else should be ready to break through to the Netherpassage realm, so we can’t tarry.”

He had entered the Yin Yang World only to see Little snow and hadn’t expected to encounter experts from another continent. Hence, this trip had used up quite a bit of time.

However, that investment had come with its own returns. Those experts that he had saved had all given him their strongest techniques.

Those techniques were priceless treasures. Many of the Martial Heaven Continent’s inheritances had been lost in the dark eras, but the Blue Star Continent’s techniques were still complete. Long Chen was preparing to pass these techniques to the Dragonblood warriors to strengthen them.

“Yu-er, are you afraid?”

“No,” Dong Mingyu answered very directly.


“Because I’m with you. Even a mountain of blades and a sea of fire can be a wonderland if I am together with you.” Dong Mingyu smiled innocently, making Long Chen emotional. He was her sky. Perhaps even in the eyes of the Dragonblood warriors, he was their everything.

At the same time as he was grateful, he was also aware of just how heavy the burden on his shoulders was. His life did not just belong to him.

“That’s right, as long as I’m here, no one can harm you.” Long Chen smiled and suddenly raised an arm. He began to chant.

A large flame lotus condensed within his hand. After that, flame energy gathered from every direction, causing the flame lotus to grow larger and larger.

Long Chen’s speed didn’t drop even as the flame lotus grew to the size of a mountain. The surging flames made heaven and earth twist.

“Yu-er, hold on tight. I’m going to give the Blood race and Little Snow a present.” A sinister smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

Near the exit, in the area where the Sovereign’s will couldn’t reach, the giant army of the Blood race had created layers and layers of blockades. Not even a drop of water could get past them.

The seven fourth step Netherpassage experts were all gathered. They had already received the news.

Over ten of the Blue Star Continent’s experts had escaped, and the one who had released them was the Martial Heaven Continent’s Long Chen.

Hearing that it was Long Chen, they gnashed their teeth, especially the three of them that had tried to stop him from killing the Golden Horned Blood expert and failed.

For Long Chen to dare to brazenly enter the Yin Yang World at such a time was definitely an insult to the Blood race. If he were to escape, all of the Blood race’s dignity would be lost.

Practically half of the entire Blood race’s forces had gathered to block the exit. More and more of them continued to gather and report on Long Chen’s movements.

Just as they received word that Long Chen was rushing over in their direction, their expressions changed. A giant flame lotus had appeared, blazing with power fiercer than the sun.

The flame lotus came flying toward them like a shooting star. Even from a great distance, their hair stood on end. When it got closer and only continued to grow in their vision, they realized just how miniscule they were in comparison to it.

The sacred chanting ringing out was like an overture of death. If that flame lotus exploded amongst them, perhaps not even their bones would remain.

The Blood race’s experts were petrified with terror, and even the seven fourth step Netherpassage experts were too stunned to move.

“Hahaha, I, Long Chen, have come from afar. I didn’t bring any good gifts, so I hope you don’t mind this little expression of my sincerity.”

Long Chen laughed and suddenly pushed with his hand, sending the flame lotus hurling toward them.

Terrified cries rang out, and the Blood race’s army instinctively fled in every direction. They felt that this flame lotus possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth.

These elite warriors had sharp senses toward danger. They could not receive this attack no matter what.

“Don’t panic! We’ll handle it!” The fourth step Netherpassage experts finally took action, sending out blood chains that wrapped around the flame lotus.

Those blood chains instantly shattered. They had clearly underestimated the flame lotus’s power.

Shocked, the fourth step Netherpassage experts hastily switched tactics. From that one attempt, they realized that countless flame blades were whirling within the flame lotus which had broken their chains.

“Essence Blood Seals the Heavens!”

Blood Qi exploded out of the fourth step Netherpassage experts. Upon clapping their hands together, giant blood giants appeared behind them.

Life and death energy whirled within the seven of them. They all reached out a hand at the same time, slamming those giant hands against the flame lotus.


Heaven and earth shuddered. The seven blood giants were forced back several steps by the flame lotus, trampling the Blood race experts behind them.

At the same time, the seven fourth step Netherpassage experts coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Hahaha, a group of ants dares to utter such big words? This move of mine required Sovereign Mo Li to personally suppress it. As for the seven of you?”

Long Chen laughed and formed a hand seal.


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