Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Revenge in Just a Day

Long Chen had originally just been drinking wine calmly . But now his face turned cold and blue veins jumped out of his hands .

That voice was very familiar to Long Chen . The familiarity caused Long Chen’s killing intent to explode out, and this strangeness was noticed by everyone .

“Brother Long, what’s going on?” asked Fatty Yu . Seeing him in his murderous state, he immediately awoke from his tipsy state .

“Don’t worry about it . When that person comes up, just act really annoying . Keep focus on celebrating with Shi Feng and put on a show of it,” said Long Chen .

Everyone realized Long Chen was wanting to make a disturbance . Currently they all had the support of their families and were told to form good relations with Long Chen as best they could . How could they let such a good opportunity go?

“Brother Long, just watch . ” Shou Hou patted his chest confidently .

The footsteps continued getting closer . A man in his twenties wearing a strange hat and long eyebrows entered the room .

Long Chen didn’t reveal his face and he also told Aman not to either . The two of them had their backs facing that person .

After that person came up, a bitter-faced man also came up behind him . He appeared to be the restaurant’s shopkeeper .

“Get them all out . Otherwise I’ll blame you . ” That man didn’t even place Long Chen’s group within his arrogant eyes .

Obviously he felt that personally shooing them would reduce his status so he had the shopkeeper do it .

“Oh my, have you guys noticed there’s a weiner growing out of his head?” Shou Hou said quietly to Fatty Yu .

Although it was said quietly, it wasn’t a whisper . Anyone there could hear it completely clearly .

Long Chen smiled . The strange hat on that man’s head did have a long protuberance at the front . At first he hadn’t noticed, but once Shou Hou said it, he realized it really was similar .

“It’s nothing to make a fuss about . I bet his dad was too corrupt and other people cursed it there . ” Fatty Yu looked somewhat disdainfully at Shou Hou .

“What?” asked Shou Hou confused .

“Wow, have you not heard the curse before? They curse you to have a son with a penis growing on his head?”

“Oh, brother really is wise,” Shou Hou said admiringly .

When the shopkeeper saw everyone jeer and taunt this person, he turned pale with fright and quickly cast a meaningful look at Shi Feng .

Unfortunately, Shi Feng, who had a slight relationship with the shopkeeper, didn’t pay him any attention and acted as if he had never met him .

That long-eyebrowed man’s face became cold immediately, and he icily looked at Fatty Yu . “Damn fatass pig, are you guys looking to die?”

Fatty Yu shook his head . “Brother, seeing your bitter face, I can easily tell that someone close to you must have died . Was it your father? Your mother? Either way, now’s not the time to eat and drink here . ”

“Right, that’s too unfilial . ”

“Such a son should be directly thrown into the streets . ”

“Shh, stop . Don’t you see him trembling? If we keep talking, he might go crazy and start foaming at the mouth . Then how will we be able to drink enjoy ourselves?”

The power of teamwork was very great with them . Everyone heard Fatty Yu and Shou Hous taunts so they all inserted their own ridicule . They definitely had to at least contribute their own jokes at such an opportunity .

“Die . ”

With a short cry, a long whip appeared in that person’s hand . Wind howled with a biting cold killing intent . As it crashed down upon them, everyone realized that that whip had them all in range .

Shi Feng had long since been prepared for this . With just a touch on his belt, a blade slashed out .

The long blade and the flexible whip collided, emitting an explosive sound . Shi Feng felt a huge power hit him that sent him flying into the roof, shaking the entire restaurant .

His face turned slightly red due to an internal injury, a sign that his Blood Qi was about to overflow out of his control . He had shockingly been beaten in just one attack .

“Go die urchins . ”

After that first attack, his whip became like a poisonous dragon, immediately turning rigid and appearing like a sword stabbing towards Shi Feng’s heart .

This shocked everyone; they hadn’t expected this person to be so ruthless . He was clearly intent on killing Shi Feng!

That whip was too fast and Shi Feng was unable to dodge it . Just when he thought he was about to die…

A large hand tightly grabbed the whip . It was now completely unable to move .

“Brother Long . ”

Everyone cried out as Long Chen appeared beside Shi Feng . He appeared like a king amongst men as he coldly looked at that man .

“It’s you?”

He couldn’t help being startled when he saw that it was Long Chen .

“Good, you still remember me . ”

A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face . He suddenly pulled on the whip and the man was startled to feel a huge force involuntarily pull him flying towards Long Chen .

He was slightly startled, never expecting Long Chen’s strength to be so great . Even a first Heavenstage of Blood Condensation expert like him couldn’t resist .

He sneered, and borrowing the force from being pulled over by Long Chen, he raised his leg and aimed it for Long Chen’s stomach . His reactions were so quick that it dazzled and confused the others . This person was obviously a true expert .

Seeing his rushing over, Long Chen also sent a kick out . Its speed wasn’t that great, but it was perfectly timed such that it viciously landed on that person’s crotch right before his attack reached Long Chen’s stomach .

The sound of something exploding caused everyone else’s groins to turn cold . Goosebumps arose all along their backs .


A miserable scream resounded through the restaurant . Everyone who heard that cry had their hair stand on end .

But even such a blood-curdling cry was unable to relieve his pain .

He rolled on the ground fiercely, his face contorted in pain, screaming .

Due to these intense movements, his hat suddenly fell off, and Fatty Yu and the others’ expressions all changed .

“Someone from the Grand Xia Empire?”

When the hat came off, it revealed an extremely ancient hair bun like a stretched out thumb . It was no wonder his hat was so strange .

That hair bun was a mark of the Grand Xia . Only nobles with high status would style their hair like that .

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, realizing they had provoked a huge disaster here . The Grand Xia and the Phoenix Cry Empire had a good relationship, and such an action could even influence the relations between the two countries . The consequences would be very severe .

Looking at the rolling man, the suppressed anger inside Long Chen loosened slightly . He handed the whip to Aman and said, “He hit you . You can hit him back now . ”

“Hit someone? I can’t . ” Aman hesitated .

Long Chen’s face darkened . “You won’t listen to me?”

“I… I’ll do it . ”

Seeing Long Chen’s face darken, Aman quickly became frightened . He had only ever known how it felt to be beaten; this would be the first time he hit back . He held the whip in his hand for a long moment of hesitation, not daring to strike .

“Do it!” shouted Long Chen . He had to push Aman to take this step, otherwise he could only end up bullied for the rest of his life .

“Ok, ok!”

Aman took a deep breath and used the whip to attack him .


But that scream wasn’t from the man with the long eyebrows . It had come from the person closest to Aman .

“Brother Aman, you have to aim better . ” That person had to suppress his tears as he rubbed his thigh that Aman had hit painfully .

Aman’s face reddened . He had never used a whip . It was so light that he couldn’t use any real force . Missing the person in front of him, he ended up hitting his neighbor .

Long Chen sighed . This child needed to temper himself .

“Continue . ”

When Long Chen shouted this, everyone immediately ran at least ten meters away . Only at that distance did they feel safer .


This time Aman had picked up a bit about how to use a whip, but he still ended up missing his target by almost three meters .

The man with the long eyebrows was still tightly holding his groin, his face twisted in pain . He didn’t pay any attention to Aman’s weak attacks .

“Brother Long, this time I’ll definitely get it right!”

Seeing how unsightly Long Chen’s face had become, Aman hastily reassured him and prepared to lash the whip again .

Just at this time, a figure appeared behind everyone . This person was in his thirties and had an exceptionally long blade scar on his face that made him appear extremely fierce .

“Stay your hand!” That man sternly shouted in fury when he saw the man lying on the floor with Aman holding a whip in his raised hand .

“Just because you tell us to stop, we’re supposed to stop? Hit him,” coldly ordered Long Chen .

Hearing Long Chen, Aman no longer hesitated and sent another lash towards the man .

“You’re asking for it!”

Seeing Aman actually attack, he furiously stepped forward, his figure turning into a violent tempest charging towards Aman .

“Get lost!”

Long Chen also stepped forward, getting between them and punching out .

Seeing Long Chen come forward to block him, he frowned and also sent out a punch .


The air exploded when the two fists met . But what shocked the scarred man was that his fist was actually completely unable to force back this frail and scholarly looking young man .

At this time, Aman’s lash finally landed . Originally he had been aiming for the man’s buttocks, but due to his poor aim, it actually landed on his face .

Furthermore, it ended up landing perfectly on the nose . Although Aman didn’t know how to use a whip, he still had quite a bit of physical strength . The man’s nose immediately broke and blood spurted out .

Seeing this, the scarred man turned ashen with anger . With a draconian shout, he unleashed his full power to force Long Chen back .

Long Chen saw the situation and decided not to wait any longer . The FengFu Star on the bottom of his right foot shook and terrifying spiritual energy flooded out . He now used his full force .

The two of their fists offset each other, but the powerful energy was something the tiles on the floor were unable to bear and spiderweb cracks spread out .

The scarred man’s expression changed when he found that Long Chen could still continue to block him when he used all his strength . Killing intent exploded out from him .

Blood Qi erupted from his body and a faint blood-colored Qi could even be seen filling the air . His frightening energy caused even the atmosphere to become heavy . The others all had some trouble breathing .

“Mid Blood Condensation stage?”

Everyone was astonished, as the degree his Blood Qi had condensed was something that only mid Blood Condensation experts were capable of .

Each major level of martial cultivation had nine minor levels that were split from the first Heavenstage to the ninth Heavenstage .

First to third Heavenstages were early stage, fourth to sixth were mid stage, and seventh to ninth were late stage . As for the scarred man in front of them, now that all his strength had exploded out, everyone realized he was a shocking mid Blood Condensation expert .

BOOM! Long Chen felt Blood Qi billow and he was forced back over three meters and his stomach started to ache .

He had finally found his limit . This person in front of him was someone he was currently not a match for . Fear and shock filled him inside .

As for that scarred man, he sent a fist flying towards Long Chen without hesitation .

“You dare attack my brother Long!”

A thunderous roar shook everyone’s ears suddenly and a fist covered in blood-colored light with a surging power smashed towards the scarred man .

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