Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2726 Changing the Nine Stars

Chapter 2726 Changing the Nine Stars

The void shuddered slightly, startling Zi Yan. Long Chen’s attack shouldn’t only cause such a tiny disturbance.


Suddenly, the void exploded, and a giant vortex of raging Heavenly Dao energy appeared, not dissipating for a long time.

“Heaven Merging? Merging oneself into the Heavenly Daos like a tiger in the forest, like a dragon in the sea. But unfortunately, I am unable to merge into this world. Hehe, but that’s alright. As long as I myself have enough power, why would I need to merge with something else?” Long Chen clenched his fist, feeling endless power within his body.

As his cultivation base advanced, the 108,000 stars in his body began to evolve, manifesting their own Daos and laws. Every star was its own world, creating its own Heavenly Dao.

It was their power that merged within his body. As his power grew, he grew more incompatible with the energy of the Martial Heaven Continent’s Heavenly Daos.

That punch he had unleashed just now was to test whether or not he could merge with the power of the Heavenly Daos. He found that his power was rejected, but that was within expectations.

After reaching the seventh Heavenstage, the 108,000 stars in his body hadn’t grown bigger, but they had transformed. They were developing, thrumming with life.

He could sense earth, water, fire, and wind energies within every star. Although they were still at a very weak level, he could definitely sense them.

Earth, water, fire, and wind were said to be the four major elements upon which the world was built. With them present, it meant that every star had its own life and would continue to develop on its own.

With their own life, they also had an unending stream of energy. As they grew stronger, Long Chen also grew stronger, and he would no longer need to rely on the power of the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Long Chen, you advanced so quickly… Will that…?” Zi Yan looked at Long Chen worriedly.

Long Chen’s aura was incredibly heavy. He still couldn’t control his new power.

“It’s fine. I’ve thought about my path. Now that I’ve finished advancing, I need to get accustomed to it. I’ll need to stabilize my aura, or I won’t be able to sneak into the Ancient Battlefield,” said Long Chen.

His aura was constantly leaking, and it was like a lantern in the night sky. He would probably be sensed the instant he entered the Ancient Battlefield.

Long Chen suddenly summoned his divine ring. Six stars revolved within it, and his Six Star Battle Armor appeared.

After that, Long Chen formed hand seals, and the space behind him shuddered intensely. As the six stars in his divine ring quivered, the land exploded.

“What are you doing?!” shouted Evilmoon.

Long Chen suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, frightening Zi Yan. She didn’t understand what Long Chen was doing. Why had he summoned the Six Star Battle Armor? And why would he cough up blood?

“You’re crazy! You want to change their orbit?!” shouted Evilmoon. The six stars quivered as they gradually left their original positions.

“The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art is an incredibly terrifying technique. But it’s weak now. Something must be wrong with how I cultivated it. After all, I had no guidance with its cultivation, so I might have done something wrong. Just like with the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, they needed the guidance of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet in order to train in the true ninth form of Split the Heavens. With one wrong step, every step afterward is wrong, leading me further and further away from the original path. Now that I’m already so far off, no one knows what my future path will look like. Thus, I should cultivate according to my own heart. This Nine Star Hegemon Body Art will henceforth belong to me. It will be controlled by me…”

Long Chen once more coughed up a mouthful of blood, but he gritted his teeth and continued trying to control the six stars.

The power of his 108,000 astral spaces flowed out, forming a strange connection with the six stars. Only the power of these astral spaces was capable of moving the six stars.

At this moment, Long Chen’s body was shaking. In front of Zi Yan’s shocked gaze, the six stars gradually left their original locations. Originally, they were connected into a six-sided star.

This six-sided star was then broken. Three stars moved forward, and three stars moved back.

Long Chen’s eyes were closed tightly. Today, he was taking a huge risk. This was the result of countless studies and analyses that he had conducted based on the techniques of the five Sovereigns. That led him to a moment of enlightenment.

The Sovereigns had all walked their own paths, so he had to walk his own path as well. If the Sovereigns were capable of it, then he had to be capable as well.

The three stars at the front shuddered. They were the FengFu Star, the Life Fate Star, and the Divine Gate Star.

Right now, the FengFu Star unleashed a ray of divine light at the Life Fate Star. The Life Fate Star then received this light and emitted it at the Divine Gate Star, which then sent the light back to the FengFu Star.

The three stars formed their own triangle, an endless loop of their power.

“The Dao gave birth to one, one gave birth to two, two gave birth to three, and three gave birth to all things. This is the true Grand Dao. It applies to all things.” Long Chen finally smiled.

This was also the law that the Sovereigns complied with. It was something that could be vaguely sensed at the base of countless techniques. The Sovereigns had based their techniques around this, and now Long Chen had done the same.

The three stars at the back did the same thing. The Alioth Star, the Enlightenment Palace Star, and the Nethergate Star formed their own triangle of divine light.

The six stars had now been broken out of their six-sided shape into two triangles.

“You… you actually succeeded?” Evilmoon’s voice quivered. This new Nine Star Hegemon Body Art coincided with the principles of the Heavenly Daos. It was incomparably marvelous, perhaps even more so than the dark evil dragon race’s inherited divine abilities.

“It’s thanks to the Sovereigns. Without their enlightenment, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. Before this, three colors of the six-color divine ring flowed forward, and three flowed back. However, the positions of the six stars didn’t change. As a result, there was no way for the power of all six stars to perfectly merge. That’s why I’m sure that I cultivated it wrong. Only when all their power is fully merged can they unleash their full power. That is the power that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art should originally have,” said Long Chen.

Suddenly, the two triangles began to spin within his divine ring. One spun clockwise, and the other spun counterclockwise. At that moment, the world became silent, as if all sound had vanished. An indescribable power seemed to freeze all the laws of the entire world.

“The critical moment comes now. Success or failure depends on this.”

Long Chen clenched his teeth, and suddenly the two triangles superimposed. In that instant, all color vanished from heaven and earth.

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