Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2813 The Teacher Exams

Chapter 2813 The Teacher Exams

The High Firmament Academy’s size was difficult to imagine. It was only after reading through the introduction that Long Chen learned that it was split into different divisions. There was the God Institute, the Immortal Institute, the Pill Institute, the Forging Institute, the Formation Institute, and many others.

When he had taken the exam, all those aspects were part of the exam. But the Pill Institute could be considered the most special one because it was practically separate from the rest of the academy. It wasn’t bound much by the academy’s rules and even had many unique privileges.

One of those was that the Pill Institute’s disciples had the right to take the exam to become an instructor at any division. It was just that it was not free.

Fortunately, the Seven Star Elder wasn’t stingy. Under the condition that it wasn’t breaking the rules of the Pill Institute, he lent Long Chen two thousand immortal crystals, which was the fee for the examination.

There were many ranks of instructors within the academy, as well as countless classifications for what they taught. Long Chen chose to register for the exam to become the God Institute’s battle instructor.

Long Chen felt that other than refining pills, the area he was most skilled in was fighting. He had plenty of experience in this regard. It could be said that from the day he had started cultivating, he had never stopped fighting. If he wasn’t in battle, he was on his way to another battle.

When Long Chen reported his arrival, the person overseeing the exam was startled. He was about to curse Long Chen because Long Chen’s mortal qi was clearly extremely strong. He was still in the Mortal Ascension realm, so how could he be an instructor?

However, when Long Chen revealed his identity plate as a probationary disciple of the Pill Institute, this person forcibly swallowed his curses.

“A battle instructor has to rely on true skill. It might result in some broken bones, or you might even lose your life. Don’t say that I didn’t want you,” said that person.

“I know. Thanks for the warning.” If it weren’t for that person’s scorn, Long Chen would be a bit more polite to him. However, he wasn’t warning Long Chen kindly but was just trying to scare him off.

Long Chen was well aware that killing people was not permitted in this exam. So the chance of losing his life was nonsense.

Long Chen received the status plate for attending the exam and followed the path. He saw quite a few experts, all of them possessing strong divine energy in their bodies. They were clearly at a higher realm than him.

Hence, they were all flabbergasted to see Long Chen, before that shock transformed into contempt. However, someone also raised his thumb to Long Chen. Long Chen was about to thank him when that thumb suddenly dipped down and he sneered at him.

Long Chen was infuriated. If they were closer, he’d have definitely slapped that guy. How was it that even the examination to become an instructor resulted in Long Chen encountering this many boneheads?

The exam was conducted in batches of thirty-six. Once there were enough people, the next batch would go in.

Long Chen advanced with his batch and quickly saw the first part of the exam. It was a black spear around the thickness of an arm. He didn’t know what material it was made out of, but it gave off an extremely heavy aura.

Every person went up to that spear and tried to lift it over their head. It was a very simple exam, almost insultingly so. But these people all had solemn expressions.

“Rise!” The first person roared and the earth trembled. The spear was lifted, but that person’s entire body trembled. Moreover, his bones creaked, his face flushed, and veins popped on his forehead.

It was at this moment that Long Chen realized that the black spear’s weight might be absolutely astonishing. That person managed to lift it for a breath’s time before putting it down. It was considered a pass.

However, after he passed, he was covered in sweat. Lifting it had clearly cost him quite a bit of energy.

The next person also found it very taxing but passed. The third person was the man who had previously provoked Long Chen with his thumb. His face was a bit long and his chin jutted out.

When he arrived in front of the spear, he once more looked back at Long Chen amongst the crowd and sneered, “Little Pill Institute child, your peach fuzz hasn’t even come in, but you dare to come to the God Institute to be an instructor? Take care that your heart isn’t broken-”

“Shut up. If you don’t start the test, you’ll be kicked out. This is already your third attempt, and you haven’t passed yet. This is your final chance, so focus on yourself,” barked the examiner. He clearly knew this guy, but seemingly not in a good way.

“Hehe, I’ll definitely pass this time. Just wait. Remember not to shout at me like you’re superior in the future.” The man sneered, seemingly not even placing the examiner in his eyes.

With a huff, he steadily picked up the spear and held it above his head, easily passing.

He pointed at Long Chen and sneered, “Brat, I hate the arrogant trash from the Pill Institute. You should hurry up and scram, or in the final clash, I’ll beat you until your mommy doesn’t even recognize you.”

Long Chen couldn’t endure it any longer. With blazing killing intent, he stepped toward that person. However, a person behind him held him back. “Little brother, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. That fellow is someone on the divine rankings. He has a powerful backer behind him. Do you see that he doesn’t even care about the examiner? Listen to my advice: the God Institute and the Pill Institute are not friendly, so don’t provoke him, or you’ll suffer.”

The big-chinned man laughed arrogantly when he heard this advice. He walked off, vanishing at the end of the channel for the next part of the exam.

“Many thanks.” Long Chen was still full of fury, but he still thanked the person who had held him back since his intentions were kind.

However, Long Chen had already noted this big-chinned man in his heart, praying that the so-called final clash he had mentioned would come sooner. At that time, he would show him why flowers were red.

Long Chen was near the end of his group, and there were seven people behind him. The people ahead of him finished their exams one by one. Three failed, and surprisingly, they failed one after another. It seemed that one failure caused a blow to the confidence of the ones behind them.

The one in front of Long Chen was the fourth one. After seeing the three people in front of him fail, his face was slightly pale. But he still used all his power to raise the spear. In the end, he managed to lift it, but his power wasn’t great enough. His base wasn’t steady, and he fell backward, causing the black spear to fall toward Long Chen.


The examiner jumped in shock, not expecting this person’s mental fortitude to be so lacking. He actually lost control of the spear. If it smashed into someone, it would definitely injure if not kill them.

Just as everyone was startled, a steady hand caught the spear. Just like that, Long Chen held the spear in the air, leaving everyone speechless.

“It’s not as heavy as I imagined.”

Long Chen weighed the spear in his hand. Although it was heavy, he was more than capable of holding it steadily with a single hand. Did the immortal world’s experts not have powerful physical bodies?

“What astonishing physical strength. You pass.” The examiner praised Long Chen and directly let him through.

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