Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3258 Long Chen’s Dream

Chapter 3258 Long Chen’s Dream

Bai Shishi had obtained a divine weapon, and her smile had yet to fade. She truly loved this new sword of hers to death.

To a metal cultivator, obtaining a divine weapon perfectly suited to them was a huge stroke of life.

Moreover, this sword didn’t dislike her because of her low cultivation base. It was willing to accept her as its master. That showed that the sword had immense confidence in her and her future.

Obtaining a divine weapon was like obtaining a close companion, a companion she could have absolute trust in.

Bai Shishi was always alone. Although she had built the Heaven Female Alliance, she didn’t have a true friend. So, this companionship was exceptionally exciting for her.

Within the flying boat, she was still holding the sword, refusing to let it go. To the side, Qin Feng, Qi Yu, and Xu Zixiong had taken out a furnace and were melting the rust. It quickly turned into liquid rust.

Qin Feng then poured this liquid into molds. After they cooled down, they had their arrowheads.

“If boss Guo Ran saw this, he would definitely die of laughter.” Qin Feng bitterly smiled as he eyed these arrowheads.

They didn’t have any forging arts, so they could only use the lowest level of craftsmanship to make these arrowheads. Without any forging arts, they could only use the most basic methods.

“Who cares? Although it might be a bit ugly, these things can still take the lives of experts. Adding on boss’s wooden arrow shafts, these things will become absolute killing tools,” said Qi Yu. Using a file, he sharpened the tip a bit and smiled.

Although the arrows were primitive and actually needed to be filed, showing that it was entirely the work of amateurs, if these arrowheads pierced flesh, it would still take a person’s life.

They had done a test. An arrow mixed with this rust instantly killed a Divine Lord realm sea demon when struck, and that sea demon instantly rotted into black water.

Although a sea demon wasn’t that strong, their life energy was greater than a human expert in the same realm. If it was a human Divine Lord who was struck, they probably wouldn’t even have a chance to ask for help before dying.

“I miss those bosses and our brothers.” Speaking of Guo Ran, Qin Feng thought of Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, Yue Zifeng, Xia Chen, Wilde, and all the others.

“Don’t be in a rush. We’ve left the Heavenly Swell Domain. In the future, we’ll roam the nine heavens and ten lands. Wherever we go, we will be the focus point. The brothers that hear of us will naturally come join us. When we’re all together again, we can start doing some really big things in the immortal world. The name of the Dragonblood Legion will resound throughout the nine heavens and ten lands as the immortal world’s number one legion. Where the Dragonblood Legion is, devils will submit, while immortals and gods will flee. When there is no one else to resist us, we’ll create a peaceful world, a world with no slaughter, a world where people don’t need to scheme against each other. After kicking out the evil, we’ll let the good live peaceful lives. Once we’re together, we can live carefree lives. That’s true freedom.” Long Chen looked out the window with a longing expression in his eyes. He clenched his fists.

He had long since grown tired of this world’s fighting. However, he had no choice but to fight. If he didn’t, he would die. The reason why he had become so strong was because the heavens were forcing him.

So far, the world that he liked the most was the Spirit World. That was a hidden land of peace. It was a pure land. His greatest desire was to create such a world.

“Can such a world really exist?” Bai Shishi looked at Long Chen curiously. Such a world was something all people longed for.

“Of course it’s possible. In this world full of blood and slaughter, you mostly see the ugly side of things. But behind the ugly side, there is definitely beauty. As long as a person is strong enough, they can defy even the heavens. Once I’m strong enough, the laws of the Heavenly Daos will no longer be able to bind me. I will smash them to pieces and create the world that I want.” Long Chen looked up at the sky. A determined glint appeared in his eyes.

If the heavens reject me, I will reject the heavens. I will keep what I like and eject what I don’t.

However, the prerequisite for this was that he had to be strong enough. Right now, that goal was too far. But Long Chen was confident that if he was given enough time, he could do it.

“Boss, there’s land up ahead,” said Bai Xiaole suddenly.

“So quickly?”

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. The speed with which they had crossed the devil sea was truly astonishing. They had wasted so much time at the Ghost Ship but still reached the other shore in just a day.

Qin Feng also finished the arrows at this time. They had made over three hundred arrows.

Just like the Luo family, this side of the land was covered in defenses. Anywhere sea demons liked to come onto land had to have experts standing guard.


The defenders saw a giant shark charging over on the surface. It was like a cannonball.

“Sea demon alert! No, it's a sea devil!”

Startled cries rang out and countless experts were alarmed. This attack came out of nowhere. The commander tower hadn’t even given them any warning, but the sea devil was already charging toward land.

“Prepare the divine crossbows and the dragon cannons! Quickly!”

A shout came from the commander tower. This terrifying attack caught them off-guard, causing chaos.


That giant shark smashed into the ground in front of their defenses and then stopped moving.

Those panicking experts realized that there was a small flying boat on top of the shark. A few youngsters came walking off.

“Everyone, don’t panic. I’m sorry that my mount scared you, hahaha!”

Bai Xiaole walked off and waved toward those shocked experts. Although he said sorry, his expression was not at all apologetic.

This fellow was intentionally scaring them to draw everyone’s attention, and he had succeeded. Everyone’s attention was on him.

He dared to use a Deep Sea Devil Shark as a mount? People looked from the Deep Sea Devil Shark that was already dead to the flying boat bound to its fin. They suddenly had a crazy thought. Had these people used the Deep Sea Devil Shark to cross the devil sea?

However, these people were merely in the Four Peak realm! Furthermore, they were very young. They couldn’t believe it.

“Who are you?” shouted a late stage Divine Lord from on top of the defenses. He was clearly suspicious about these unknown people.

The defensive wall had giant crossbows and divine cannons pointed at them. Bai Shishi casually put away the flying boat.

“Who are you?! Hurry up and reply, or we won’t be courteous!” shouted the Divine Lord again, angry at being ignored.

Suddenly, Long Chen and the others vanished. The experts on the wall cried out in shock. After that, space twisted, and Long Chen and the others appeared in front of the Divine Lord. This elder’s expression completely changed, and just as he reached out to grab his weapon, a saber was already pressed up against his neck.

“Don’t be nervous. We’re just passing by. Conveniently, we can ask you for directions.” It was Qin Feng’s saber pressed against the elder’s neck. Long Chen then indicated for him to put away his saber and turned to the elder.

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