Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3636

Chapter 3636

“Boss Long Chen, you can’t leave!”

“That’s right, dean Long Chen, you can’t just leave!”

When Long Chen announced that he was leaving, the crowd exploded in an uproar. Countless people were unwilling to part just like this.

“You led us to victory. You are the king of the Alldevil Star-Field. We can only be united when you are here. If you leave, no one else can unite the people! We’ll once more fall into chaos. Are you willing to watch as the human race fights and kills each other again?!”

“Dean Long Chen, the Alldevil Star-Field is like a pack of dragons with no leader. Our seniors have all died. We need you!”

It was the elders who saw further than the youngsters and considered more. Even though the human race had won, if Long Chen left, wouldn’t the various large powers go down the same old path that they had been on?

They might continue fighting for resources against each other both openly and secretly, driving each other to the point of death. Hence, they were all afraid of returning to their old ways. This lesson had been too painful, so painful that they couldn’t breathe.

“Dean Long Chen, I’m begging you. Please stay. We will eternally listen to you as a god.”

Suddenly, countless experts knelt on the ground toward Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart was a bit moved. Seeing all their pleading expressions, his eyes reddened slightly. He was just a man. Those sincere gazes made him feel like all of this had been worth it. They didn’t let his efforts down.

“Boss Long Chen, stay. The Alldevil Star-Field cannot exist without you.” Even Leng Hui was pleading for him to stay.

Long Chen sighed. “I have to leave. Don’t make things harder on me. You won’t manage to change my decision and will only make me feel guilty. Everyone, rise. I have some words for everyone.”

People knew that Long Chen always kept his word. Since the decision was made, they could not change his mind anymore. So, they sadly rose, not wanting to make things harder on Long Chen.

Seeing everyone rise, Long Chen nodded. “I greatly appreciate your trust and support. I’m gratified that you can understand and accept me. In truth, I am no hero or some savior. I just know what I have to do, and what I have on my shoulders. I’m nothing more than an ordinary person. Everyone is just an ordinary person. If you say that I am a hero, then in truth, every single one of you here is a hero. You were all willing to set foot on the battlefield. Even knowing that you would die, you continued bravely. Heroes are nothing more than sparks. What you need to do is pass down this spark generation after generation. My ancestors passed the spark to me, and I am now passing this spark to you. There is no need to fear. The human race’s will is inextinguishable, and we never lacked heroes. When tribulation comes, heroes will always appear. Tribulations are what reveal the truth about people, both good and bad. Contemptible people will be fully revealed, and heroes will distinguish themselves. What we need are sharp eyes that can differentiate between good and bad people.

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“I myself am an extremist who executes the bad people and will also sometimes execute some so-called good people who are blind to the truth and are brainwashed by others into causing trouble. The process isn’t important to me; it is the result that is important. That is why I killed those people inciting rumors and pushing them on. I also knew that there are some pitiful wretches who were manipulated by others into joining them. Even though they were hateful, they didn’t necessarily deserve death. But the heavens did not give me time to bother with that. If time and energy were wasted on them, they would have caused the death of the entire human race here. You also saw just how narrow our victory was this time. We had to pay such an immense price. Every delay could have caused the deaths of countless innocent people.”

“Dean Long Chen, it was our foolishness! You were right, we shouldn’t have doubted you…!” People cried out as they wept with shame. Countless people lowered their heads. Quite a few of them had felt that Long Chen’s actions were wrong. They had also suspected that Long Chen had ulterior motives and wanted to take control of the Alldevil Star-Field’s resources.

Now that Long Chen said that he was leaving, they all felt indescribably ashamed. They had looked at a noble person through the eyes of a petty person. For them to have thought of such a thing about a hero like Long Chen was practically a blasphemy.

What made them feel worse was that they thought that the reason Long Chen was leaving was due to their doubt. They had hurt him, and that only made them feel more ashamed.

Long Chen waved his hand. “I’m not saying this to prove just how wise my decision was. I am trying to tell you that some things might look right but not actually be right. Some things might look wrong but not actually be wrong. Whether a decision is right or wrong can only be seen with time. At this moment, it appears as if my decision was correct. But after a few thousand years, or tens of thousands of years, who can guarantee that my decision will still be right? Thus, many times, it is not right and wrong that is important. What is important is knowing respect and gratitude. Do not be consumed by greed. Act according to your original heart. Even if you are wrong, who can say that for sure? Dean Xue Yifan spent tens of thousands of years making plans. His greatest desire was for the human race to survive this battle and have the spark of heroes be inherited by the next generation.

“Make future generations want to become heroes, make them trust heroes, make them follow heroes. Make sure that the tragedies of history do not repeat themselves. The Alldevil Star-Field now has two bright sparks. One is the will transmitted by the seniors who sacrificed themselves. Their will is something that will never age or die. The other spark is the Starry River of the Sky Art. I hope that it becomes a bright lantern guiding your way. With it, people’s hearts will hold righteousness. Let it be passed down for thousands and thousands of years. Although I’m leaving, I trust that these sparks will allow the Alldevil Star-Field to continuously grow stronger and stronger. I saw the figures of countless heroes in this battle. I know that you saplings will quickly grow into towering trees that shield the human race from the storms.”

Long Chen’s gaze swept through the crowd. Their ardent gazes gratified him. Battle was terrifying, but it washed away the sand, leaving behind only the gold. Perhaps after this battle, the Alldevil Star-Field could enter a long period of peace.

“Boss Long Chen, we definitely won’t disappoint you!” Leng Hui, Tu Hu, and the other starry river warriors cried out with tears on their faces.

Long Chen nodded. He then patted everyone’s shoulder along with Guo Ran before waving goodbye. When they left on a flying boat, everyone watched as it vanished into the distance. After that, countless experts kowtowed deeply in that direction.

Everything that they had was bestowed upon them by Long Chen. This battle taught them the value of life, as well as respect and gratitude.

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