Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3639

Chapter 3639

The Heavenly Talisman Star-Field was part of the hundred domains and thousand prefectures. It was different from the Alldevil Star-Field. The Alldevil Star-Field was not included within those numbers, as this place was still an uncivilized territory during that ancient desolate battle. As for the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, it was one of the hundred domains that survived that battle. It had a long history and a thick foundation.

The most famous part about this place was the number of Talisman Masters. Almost half of the cultivators in the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field were practitioners of runic arts.

Just like alchemists, Talisman Masters burnt up money in their profession. They relied on this skill to survive. Once they managed to master this skill, they could profit for a lifetime.

Although Forging Masters could also sell the equipment that they made, making it a lucrative profession, when it came to their costs and profits, there was no way to compare the two.

As long as an alchemist or a Talisman Master was skilled, they truly would profit immensely. It was because their initial costs were low, while their profits were huge.

The Heavenly Talisman Star-Field was named after Heavenly Talisman Masters. It was said that in that ancient battle, the flames of war raged throughout the nine heavens and ten lands. Back then, the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field’s Heavenly Talisman Masters fought to the death to protect this place.

It had to be known that after that battle, most of the human race’s inheritances were lost. They lost 99.9% of them. The Heavenly Talisman Star-Field had only been preserved thanks to the blood of the Heavenly Talisman Masters.

Thus, in the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, the majority of people knew simple inscription arts and how to manufacture talismans. This was the birthplace of talisman seals. If they didn’t know at least a little, they would be laughed at.

However, not everyone could learn true talisman arts. This study required innate talent.

Learning talisman arts required exceptional soul energy. It was a kind of power between Spiritual Strength and mental energy.

In the outside world, this power was never developed. Other than for use in inscribing runes, it had almost no use.

It was only to Talisman Masters that this kind of power was of utmost importance. Cultivators of this art needed to fully separate soul energy from their Spiritual Strength and mental energy, cultivating it on its own.

Thus, Talisman Masters cared immensely about soul energy talent. If one’s soul energy was not pure or strong enough, they would have no affinity with talisman arts. It was essentially impossible to make up for it through just hard work.

Within the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, talisman cultivators were called different titles based on their level. Talisman Apprentices had just set foot on this path of cultivation. However, even though they were novices, they could not be underestimated. Just this one entry-level gate blocked off most people from this path. Talisman Apprentices were capable of concentrating their soul energy and cultivating it as an independent force. They were already capable of making comparatively simple talismans and items.

Just those simple talismans already possessed a certain amount of power. It was just that they were lacking compared to other talismans, and mostly were only used by some rather ordinary cultivators. But their lack of power also made them cheaper, so those ordinary cultivators could afford them.

The level above Talisman Apprentices was Talisman Masters. Now that they were called masters, they were different.

If a Talisman Apprentice was an existence so rare that one could only be found every ten thousand miles, then a Talisman Master was found only every hundred thousand miles.

A Talisman Apprentice’s soul energy needed to reach a seventy percent purity. In other words, their entire energy was seventy percent pure soul energy, with the remaining thirty percent being a mix of mental energy and Spiritual Strength.

On the other hand, a Talisman Master needed to reach a soul energy purity level of ninety percent, with the remaining ten percent being a perfect balance of Spiritual Strength and mental energy. Not one bit could be too much or too little. Otherwise, they would be incapable of completing certain talismans and would not pass the exams.

The talismans they made were the main commodities in the marketplace. Due to the higher quality, their talismans were more expensive. But as long as circumstances permitted, people would choose to buy their talismans.

Above them were Talisman Grandmasters, but their talismans were even more precious. A single Talisman Grandmaster might not be born even amongst a hundred thousand Talisman Masters.

Talisman Grandmasters were essentially the highest existences within the world of talismans. Their soul energy had to have reached an utmost peak of purity. There could no longer be the slightest speck of impurity. They had to have transcended their mental energy and Spiritual Strength so that their soul energy became the leading character.

Even in the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, Talisman Grandmasters were existences that people revered, existences that were followed by pomp and circumstance. Becoming a Talisman Grandmaster was far too difficult.

Talisman Grandmasters were capable of inscribing almost all runes known to man. They could inscribe them on weapons, formations, buildings, etc.

However, the runes they inscribed were not things that ordinary materials could endure. Other than the materials being exceptionally rare, the runes themselves were truly astonishing. Their price was just as crazy.

Above them were the Heavenly Talisman Masters. There were exams for Heavenly Talisman Masters back in the desolate era but none afterward.

The divine instruments required for this exam were destroyed in that ancient battle. Furthermore, the majority of the Heavenly Talisman Masters died in that battle, so many inheritances were lost.

Although some ancient tomes were preserved, due to the loss of a generation of masters, many of those talismans were incomprehensible to the current people. That was a huge loss to the human race.

Thus, the requirements for becoming a Heavenly Talisman Master were now different. In the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, if you wished to become a Heavenly Talisman Master, you had to complete two tests. One was to solve a talisman of the desolate era, while the other was to create an unprecedented talisman.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

That was as difficult as ascending the heavens for Talisman Grandmasters. It had to be known that those talismans that could be solved had long since been solved by their predecessors. The rest were all completely inexplicable.

As for creating an unprecedented talisman, that was just as difficult. You had to blaze an entirely new path. It was no different than creating your own cultivation technique.

Considering how difficult it was to become a Heavenly Talisman Master, within the entire Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, there was only a handful of living Heavenly Talisman Masters.

Furthermore, those figures were the overlords of this star-field. They were existences that caused the entire star-field to shake with a single step.

Within the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field, there was one place that was called a sacred land. That was the Spirit Rune Pavilion, the only sect whose inheritance had not been lost in that ancient battle.

The Spirit Rune Pavilion had produced hundreds of Heavenly Talisman Masters after the battle. They then proceeded to be the founders of the large sects in the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field.

However, in the recent era, the Spirit Rune Pavilion’s talents withered. It had been a long time since they last produced a Heavenly Talisman Master. In the current era, the whole Heavenly Talisman Star-Field had five Heavenly Talisman Masters, but none of them belonged to the Spirit Rune Pavilion.

Despite that, the Spirit Rune Pavilion was definitely the most famous existence in the Heavenly Talisman Star-Field. Countless talisman cultivators did everything they could just to enter that place.

When Long Chen and Guo Ran came out of the transportation formation, as soon as they sensed a different air, they were surrounded by countless people who eyed them like hungry wolves, causing them to jump.

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