Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4168: Specialized in Treating Arrogance

Chapter 4168 Specialized in Treating Arrogance

Long Chen was in the midst of grappling with guilt, so when someone hurled insults at him, his fury erupted instantly. On the other hand, Bai Shishi, who had just realized their presence, swiftly averted her gaze and wiped away the tear stains on her face.

Long Chen saw that the newcomers were an elder plus over ten disciples trailing behind him. Some of the male disciples were breath-taken by Bai Shishi’s appearance, so they cast jealous and disdainful gazes at Long Chen.

“This is the High Firmament Academy’s territory, and you are not welcome. Scram!” said Long Chen coldly.

“Who do you think you are to dare be presumptuous here?” sneered one of the disciples.

When that man spoke, Long Chen instantly recognized him to be the one to previously speak as well.

“You should keep your crap hole closed. I don’t like you. Keep spouting crap, and I’ll knock out your teeth,” said Long Chen impatiently.

“Brat, you’re courting death!”

That person was enraged. Seeing that Bai Shishi’s dress bore the specific emblem of the High Firmament Academy on the sleeves and collar, he knew that she was a disciple of the High Firmament Academy.

In contrast, Long Chen was wearing black robes with no visible markings at all, so he assumed that Long Chen was clearly someone from some lowly power.

After all, any disciples that came from strong powers would clearly display their status. That would scare off more people and save them trouble.

Seeing Bai Shishi embracing some black-robed man, they thought that a disciple from the High Firmament Academy was colluding with someone from a foreign power, so they mocked them.

Perhaps they felt a bit of trepidation when it came to the High Firmament Academy. But some disciples with no status marker on them? Even if such disciples were slain, the faction behind them would not be able to blame anyone.

There was an unspoken rule. If you didn’t reveal your status, then if you were slain, the killer couldn’t be blamed for killing you. If you were trying to be deliberately mysterious and were slain because the other side didn’t know who you were or what faction you were from, you could only blame yourself.

Thus, people who didn’t expose their status were usually killed for nothing. No matter how powerful the faction behind them was, it was very difficult for them to punish the killer.

Long Chen’s robes had no marker at all, so they didn’t place him in their eyes. Furthermore, there were so many of them, and Long Chen was just one person.

“Don’t. You shouldn’t kill them,” advised Bai Shishi, pulling his hand.

However, Bai Shishi’s judgment was not good. This was a slap in the faces of these people.

“Don’t kill us?! I’ll kill you!”

The first speaker was enraged and suddenly appeared behind Long Chen like a specter. He was bizarrely fast.

Unexpectedly, a streak of golden light flashed, and that person’s arm was cut off by a golden sword. With a shriek, he retreated.


All those people who had come with him were shocked, including the innate Heaven Venerate. Even with his cultivation base, he didn’t see how Bai Shishi had just moved.

“Do you know who he is? He is the youngest dean in the High Firmament Academy’s history! Why don’t you tell me whether or not he is qualified to tell you to scram?” said Bai Shishi icily.

“He is Long Chen?”

They had heard of his name but hadn’t known what he looked like.

“The High Firmament Academy is quite arrogant! Is this how you treat guests?!” The innate Heaven Venerate finally spoke.

“Are you behaving like guests? You seem more like bandits, and it just so happens that my studies specialize in treating all kinds of arrogant people. If I tell you to scram, then scram. If you refuse to listen, then go ahead and attack me. It just so happens that I have a great deal of anger to vent,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to be polite to these people. He found that whether it was the human race or the demonic beast race, if he wanted to get respect, he needed to be tough.

The more courteous he was, the more people would climb all over him, thinking that he was afraid of them.

“Alright, is this the attitude of your High Firmament Academy? Are you sure you can represent the High Firmament Academy?” demanded the elder darkly.

“That’s right. His attitude represents the attitude of the High Firmament Academy.”

Just then, an elderly voice rang out, delighting Long Chen with just its presence. It was the true dean of the High Firmament Academy, Bai Letian.

“Hahaha, why spout nonsense about humility and etiquette? The current High Firmament Academy is no longer the old High Firmament Academy. Even your attitude has changed. The world’s number one academy? Hehe, you’ve completely declined. We’re leaving.” The elder sneered and waved his hand, leading his people away.

“But my arm!” The man whose arm was severed by Bai Shishi’s sword was unwilling to leave just like that. He glared at Bai Shishi hatefully.

“Having an arm cut off is better than having your life ended. If it was me, you’d be on the path to reincarnation now. Having escaped with your life, you still aren’t grateful. Are you a pig?” snorted Long Chen.

In truth, he had decided to kill them. If it weren’t for Bai Shishi attacking first, this idiot would already be dead and wouldn’t be able to prattle now.

In the end, that man was dragged away by his companions. However, his gaze was filled with rancor as he left. This grudge would be remembered.

After they left, Long Chen turned back to Bai Shishi and gave her a thumbs-up. “How amazing. That last strike of yours was incredible. Have you merged with your sword?”

Bai Shishi smiled and a rare crafty light appeared in her eyes.

“Were you also deceived?”

Long Chen nodded. “Yes. That sword on your back is a fake. You don’t even need to draw your sword to attack with it.”

Bai Shishi’s previous blow was so bizarre that even Long Chen didn’t see it clearly. It was only later that he figured it out. When Bai Shishi attacked, her sword appeared in her hand and then returned to her body after she finished.

Thus, Long Chen guessed that Bai Shishi had managed to merge with this sword. Otherwise, there was no way to do such a thing.

“This sword’s origins are shocking. I only managed to merge with it after returning from the three thousand worlds. And once I merged with it, I realized that it is very likely an Eternal divine weapon. I once used it to strike an Eternal divine weapon, and it wasn’t harmed in the slightest. I really have to thank you. This sword was the turning point of my life. Now, I have the confidence to get an outstanding ranking in the Sage King Convention.”

Bai Shishi’s face glowed with confidence, her eyes full of excitement. She truly was confident in herself.

“There’s no need for courteous words between us. Ah, that’s right, I have to greet the dean!” Long Chen clapped his forehead. He had actually forgotten about the dean.

When Long Chen and Bai Shishi walked into the High Firmament Academy’s camp, they found countless unfriendly gazes turning their way. No, it should be said turning toward him.

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