Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4587 I’m Beating Up the Nether Emperor

Chapter 4587 I’m Beating Up the Nether Emperor


Netherdragon Tianzhao roared and charged at Long Chen. Seeing this scene, Lei Linger blocked his way, only to be sent flying by his spear.

The sudden surge of Netherdragon Tianzhao’s power left her stunned. She found that she couldn’t inflict effective damage on him any longer.

“You are possessed by the Nether Emperor’s will? Well, so what? The person I’m gonna beat up is precisely the Nether Emperor.” Long Chen flipped the table, sending the refreshments and snacks flying at Netherdragon Tianzhao.

Regrettably, the astral winds surrounding Netherdragon Tianzhao had crushed the table before it could get close to him.

“Sorry.” Long Chen took out his saber once more. Against Netherdragon Tianzhao, he had no choice but to use the blood-colored saber again.


Long Chen swung his saber, and as expected, upon colliding with the dragon spear, it exploded, unable to bear Long Chen’s astral energy any longer.

However, it had accomplished its final mission, diverting the dragon spear and propelling Netherdragon Tianzhao past Long Chen. His twisted face nearly grazed Long Chen’s as he soared past.


Long Chen instinctively swung his hand, and with a resounding explosion, Netherdragon Tianzhao tumbled back. However, Long Chen’s hand was left bloodied from the impact.

“The Nether Emperor’s power?”

Long Chen’s hand throbbed with pain, yet in that instant, he had touched the essence of the Nether Emperor’s power.

The power was incomparable, exceeding all laws. It was an irresistible force, inducing a sense of despair in those who faced it. The Nether Emperor’s will had possessed Netherdragon Tianzhao, rendering him invulnerable.

“I refuse to believe it!” Triggered by the pain in his hand, Long Chen actually took the initiative to charge toward Netherdragon Tianzhao.

Netherdragon Tianzhao roared in response, swinging his spear through the air. However, due to their close proximity, Netherdragon Tianzhao's long spear couldn’t effectively strike Long Chen.

Long Chen swiftly swung his left hand, delivering another resounding slap to Netherdragon Tianzhao's face, causing him to stagger backward.

Given how powerful Long Chen was, he could even blow a mountain apart with his slap. However, Netherdragon Tianzhao seemed to be protected by some kind of power, as he only bore a bloody handprint on his face. Surprisingly, it was Long Chen's hand that suffered injury from the force of the slap.

With a furious roar, Netherdragon Tianzhao tried to counterattack.


Long Chen once more slapped him, interrupting his counterattack.

“Is the Nether Emperor so amazing?!”


“Wasn’t he still killed in the end?!”


“What’s so amazing about being his puppet?!”


“I’ll still slap you to death!”




Long Chen exhibited an astonishing level of ambidexterity as he delivered slaps to Netherdragon Tianzhao from every angle. Despite Netherdragon Tianzhao's attempts to evade or defend himself, he couldn't escape the inevitable fate of being slapped. He repeatedly roared with fury.

At this time, the huge disturbance drew countless experts to watch the spectacle. The first thing they saw when they arrived was Long Chen crazily slapping Netherdragon Tianzhao’s face.

Netherdragon Tianzhao was wielding his dragon spear, dodging left and right, but every slap solidly landed on his face. He looked like a son who had committed a grave sin and was solemnly receiving punishment from his father without retaliation.

“Heavens, what am I seeing?”

“Has this world gone crazy?”

Netherdragon Tianzhao had caused a huge storm in the dragon domain and had personally said that he would unify the entire dragon domain, becoming the dragon domain’s number one expert of this era.

In just a few days, he had defeated the peak geniuses of the various dragon races. Not a single one of them could withstand more than ten exchanges against him.

Netherdragon Tianzhao’s arrival in the dragon domain was rather strange. The amount of time he had been there was extremely short, but his power had shaken the entire dragon domain.

The top ten junior experts of the dragon domain had been undefeated for many years, but when Netherdragon Tianzhao appeared, the dragon experts felt that the ranking would change soon.

Unfortunately, all ten of them were in seclusion, so he had no chance to challenge them.

Yet, he did defeat the expert ranked thirteenth in the dragon domain. Despite unleashing all his power, that expert could only endure nine exchanges against Netherdragon Tianzhao. Furthermore, Netherdragon Tianzhao appeared completely at ease and seemed to be holding back, leading people to believe he would undoubtedly enter the top ten, perhaps even the top five.


Now, the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest of the Netherdragon race lay in ruins, causing a ripple effect that drew out numerous experts from the surrounding nests to investigate.

Seeing the person classified as the top ten of the dragon domain being slapped repeatedly in the face, they wondered whether they were hallucinating or something.

Long Chen’s bizarre movements were mesmerizing, showcasing his proficiency in close-range combat. On the other hand, Netherdragon Tianzhao’s power was primarily concentrated in his weapon. By fighting so closely, Long Chen rendered his weapon ineffective, turning it into a hindrance that weighed him down.

Long Chen was like glue stuck to Netherdragon Tianzhao. No matter what the latter did, Long Chen’s hand would accurately strike his face.

Despite having the protection of the Nether Emperor, every slap left him dazed and confused.

Long Chen's face-slaps inflicted no physical harm, but the damage they inflicted on the psyche was excruciatingly painful.

Netherdragon Tianzhao suddenly covered his head with both his arms. As a result, Long Chen stopped slapping his face. Instead, he grabbed Netherdragon Tianzhao’s hair and slammed his knee into Netherdragon Tianzhao’s nose.


The sound was clear. But toward the end, the following cracking sounds sent shivers down the experts’ spines, and even their own noses twitched. It was like they could feel the same pain as Netherdragon Tianzhao with every impact.

All the spectators were dumbfounded. Just what had happened to Netherdragon Tianzhao? Why did he seem like a cripple? Why was he not fighting back?

From what they saw, Long Chen’s movements lacked any technique to speak of, so it should be easy to throw him off. Hence, they didn’t know why Netherdragon Tianzhao wasn’t fighting back.

Actually, Netherdragon Tianzhao also wanted to retaliate, but he was helpless. He felt like he was in an unwakeable nightmare. At such a close range, he couldn’t retaliate against Long Chen.

He seethed with anger, but there was nothing he could do. Fortunately, these attacks couldn’t inflict real damage on him, so he wouldn’t die any time soon, at least not physically...

Now, he could only hope for his “smart” subordinates to rescue him. As long as they attacked Long Chen, he would grasp that chance to create some distance between them and attack Long Chen with all his power.

However, even after all this time, his dumb subordinates just stood there like lifeless statues.

Did their mothers drop them when they were babies? Why wouldn’t they take the initiative to help? After all, Netherdragon Tianzhao couldn’t just shout “Help me!” as that was the same as admitting defeat.

Finally, the stupid Netherdragon lizards snapped out of their stupor. They just realized that their “undefeatable battle god” wasn’t feigning weakness but was really helpless against the barrage of Long Chen’s divine-slaying slaps. Then, all of them charged forward together.

“Lightning Storm!”

Lei Linger had long since been prepared, and her technique crashed through them.

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