Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4731 Surrounding the Prey

Chapter 4731 Surrounding the Prey

Long Chen sent the divine emissary flying with a slap in the face, dumbfounding all the experts present. The next instant, the hall master of the Soul Assassination Hall shouted, “He’s not one of us! He’s a spy!”

When Long Chen attacked, he naturally used the power of his physical body, which naturally triggered his Blood Qi.

Evilmoon was helping him disguise his aura, but the hall master was still a Sage King. His depth of experience and keen perception far surpassed that of Qi Yufeng, Qian Feng, and the others. Even the slightest fluctuation in Blood Qi was sufficient for him to discern that Long Chen wasn’t from the Lifehunter race.

“Kill him!”

The Lifehunter experts present instantly vanished, and the plaza suddenly became a ghost town. The next moment, the surrounding space twisted, revealing sharp swords that rained toward Long Chen.

“Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor!” Long Chen roared, and his suppressed Blood Qi erupted like a volcano. Astral winds surged forth, ravaging the landscape and reducing countless buildings to rubble. Amidst the chaos, blood splattered across the sky.

Long Chen’s aura devastated numerous Lifehunter experts, tearing them apart before they could even react.

After all, assassins specialized in offense and bizarre movement arts, and their defense was always a fatal weakness for them. Once they were caught, they didn’t have the slightest ability to fight back.


Just then, a sharp sword pierced through the void, and a chilling feeling struck Long Chen’s chest. This was a special sword made by the Lifehunter race. If an ordinary disciple of the Lifehunter race used it, Long Chen could just ignore it. However, in the hands of a powerful Sage King, Long Chen believed that this sword could pierce his armor.

“You’ll be a good test subject.”

Long Chen reached back for Evilmoon’s hilt. With a furious roar, a tiny rune appeared on Evilmoon’s blade.


Evilmoon’s slash shattered the sword, and a colossal crescent fang shot forth, obliterating the hall master’s arm and half of his upper body.

Shocked, the hall master hastily retreated as Long Chen pointed his saber at him. “The sins of the disciple should be paid by the master. Your death will be a suitable apology.”

Another rune on Evilmoon lit up, and the saber rumbled ominously. Saber Qi then erupted from its tip, seemingly stretching limitlessly as it surged toward the hall master.

The hall master was falling back, but that saber-image tore through him. An explosive power within him caused his energy to go berserk, and he exploded.

This move of Evilmoon’s was extremely vicious. It directly detonated a person’s essence, qi, and spirit, making it look like a self-detonation.

The detonation of a Sage King devastated the entire plaza, wiping out countless Lifehunter experts out of existence before they could even understand what was happening.

Just then, Long Chen’s heart shook. With a shout, he spun around, slashing Evilmoon behind him.


An arrow that was like a three-meter javelin shattered upon impact, but its immense power sent Long Chen flying, his Blood Qi flipping inside of him.

“What is that?!”

Long Chen was shocked as that arrow was completely silent. If it weren’t for his sharp senses, he would have been struck and lost half his life.

Long Chen looked in the direction where it came from and saw a blur. It was the divine emissary he had slapped just before.

The moment he vanished into the void, Long Chen saw a giant crossbow in his hand. “The Lifehunter Divine Crossbow!”

Recalling the divine item mentioned earlier, Long Chen now grasped its true terror. At first, he hadn’t cared much about this thing, but now he understood just how terrifying it was.

Similar to Guo Ran's crossbow, but with arrows crafted from unique materials, its impact was staggering. To make such a heavy arrow silent took quite some skill. Thankfully, he had Evilmoon by his side; with any other weapon, he wouldn't stand a chance against such an arrow.

“Scatter! He is Long Chen!” The divine emissary’s flustered shout rang out.

The moment Long Chen hacked the Lifehunter Divine Arrow apart, Evilmoon’s disguise came off, exposing Long Chen’s true face. Seeing him, the divine emissary instantly gave the order to retreat.

In the midst of their scheming to eliminate Long Chen, he sat among them, silently listening to their plans. This time, the divine emissary was so enraged that he almost ended his own life. Could there be anything more vexing in this world?

“I told you to leave Long Chen to me. I could deal with him myself. Now, do you believe me?” asked Long Chen. He then extended his hand and crushed a formation disc.

When this formation disc was crushed, the surrounding space twisted, and heaven and earth looked like they were flipping. The laws of space were thrown into chaos by some mysterious power.

“There’s no way to do spatial transportation!”

Terrified cries rang out. These experts were trying to run but found that they couldn’t activate the transportation formations.

“Ignite your blood soul!” shouted the divine emissary. Seeing that there was no way to run, the only thing they could do was have a decisive fight against Long Chen.

It went without saying that the Lifehunter race was truly unafraid of death. Igniting their blood soul was equivalent to burning their own life, but they didn’t hesitate to do so. As they ignited their blood soul, their auras multiplied instantly, and tens of thousands of nine star Heavenly Doyens attacked Long Chen at the same time.

“A group of quasi Doyens dare to show off in front of me? Today, I’ll show you the power of Boss Long San!”

Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. However, just as he was about to make his move, one figure after another appeared. Guo Ran was the first to charge out.

“I swept through the four seas— Hey, can you wait for me to finish?!”

A sword swept through the air, shattering the void and forcing the divine emissary out of hiding.

“Boss, leave this one to me!”

Yue Zifeng pointed his sword at the divine emissary, preventing him from moving with his sword will that could cut the very heavens.

“I don’t mind.” Long Chen shrugged.

Yue Zifeng directly picked the strongest expert, and Long Chen naturally wouldn’t fight with him over it. Although that fellow’s Lifehunter Divine Crossbow was quite powerful, he wouldn’t even have a chance to show off its power in front of Yue Zifeng.

“Boss, the ones on the outside have been dealt with. How are things here?” asked Xia Chen in an excited shout. His eyes lit up.

“Destroy the treasury!” roared the divine emissary as soon as he heard Xia Chen.


Just then, a distant palace exploded, horrifying both Xia Chen and Guo Ra.

“You bastard, give us back our treasures!”

Before they could even wail, they saw the emergence of a multicolored boulder, and even Long Chen was startled by it.

“What is that?”

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