Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 5029 Lingfeng Possession

Chapter 5029 Lingfeng Possession

The golden light exploded, and a figure slammed into the barrier with immense force.


That figure then bounced off the barrier and rolled a few times before coming to a stop. When the spectators saw who it was, they cried out in shock. The wielder of the Lingfeng Sword, Ye Lingxiao, had another handprint on the other side of his face.

Everyone stared in disbelief at Long Chen. His golden scepter was gone, and he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, observing Ye Lingxiao with mocking indifference.

Turning to the four clan leaders, Long Chen asked, “What were you thinking? Sending these two pieces of trash to kill me? Were you hoping to use my hands to kill them?”

If before the spectators had struggled to see what happened clearly, this time they witnessed it as if in slow motion. Long Chen had used the golden scepter to intercept the Lingfeng Sword, causing the scepter to explode upon impact. Remarkably, the explosion had managed to deflect the Lingfeng Sword's attack.

At the same time, Long Chen lightly swung his other hand, and they all saw it clearly. Yes, it was just the lightest swing, devoid of power, yet it still sent Ye Lingxiao flying.

The expressions of the four clan leaders changed, especially that of the Ye clan leader. He bellowed, “Stop playing games! Unleash your true power! This is not a joke but a deadly battlefield!”

Knowing Ye Lingxiao’s character, the Ye clan leader realized Ye Lingxiao didn’t just want to kill Long Chen; he sought to humiliate Long Chen before his death. Thus, he had withheld his full power.

Ye Lingxiao had intended to imitate Long Tianrui, using only a fraction of his power to beat his opponent and teach them what despair was. Regrettably, he had picked the wrong target. Long Chen’s two slaps in the face told Ye Lingxiao that he had thought too highly of himself. Reality was harsh. This was Ye Lingxiao’s first time being slapped in the face.

At this time, Zhao Qingtian didn’t forget to count for him. “That’s the second move.”


No one knew whether it was the Ye clan leader’s reminder or Zhao Qingtian’s counting that triggered it, but suddenly, Ye Lingxiao’s killing intent exploded. His Heavenly Fate Disk then materialized, its countless runes swirling as Doyen power erupted like a volcano.

Ye Lingxiao bellowed in fury, his aura escalating uncontrollably as his qi surged through the martial stage. Even through a hundred barriers, the spectators could sense his thrumming power. Ye Lingxiao was consumed by rage, never having suffered such humiliation. He could only think about crushing Long Chen to bits.

“Doyen Deathblow!” Ye Lingxiao became one with his sword, shooting toward Long Chen like a violet bolt of lightning.

“Is that all?” Long Chen snorted. With a lightning blade in his grasp, he swung it down without flashy movements.


Long Chen’s lightning sword exploded, but Ye Lingxiao was sent flying once more. He crashed into the barrier, bounced off, and rolled several times before getting back on his feet. His expression shifted from astonishment to rage once again.

Three times Ye Lingxiao had attacked, and three times he had been sent flying. Each time, the angle and landing were nearly identical. The stunned expressions of the crowd stayed the same as well. Their jaws dropped, and they were unable to say anything.

They had witnessed countless battles among powerful experts, but never anything quite like this. They couldn’t deny the spectacle of Ye Lingxiao’s overwhelming aura, which seemed to challenge the very heavens.

Yet, they couldn’t call it marvelous either. What was there to marvel at? The only difference between the first two moves and the third was that Long Chen had refrained from physically slapping Ye Lingxiao.

After sending Ye Lingxiao flying, Long Chen looked at the lightning rune in his hand and smiled slightly.

Lei Linger had grown to an immense level. Her lightning swords now rivaled Heaven Saint divine weapons, enabling her to hold her own against formidable opponents.

Meanwhile, Ye Lingxiao’s aura continued to escalate wildly, seemingly boundless. His intense qi waves shook the barriers of the martial stage.

“Heavens, how can his Heavenly Fate Disk be so powerful?! It’s been so long, but he hasn’t reached his peak state yet?!” several Heavenly Chosens exclaimed in astonishment.

Normally, it took a Heavenly Chosen a breath to fully summon and reach the peak state of their Heavenly Fate Disk. However, some exceptionally talented individuals had disks that contained vast energy and required more time to awaken fully.

Even among these exceptional talents, it typically took only three breaths to reach full power. Yet, Ye Lingxiao’s Heavenly Fate Disk had expanded to ten times the size of a normal Heavenly Chosen’s and was still growing.

As his Heavenly Fate Disk quivered, it tore the void apart, forming ripples that spread in every direction. Spatial runes continuously exploded in a horrifying cycle.

Without warning, Ye Lingxiao launched another attack. While the technique seemed familiar, his aura had intensified several times over.

“Are you planning to keep doing the same thing? What a stubborn donkey!” Long Chen sneered, extending his hand once more. A snow-white ice sword materialized in his grasp.


With another explosive sound, ice and snow scattered through the air, spreading across every corner of the martial stage as Ye Lingxiao was yet again sent flying.

However, this time, he managed to halt his descent halfway down the stage, digging his feet into the ground to prevent crashing into the barrier. He seemed less battered than before.

Unexpectedly, the fragments of ice that landed on the ground transformed into fiery sparks that burned brightly. Some even landed on the barriers, creating small holes.

Fortunately, with a hundred barriers in place, the flames only managed to burn through three before losing their energy and slowly extinguishing.

This scene left many spectators in shock, including Long Tianrui, who was visibly impressed.

“The Ice Soul Divine Flame.”

An ice-type flame capable of burning through such a powerful barrier could only be the Ice Soul Divine Flame from the Heavenly Flame Rankings.

“This bastard can control it?!”

On the martial stage, Ye Lingxiao and Zhao Qingtian looked on with envy and apprehension. This flame was terrifying, and even they had to tread carefully in its presence.

At this moment, Ye Lingxiao’s expression grew cold and composed. His aura continued to surge as if boundless.

Staring at Long Chen coldly, he declared, “This is a technique I prepared for Long Tianrui. You can die happy to meet your end by this move.”

Ye Lingxiao extended his hand, running the Lingfeng Sword across his palm. Blood then flowed freely, coating the blade as he gripped it tightly.

“Lingfeng Possession!”

Suddenly, a pair of eyes manifested within Ye Lingxiao’s Heavenly Fate Disk, and his aura underwent a transformation.

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