Nine Sun God King

Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130

Dragon Race elders saw with their own eyes how miserably their fighter has been killed. Although they are furious, they can not show it. Because everything was done according to the rules they set up. Also, their dragon fighters have already killed many people, there are even teachers among them. Now, only one of their dragon fighters have died, it is also very normal.

“Quickly hand over the Immortal Jade Paste!” You Yongdai said with sneer.

There are many spectators watching. Many people staked their lives and fought against the dragon fighters for Immortal Jade Paste. Now that a dragon fighter has lost, if Dragon Race don’t take out Immortal Jade Paste, everyone will be furious.

“Take it!” a Dragon Race elder took out a very big Immortal Jade Paste and threw it towards You Yongdai.

After the barrier around battle stage closed, Xie Wufeng flew down. You Yongdai handed over the Immortal Jade Paste to Xie Wufeng and said with smile : “Wufeng, your performance was excellent. Continue this performance forward.”

Long Feizhen said in cold voice : “Each person can only fight one time! Xie Wufeng already fought, he can’t fight again!”

Dragon Race are afraid that Xie Wufeng would kill more of their fighters so they suddenly changed the rule. All the spectators are secretly laughing at Dragon Race’s cowardice, it is truly laughable that they are restricting strong people because they are afraid of losing their people.

Xiao Yuemei looked at Qin Yun and said in low voice : “Brother, I also want to fight but I have no star coin!”

“Yuemei, can you truly defeat those dragon fighters?” Qin Yun asked anxiously.

“If those dragon fighters are more or less as strong as that baldie, then there is no problem!” Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

“Alright, I will give you the star coins. If you can not win, just concede, don’t try to show off!” Qin Yun said.

Actually, Qin Yun also knows that Xiao Yuemei’s strength is unfathomable. Since she has countless martial spirits recorded in her mirror, she can use the powers of many martial spirit at the same time, even fuse together powers of many martial spirits and use them. On top of that, she has the memory of her past life. She was a powerful Immortal in her past life, she has unimaginable battle experience and has mastered many powerful martial arts.

There are many dragon fighters left, the one who got on the stage this time seems to be even stronger and fiercer. He looks like a complete fiend. His whole body is filled with black hairs. His arms are also covered in dragon scales but there are still black messy hairs among all the scales. This time, nobody went up to challenge because they have seen many people killed by those dragon fighters.

Xiao Yuemei has changed her appearance into an average looking young girl with long braids. She is wearing plain white clothes. She went over and registered herself for a fight. Spectators let out cries in alarm seeing that a young girl just signed up.

“There has not been any female until now among those who fought against the dragon fighters!”

“This girl is not from Great Ancient College, I don’t where she is from but she has great courage!”

“She is not good looking so it doesn’t matter if she dies!”

Many people began commenting one after another. There are many who are curious about Xiao Yuemei’s identity because taking out 5 billion star coins casually is not normal. Many people think that she is foolish and deserve to die, they feel no pity for her. Xie Wufeng and You family people originally wanted to go back but after seeing a young girl go up to fight, they decided to stay back. They also want to see the capability of the new dragon fighter.

Long Feizhen loudly laughed and said : “This girl will die miserably! Just as well, Long Yanwu has not killed anyone for several days.. ha ha ha…”

Xiao Yuemei got on to the stage and the barrier opened. She is very calm and not scared at all. Qin Yun is very curious as to how she will defeat Long Yanwu.

A Dragon Race elder blew a dragon horn to signal the start of the fight. Everyone began watching seriously. There are some people who can’t bear to watch a young girl die. Until now, only Xie Wufeng has won, all other challengers have died miserably, so everyone thinks that Xiao Yuemei will also die.

“Little girl, I will let you attack first! I promise not to pinch you to death! Ha ha ha…” Long Yanwu burst into laughter as he spoke. He underestimated his opponent too much.

Xiao Yuemei calmly smiled : “You are unable to kill me!”

While she spoke, red colored cold air suddenly appeared in the stage. Long Yanwu has been enveloped by the cold air within a few breath of time. He tried to struggle but his whole body became encased within red colored ice, he has become a red ice statue.

Qin Yun is startled because Xiao Yuemei’s red ice has very familiar aura. After looking carefully, he saw countless tiny runes inside the red ice! It is Ye Yaoxue’s Heavenly Rune Martial Spirit! Xiao Yuemei recorded Ye Yaoxue’s Heavenly Rune Martial Spirit inside her mirror. Even she doesn’t know how many other martial spirits are inside her mirror. Since Ye Yaoxue’s Heavenly Rune Martial Spirit can fuse all kind of power, it means that Xiao Yuemei can now fuse the power of all kind of martial spirit that are inside her mirror and use them as she pleases! Qin Yun is completely dumbstruck thinking about the situation.

“Long Yanwu, stop joking around! Quickly kill that girl!” Long Feizhen yelled in cold voice.

Many spectators began commenting and mocking. Some said, the dragon fighter is just enjoying the red colored ice. Some said that Xiao Yuemei is stupid, her red ice is useless and so on.

Long Feizhen laughed and said again : “Long Yanwu, quickly kill that girl!”

But Long Yanwu did not move. Other Dragon Race people are also thinking that Long Yanwu is just joking around. However, Xiao Yuemei lightly smiled, rushed forward and punched that red ice statue.


The red ice shattered into many pieces. People who were sure that Xiao Yuemei would die, as well as the dragon race people, are now completely dumbstruck because the shattering of the ice statue means death of Long Yanwu. Even Qin Yun is extremely shocked, he did not expect Xiao Yuemei to be so powerful. Xie Wufeng and You Yongdai looked at each other in shock. Everyone thought that Long Yanwu was stronger than the bald fighter but now he died so foolishly, without being able to attack even once. All the spectators cried out in amazement.

You Yongdai burst into laughter and said : “Dragon Race, why aren’t you quickly opening the barrier?”

Dragon Race elders now feel that today is an unlucky day for them, they have lost two dragon fighters. After the barrier closed down, a Dragon Race elder furiously threw a big Immortal Jade Paste towards Xiao Yuemei. Xiao Yuemei also happily caught it while grinning. She has two Immortal Jade Paste now and she is going to give them to Qin Yun. Qin Yun already told her that Immortal Jade Paste can be used in refining pills that can let Half Immortals increase their cultivation very quickly.

“Brother, relax and go fight! They are not as strong as the rumors say. You are already 1st tribulation Half Immortal, enough to massacre them all!” Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

Dragon Race can only send another dragon fighter, they don’t believe that there are any more people who can kill dragon fighters. The 3rd dragon fighter looks rather normal, his body and appearance is also quite average. The only odd aspect is his four eyes, two on his forehead and two on his chin! From his aura, it can be deduced that he is 1st tribulation Half Immortal.

“Four eyed dragon?” Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

“Alright, I am going this time!” Qin Yun flew towards the battle stage.

There are not many people in Great Ancient College who know Qin Yun, on top of that, Xiao Yuemei turned him into a fatty. There is no way anyone would associate him with the handsome martial god Qin Yun. After paying the registration fee, Qin Yun got on the stage. Qin Yun feels that paying 5 billion to obtain a big Immortal Jade Paste is completely worth it.

“A Si(Four), don’t be like Yanwu. As soon as the battle begins, use your strongest power and fastest speed to kill this fatty!” Long Feizhen yelled. He is in charge of training these dragon fighters and now two of them have died.

“I understand! I will surely kill this fatty in a manner that it will look like firework!” the four eyed dragon fighter said with evil grin.

“Firework? That is a very beautiful thing! If a dragon like is bound to fireworks when it blows, it will look even more beautiful!” Qin Yun said with smile.

“Idiotic arrogant human!” four eyed dragon furiously said.

“Two dragon fighters have already died miserably in the hands of idiotic arrogant humans! Ha ha ha…” Qin Yun ridiculed in loud voice

“You are dead!” Qin Yun infuriated the four eyed dragon very quickly, causing his eyes to emit electric threads.

Dragon Race elder quickly opened the barrier and hastily started the battle so that four eyed dragon can quickly kill Qin Yun.

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