Nine Sun God King

Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142

The aged voice said with laugh : “I am also a God! Moreover, I am far more powerful than that Evil God! You two become my God Slaves and I will certainly give you great benefits!”

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei glanced at each other, they realized that this old speaker is not a good person.

“Senior, we are not Evil God’s God Slaves, we are his cooperative partners!” Qin Yun explained.

“Ha ha ha…” the aged voice burst into laughter : “You are his partners? Then you speak condition when he wants you to do something for him?”

“Indeed!” Qin Yun replied.

“You are truly stupid! Why would he give you the best rewards if you are not his God Slaves?” the aged voice burst into laughter again : “You should obediently become my God Slaves, I will give you ample rewards!”

Xiao Yuemei asked : “What kind of God are you? We know nothing about you!”

“Little girl, I have the same capability as a God! Even though I am not on the Divine Desolate God Ranking, I am far more powerful than that Evil God! And I want powerful and subservient God Slaves. You two submit your lives to me and I will let you dominate the whole Ancient Domain!” the aged voice is filled with dominance.

“Dominating Ancient Domain? Not interested, I want to go to the Immortal Desolate!” Qin Yun said.

“Why do you want to go to the Immortal Desolate? If you stay at Ancient Domain, you will possess formidable power and live forever! You will dominate the Ancient Domain forever!” the aged voice said with sneer : “You are truly too stupid!”

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei already knows that many Gods don’t let their God Slaves ascend to higher worlds, it is the same for Immortal Great Emperor and Devil Immortal Great Emperor. So they are not at all surprised by what this aged voice said.

Qin Yun said with smile : “Senior, I don’t want to stay a 6th tribulation Half Immortal all my life!”

The aged voice burst into laughter and said in a voice filled with mockery : “Brats, do you think that everything will be smooth after you cross the 7th tribulation and become Immortals? Truly naive! You won’t even know how you died if you go to Immortal Desolate! It is best to just stay here and be a peak existence forever! So stupid!”

Xiao Yuemei became very angry. After returning to Immortal Desolate, she will be able to enter the Guang Han Palace to cultivate and she won’t have to worry about anything.

“Immortal Desolate will also be destroyed sooner or later, what will you do then? Won’t you just have to roam around in the starry sky? Just stay here, become my God Slaves and kill some people as sacrificial offering to me. I will let you become very strong and possess very formidable power, I will let you live forever!” the aged voice domineeringly said again.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei became even more reluctant after hearing the demand of sacrifice. They are now completely sure that whoever this person is, it is very evil.

“Senior, forget it!” Qin Yun walked over and grabbed the large golden Devil Horn and stored it.

“Forget it? You are not willing?” the aged voice became very cold.

“Of course we aren’t willing! Who wants to be your God Slave? We will go to Immortal Desolate, then Holy Desolate and then Divine Desolate!” Xiao Yuemei coldly groaned and said.

“Ha ha ha ha.. you two idiots, do you even know what kind of opportunity you just lost?” the aged voice sinisterly laughed : “So what if you don’t agree? You can’t do anything about it… ha ha ha…”

Qin Yun suddenly felt intense headache and grabbed his head with both of his hands.

“Brother, what is going on?” Xiao Yuemei very anxiously rushed towards Qin Yun but a strange power blocked her and kept her away from him.

“Ha ha ha.. brat, you are mine, I will completely control you!” the aged voice laughed sinisterly.

“Old bastard, let go of my brother!” Xiao Yuemei cursed loudly.

“You two idiots, do you know who I am?” that aged voice said with sneer : “Aren’t you curious why the holy lake can increase people’s comprehension?”

Qin Yun’s body is unceasingly trembling now. He feels like his soul is about to be devoured.

“I will tell you! I am Heavenly Dao Divine Rune! After I comprehended Heavenly Dao, I turned into Divine Rune. Then I opened this space, I am only lacking power of sacrificial offering to refine my Divine Body. Ha ha ha..” the aged voice burst into laughter.

Qin Yun suddenly burst into laughter : “So you are actually the spirit of a Divine Rune? I am an Inscription Soul Refiner Master. You should obediently become my slave, it will be good for you!”

“Arrogant brat! Just wait for me to subdue you, I will show you my Divine Might!” Heavenly Dao Divine Rune sneered.

However, Qin Yun is not at all scared now. In fact the pain he has been feeling has been alleviated a lot. The Nether Sun Spirit in the 4th pearl of Nine Sun Divine Soul is now releasing a very strange power which is being unceasingly absorbed by Qin Yun’s Nether Sun under Ling Yuner’s control. The power that was trying to devour Qin Yun, is now being devoured itself. Heavenly Dao Divine Rune was constantly mocking and insulting Qin Yun but now he has stopped because he can sense that Qin Yun has started devouring him!

“Although you have the Nether Sun, you are unable to devour me with your current strength! A delusional idiot!” Heavenly Dao Divine Rune kept it’s calm and ridiculed Qin Yun again.

“You are the only idiot here!” Qin Yun said with sneer.

At this time, Qin Yun’s Nether Sun released it’s strongest Devouring Power. Xiao Yuemei also calmed down seeing Qin Yun counter attack.

Ling Yuner yelled : “Xiao Yun, power released by Nether Sun Spirit is supporting us. With this we can surely capture that Heavenly Dao Divine Rune!”

“Little bastard, why do you have this kind of odd power? What kind of power is this?” Heavenly Dao Divine Rune screamed in panic.

“This is the power of me, your master! Ha ha ha … old bastard, get over here!” Qin Yun burst into laughter.

Hu hu hu…

In this white space, suddenly many golden veined patterns appeared. These veined patterns are like countless cobwebs rushed over from all around and condensed together. Layer upon layers of golden runes rushed over and covered Qin Yun’s body.

“Is this Heavenly Dao Divine Rune?” Qin Yun is endlessly amazed. He is already amazed by Heavenly Runes. And this Heavenly Dao Divine Rune is even more profound and complex. It is as if millions of rune diagrams have fused together to form it.

After being devoured, the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune is being stored inside the Nether Sun. The aged voice kept screaming, he really did not anticipate Qin Yun having this kind of strange power. More than an hour later, Qin Yun managed to absorb all the runes into his Nether Sun. Qin Yun feels very apprehensive because Heavenly Dao Divine Rune is complex to the extreme. The white space is still here and the Evil God Altar has also become stable and Qin Yun also took out the large golden Devil Horn.

“Qin Yun… what just happened?” Evil God’s voice suddenly appeared.

“This space suddenly became unstable and was about to collapse. Luckily I managed to stabilize it! Oh that’s right, can your altar become small and large at will?” Qin Yun concealed the matter of Heavenly Dao Divine Rune.

“This… it could not before but now it can. Maybe my altar has evolved on it’s own!” Evil God said with laugh : “This is what so awesome about me! When I instructed people to make this altar I made sure to design it so that it could run on it’s own and even evolve!”

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei finds this laughable because they know the real situation. Evil God’s silly boasting is like laughable jokes to them.

Qin Yun stored the altar and the Devil Horn. He said to Xiao Yuemei : “It seems like Heavenly Dao Divine Rune wanted to take control of the Evil God Altar!”

“That bastard was truly too powerful! Just the spirit of a rune and it possesses such formidable power!” Xiao Yuemei looked all around and said with sigh : “It even managed to construct this kind of space!”

“Since I have taken away the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune, this place will soon be destroyed! We should leave at once!” Qin Yun grabbed Xiao Yuemei’s hand and began running.

They left that space and began moving towards the surface of the lake. Soon enough, they arrived at the lake surface but discovered that they still can’t fly above the holy lake normally. It means that the special space is still releasing the strange power.

“The remnant power of Heavenly Dao Divine Rune is still present in that space, so the holy lake will still keep it’s function for a period of time!” Qin Yun said with sigh while flying.

Soon enough they arrived at the floating island and entered the Nine Condensation Pagoda. Xiao Yuemei immediately took out her small mirror and tried to copy the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune from Qin Yun’s Nether Sun.

“No response. This Heavenly Dao Divine Rune is so powerful, I can’t copy it!” Xiao Yuemei finds this situation very unfortunate.

“Even I won’t dare to randomly use the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune! That old guy’s consciousness is still there. I will have to use Nether Sun’s power to wear down his consciousness bit by bit and absorb his memory. After getting all of it, I will be able to comprehend the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune!” Qin Yun managed to capture the Heavenly Dao Divine Rune with extreme difficulty, there is no way he would randomly let it out.

“That is not a normal rune at all. It seems to be a naturally formed rune, it is very scary!” Xiao Yuemei still felt some lingering fear.

Qin Yun took out the Evil God Altar and those Dragon Spirits hunted down by Xu Xiaoba. He said with smile : “Let’s sacrifice some Dragon Spirits to Evil God! I wonder if it will be enough for him to break the seal!”

“If it is, we will soon get some Divine Power!” Xiao Yuemei has been yearning for Divine Power for quite a long time now.

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