Nine Sun God King

Chapter 937

Chapter 937

Hearing Qin Yun’s words, Ying Chengyu said with smile : “Wait for a while before going up. She already said that she would let you use equipment!”

Old Feitain said with smile : “Brother Yun, if you lose to her, I will pay up the high quality Regent Origin Stone in your place!”

Qin Yun shook his head and said : “I don’t want to use equipment to fight her, it will only waste my precious talismans. I am not thinking of a method to simplify the condition a bit to get those Regent Origin Stones!”

Old Feitain mischievously laughed and said : “Brother Yun, you are really someone who thinks very meticulously! When you fought old man Murong’s 6 grandchildren, we all thought you would use many talismans to win but you actually only used one!”

“One talisman was enough! I also had fun using that talisman!” Qin Yun laughed. The Pighead Dao Talisman he used have great deterrence. It can cause great mental disturbance to people.

After city master Murong’ son went up, he also started a very intense fight with Ye Yaoxue. This caused many people to exclaim in admiration.

“Old man Murong’s son is indeed very strong, he can fight against Ye Yaoxue for quite long.” old Feitain said : “Brother Yun, you should carefully look, don’t just keep eating… leave some for me!”

Qin Yun is eating and thinking, he is not at all looking at the battle stage. After a short while, a middle aged man’s voice, yelling to concede, can be heard. Although city master Murong’s son is very powerful, he was still defeated by Ye Yaoxue. Ye Yaoxue has been on the stage for quite long but it doesn’t look like she is exhausted at all.

“Aiii.. you are all too weak, isn’t there anyone a bit powerful? It is not me who is looking down on you, you are all truly very useless!” Ye Yaoxue sighed.

A woman of unmatched beauty, standing on battle stage and speaking so domineeringly but nobody dislikes it. Because not on she is very powerful, she is also a beauty. Murong Yuwei is also looking at Ye Yaoxue with look of admiration and envy. She feels that if she were also this powerful, she would not receive such humiliation earlier. Nobody dares to go up anymore, the battle stage became completely calm in a short while. Qin Yun suddenly got up on the stage. Seeing him go up, everyone immediately became excited.

“The Great Master will take action?”

“Great Master, bring along equipment and beat her down!”

“If you can defeat her, you can take her as your wife. Then you can have her serve you together with the mother and daughter!”

“Ha ha ha….”

A group of people started making obscene comments.

Ye Yaoxue said with smile : “Great Master, if you spend only one high quality Regent Origin Stone to challenge me, you will have the opportunity to take me as wife! Quickly come and give it a shot!”

Qin Yun faintly smiled : “Miss Ye, do you lack Regent Origin Stones too much?”

“I am truly lacking it! What a pity that I am not as awesome as Great Master, I could obtain many Regent Origin Stones as gift!” Ye Yaoxue said.

With Ye Yaoxue’s current cultivation, she needs Regent Origin Stones to increase her cultivation. Regent Origin Stones are rather precious, even Ye Yaoxue doesn’t get much of it as gift.

Qin Yun said with smile : “Then tell me, what’s the benefit of you being pretty? Nobody even bothers gifting a Regent Origin Stone to you!”

Ye Yaoxue somewhat angry and said : “Great Master, if you don’t want to come up to fight me, then don’t continue to make fun of me! It seems like you are truly a coward, you only dare to let out hot air and don’t dare to come up!”

Murong Yuwei yelled : “Fighting a woman with words, what is this? If you have guts, go fight her!”

Qin Yun suddenly took out two Regent Origin Stones flickering with golden light and said with smile : “Miss Ye, these are 2 King grade Regent Origin Stones!”

Everyone knows that Qin Yun gave one Regent Origin Stone to Yu Shutian before. And now he still have two more in his hands. Many people stood up one after another, they want to see how a King grade Regent Origin Stone looks like, since many people have never seen one. Ye Yaoxue’s beautiful eyes flickered with awe and excitement.

City master Murong muttered : “This brat has King grade Regent Origin Stones in his hands but he actually did not give them to me as gift! He gave me a lower quality one!”

“Great Master, you.. what are you trying to do?” Ye Yaoxue too a deep mouthful of breathe and said : “If you want to fight me, just one high quality Regent Origin Stone is enough.”

Qin Yun walked over with smile and said : “Relax, I won’t gift them to you!”

Ye Yaoxue said : “Then what are you trying to do?”

Qin Yun said : “I want to have a special competition with you! My cultivation is very low, if I want to defeat you, I will have to use equipment!”

“I allow you to use equipment! Even if you use Immortal tools, I won’t use any equipment!” Ye Yaoxue said. While she is talking, he eyes are glued on the two King grade Regent Origin Stones.

Qin Yun laughed : “No, I don’t want to use equipment to fight you! That will be a huge waste.. how about we compete this way, if I hit you within half a incense stick time, it will be your loss! Not only you will have to marry me, your 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones will also belong to me, how about it?”

Many people can’t help but admire Qin Yun’s scheme. This way, he would not have to use precious equipment. Moreover, everyone is clear about Qin Yun’s speed, maybe he can truly overtake Ye Yaoxue and hit her within half a incense stick worth of time.

Ye Yaoxue’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled, she thought over it and said : “If you can’t hit me within half a incense stick worth of time, then you give me the two King grade Regent Origin Stones, ok?”

Qin Yun nodded : “You should be more clear about the value of a King grade Regent Origin Stone!”

Ye Yaoxue said : “Indeed, I am very clear! But this is too risky, it would be better to do this, within one incense stick time, if you take one piece of my clothes away, it will be your win! At that time, not only I will be your woman, you will also obtain these 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones!”

A fun stripping game! Nobody expected Ye Yaoxue to propose such thing!

“This is not good! Everyone will call me a scum! I am a very upright person!” Qin Yun finished speaking and glanced at Murong Yuwei. Many people secretly looked at him with disdainful look.

Ye Yaoxue said with smile : “Rest assured, I have 3 layers of clothing, it won’t be a problem if you just take away one piece!”

This caused many people to be secretly disappointed since they wanted to take a good look at the goods!

Old Feitain yelled : “Brother Yun, don’t agree! This is basically impossible!”

Ying Chengyu also shouted : “Brother Yun, you will need to take away a whole piece to win, I feel that you would only be able to take away half a piece, it will be too hard!”

Kang Feiqing also lightly yelled : “Xiao Yun, the clothes on her body are rather complicated, if you want to take away a piece without damaging the whole, it won’t be easy!”

“Taking off a woman’s clothes is never easy!” Qin Yun said with smile.

“Great Master, you must have stripped naked many women! Your skill in this aspect must be very high! Quickly accept!” Murong Yuwei yelled.

“I really never took off any woman’s clothes!” Qin Yun said.

Ye Yaoxue faintly smiled : “Defeating me won’t be too difficult!”

Qin Yun is considering, he asked : “Can I used talismans?”

“You can not use talismans. You also can not hit me! You can only chase me and think of a way to take off my clothes! If you succeed, me and 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones will be yours! Maybe you will succeed if you fight?” Ye Yaoxue looked at Qin Yun, her spirited eyes flickered with charm and enticement.

Qin Yun said : “Alright, I agree!”

Ye Yaoxue said with smile : “That’s great, there is no need to open the barrier since we won’t be fighting!”

Qin Yun agreed, many people started shouting.

City master Murong said with smile : “Brother Yun has suffered great loss this time!”

A middle aged Half Immortal said : “Dad, don’t talk about Great Master who is only a Martial King, even me, who is a Half Immortal, will only be able to take half a piece of cloth!”

Murong Yuwei curled her lips and said : “This scum Great Master must have his head muddled by charm to accept this folly! Ye Yaoxue will surely win!”

City master Murong took out an incense stick and said with smile : “Let me be the judge!”

He ignited the incense stick and yelled : “Begin!”

As soon as it started, Qin Yun immediately used Passing Shadow Extinction Breath Step and disappeared without a step.

Ye Yaoxue is slightly startled. She promptly jumped into the air and said with light smile : “I can see you!”

She finished speaking and evaded. Qin Yun also pounced towards the sky. Ye Yaoxue is quicker than Qin Yun, everyone can understand it after looking for a while. Qin Yun is also very clear that even though his speed is fast, it is not as fast as Ye Yaoxue.

Ye Yaoxue is very proud of herself. She constantly evaded and mocked : “Great Master, be quicker! If you can not take a piece of my clothes, not only will you lose 2 King grade Regent Origin Stones, you will also lose these 20 high quality Regent Origin Stones and won’t be able to marry me!”

Qin Yun is not allowed to attack, otherwise he would use Super Gravity and Tree Totem’s power and might have been able to easily accomplish his goal. Now he can only constantly chase after Ye Yaoxue. Not only Ye Yaoxue is always evading, she is also always laughing, it is as if she playing with a child. Many people are very happy because the Great Master is finally going to suffer!

Murong Yuwei said with laugh : “Big sister Ye, you will surely win, there is only half an incense stick left!”

Murong Tianzhe said in low voice : “This Great Master’s speed is indeed very splendid, almost equal to mine. If he becomes Martial Emperor, maybe his strength will be equal to Ye Yaoxue!”

Murong Yuwei curled her lips and said : “How can that be? That guy just buries head into runes all day long, how can he be a match for big sister Ye?”

Old Feitain is watching and shaking his head : “Brother Yun miscalculated this time.”

Ying Chengyu said : “It’s no big deal, 2 King grade Regent Origin Stone is nothing to him. This brat is very rich!”

Gong Feiyan is very nervous as she said : “That Ye Yaoxue is always mocking A Yun, so hateful!”

Ye Yaoxue is now standing at the corner of the battle stage, looking at Qin Yun who is 10 meters away from her and said with light smile : “Great Master, you touched my clothes just now, you are really awesome!”

Her face is filled with proud smile. Since she will be getting 2 King grade Regent Origin Stones very soon, she is smiling very happily. Her smile is very beautiful and sweet.

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