No Game No Life

Vol 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Grandmaster/The King

Part 1

While crying, Kurami kept scolding out idiot and stupid. 'I will never admit it! I will absolutely

expose you all—!'

Even up till the end when Kurami left, she kept kicking up a fuss.

"Aiyah aiyah.........what is the meaning of a human evaluating another human eh........." After

Sora said these troubled words, the city was once again filled with applause.

—Very fastidious about this victory.

Without any doubts, this victory had clearly showed that mankind still had a sliver of chance.

With the hall completely bundled with the deafening cheers, an old official walked towards Sora,

holding onto a crown.

"Then, Sora-sama is it?" "Yup."

"So you will be the one to ascend to the throne as the new king of Elchea, right?"

"Can't do."

Hugging his little sister, he said while laughing.

"The two of us are 『 』 — so the king belongs to us." These were also the words he said during

the chess duel.

With those words, the audience started an even higher-pitched applause— for congratulating the

new king and queen.


"—It's a pity, but that can't be done." "—Eh?"

Hearing those words from the official, the cheers of the crowd halted. "Ah? Eh, why?"

"The Ten Oaths stated that they can only elect a 『 Sole representative』 . So two people cannot

a.s.sume the post." In the midst of the chattering hall, Sora and s.h.i.+ro exchange glances.

Entering into a deep thought with a perturbed expression, Sora scratched his head and furrowed

his brow............before saying.

"............Ah, that, so be it, I'll be the one to be the representative, will that work?" ".............Guu."

Gently releasing his little sister who was muttering, Sora faced the official.

"Then once again I'll announce—*cough cough*, from now, Sora-sama will be the 255th

generation king of Elchea— any objections please stand up, otherwise remain silent—"

—But, unable to maintain that silence, someone raised up a hand and interrupted the sentence.


A white-haired s.h.i.+ro.

With her pair of ruby red eyes barely visible underneath her bangs, it was the girl— who exactly

said that, "Eh? s.h.i.+ro?"

".......I have, an objection."

"Gu, that, little sister, what are you doing?"

"........If, Nii, becomes king........Nii will build, harem." "———————————Ah?"

Unable to believe what he had just heard, Sora could not help but ask, but s.h.i.+ro with an

expression as if she was going to cry out said out.

".........That way........s.h.i.+ro.........wouldn't be..........needed anymore."

Completely ignoring the stares from the stunned audience, Sora went into a state of

embarra.s.sment he had never experienced before.

"Wait! Just, wait a moment, how is that possible! Aren't the both of us a team! In the final

conclusion, I'm just a king by name, I don't want s.h.i.+ro to do this kind of—"

"........But, the King is......Nii.........s.h.i.+ro is accessory. If, if there can only be one

person..............the one to do it—"

Wiping away the tears, light was no longer reflected from her eyes. " be the King— is


The little sister who always felt weak, had clearly emitted an aura as if declaring for war.

Facing s.h.i.+ro who was intently staring at Sora, while announcing out her intentions— "—Ah?"

Getting stared at, Sora changed his expression.

"Hey hey hey........My sister. It really is new for you to crack a joke, has the sun finally risen up

from the west?" Although his frivolous actions and expression were the same as always.

There was definite hostility felt from his tone of voice.

"Let's see, a beautiful girl like you wanting to be the king of a collapsing country. You are just

too straightforward. You'll definitely get drawn in by someone's sweet words— so if you want to

be the King, your brother absolutely forbades you from doing so!"

Although Sora opposed his little sister with words that can't be more hurtful than that.

He worded it so that if interpreted correctly, it would be seen as though he was spoiling his little

sister, but his eyes were clearly not smiling.

".........No, won't, let Nii, become King— absolutely."

"—That's good. Nii also can't let you become the King, absolutely." It was like a debate

compet.i.tion, where no one backs down.

Both of their interests intertwined and collided.

Even cracking the cheat by the Elves, and achieving the t.i.tle of Imanity's strongest Duo. Their

eyes belonged to neither a pair of loving siblings, nor the Duo player called 『 』 .

But opponents of a long history, constantly depending on each other's vigor, with occasional

sparks flying out upon collision with their eyesight.

"Th-that.....If that's the case, I will please invite both of you to have one final battle, will this

settle it all?" Intervening between the two people probably took great courage.

Requiring confirmation, the official had to ask with an apologetic tone. "Ah, that's fine."

"........No, problem."

An instantaneous answer coming out from both sides.

In a situation where their eyesight remains in contact, they issued out their declaration of war.

"Little sister, I won't be lenient today oh. Today I will definitely make you regret that."

".........Nii, should.......prepare, s.h.i.+ro will, use her full strength."


—Just like that.

Three days went past in a blink of an eye.

Continuously around the clock and after countless games, the central hall was littered with

various items. The siblings were sprawled out on the floor.

"..........Ugh.....little bit can admit defeat already."

"........Nii, is the one......hurry up and, give up."

The conditions for victory was two wins in a row, with that, the countless number of games

commenced. And the outcome— It was currently at the 501th battle, with 158 wins, 158 losses

and 184 draws.

—What was unfortunate, was that not just this place, even when the siblings were in their 『

Original World』 .

『 』 which was regarded as an urban legend— n.o.body knew their compet.i.tion records.

But different from 『 』 , which is attained when both their names are combined.

It was the battles between these two people who loved games more than anything else in the

world. And their record would be—

3526744 battles, 1170080 wins, 1170080 losses, 1186584 draws—

........So far, it had always been a stalemate between those two, no winner, no loser.

Of course, everyone who weren't aware of this truth and were waiting for the coronation

ceremony to happen, had already gone home.

—Then gathered again, then went home again, a constant repet.i.tion, and with the pa.s.sing date,

the number of audience that came gradually reduced.

Those that worked tirelessly in the City fell asleep freely in the hall—and barely maintaining

their consciousness was Steph and the official who started to see hallucinations after being

awake for a long time.

The old official began to reveal strange smiles from time to time, before switching back to his

normal expression. While Steph kept mouthing out "Ah, b.u.t.terfly~", with an empty smile and

feebly trying to reach out for the emptiness.

—Then, what should the next game be.............Sora thought while in a state of haziness for this

problem. However, a certain uncertainty flashed through his mind and he stopped his action.

"—Fuu.............why must only one person hold the position of King?" ".....Eh?"

From this sentence, the Official and Steph snapped back into reality and responded. Blurting out

those words, Sora retrieved his phone from his pocket.

Double confirming the 【 Ten Oaths】 that he had recorded down, Sora continued.

"【 7】 of the 『 Ten Oaths』 , All matters for group conflicts will be decided by a


What it means here is, the group—which is also the country or inter-ethnic conflict should be

carried out by the decided representative.

—Even so.

As if trying to repeatedly mull over, Sora carefully pondered about this.

Slowly rereading out the sentence once more. He tried to confirm if what he thinks contradicts

with the sentence. Following that, he softly whispered.

"—It clearly did not state that it was only 『 One person』 right?" """"!!!!!""""

—Just like that.

The [Nightmarish three days] will forever be pa.s.sed down, and the bards who had been singing

during the duration of the fight had finally come to a stop.

However, because the song was too long. It wasn't kept and had to be discarded....

Part 2


".........Uhhh, is it really fine if you are dressed like this?"

"It's okay. Since ancient times, Kings that wore luxurious and gorgeous clothing are often seen as

concealing their inner superficiality, or for just self-gratification to be seen as a corpulent person.

A King is not just a national role model, but also a goal for the citizens to achieve— so in order

to gain love and respect from the people, you'll have to fight for it yourself."

"............Such sophism.........."

"Un, but ultimately, because I'm wearing this outfit, it calms me down a lot."

"Ah..........anyways, I understand. But regarding the publication for the news, this kind of detail

will be carefully spruced up."

Capital of Elchea— In front of the King city's public square.

It was a spectacular view after emerging out of the castle's balcony, with a public square broader

than the Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Currently, the square was being buried by a countless number of people. Tens of thousands—

tens of thousands of humans were gathered here.

But the more terrifying thing was, even the road that extended out of the public square was filled

with people. Just to listen to a speech from their new king.

Some expressed out the disappointment towards the foolish king of the previous generation.

Some expressed out happiness as an array of hope for the escape from the abyss of despair had

appeared. Some expressed out curiosity for the siblings who faced against Elven spies and

defeated magic.

With the whole of Imanity's attention focusing on the balcony of the castle— Two figures came

out from the castle.

A boy and a girl.

Wearing jeans and a T-s.h.i.+rt with [I ♥ humans] written on it. With dark circles underneath his

eyes, a black-haired youth. Having white glossing hair with snow colored skin.

With a pair of jewel-like ruby eyes, a girl wearing sailor uniform.

The crown on their heads clearly highlights that they were respectively the king and queen.

—Just only.

The youth had bended the tiara that was supposedly on the girl's head, and was wearing it on his

arm like an armband.

While the girl was wearing the crown meant for the youth on her bundled front hair—

The actions that they both did when changing could make anyone easily figure out what kind of

screams Steph might have issued out.

As for their overly casual kind of get-up.

In front of the momentarily stunned audience, the youth— which was Sora, began speaking.

"Ah—.....,un, un~ ugh, good morning everyone."

".........Nii, is being nervous. How rare."

"—Stop that. You know very well that we both have agoraphobia[21]. But it's weird, usually I

would be able to control it."

s.h.i.+ro avoided the gaze from the crowd, and gently held onto the hand of her brother.


She was silent, as if implying, "Then control it now".

It has always been the same from the past till now— even if it's in the future, it will still be the

same. "—Dearest citizens— no, every [Fellow human being] here!"

As if in reply to s.h.i.+ro's silence, Sora dispelled his tense expression and loudly exclaimed. With

his hands resting on the balcony that had voice amplifiers installed.

But the people could not help but think that there was no need for the voice amplifiers due to his

stern and loud voice that echoed everywhere.

"Our human kind..........being constrained by the 『 Ten oaths』 , forcing us to have continuous

failures due to the predicament of not having war, and what remains now is this last city, this last

country— and why is this happening?"

Hearing this question that was abruptly asked, the crowd went into uncertainty.

—Because of the missteps from the previous king— because we are unable to use magic. All

their hearts contained different answers, as they wait for Sora's next words.

"Was it because the previous king failed? Or was it because we are ranked 16th? Or was it

because we are unable to wield magic? Or was it because we are the most inferior race? Does

this equates to us feebly walking to the path of destruction!?— sorry but, all of them are wrong!"

With the strong resolution to deny it, everyone got startled.

Clenching his chest, Sora shouted with an even more resonant voice, letting his emotions out.

"Previously, when the Old Deus started a war, deities, magical beings—the elves, orcs and other

species that were also involved, we fought valiantly, and the result was that we survived! And in

the past, all the land in this continent was occupied by Imanity, so why?!"

Based on the history read in Steph's private stack room in the past few days. Sora inquired.

"Is it because our race are experts in using violence?! Or is it because we specialize in fighting!?"

One after another, the crowd started looking at each other.

"We are unlike the elves who can use a variety of magic, nor do we possess strong physical

ability like orcs, and we don't have longevity like the Heavenly Winged— but even so, did we

who dominate these lands have any special abilities meant for war— definitely not!!"

Yes, this is the fact that everyone understands. But it is also questionable at the same time.

—Then, why?

"The reason why we were able to fight and survive, was because we were [Weak]!"

"No matter the era or the world, the strong will always grind their teeth while the weak

experience wisdom! So why would we reach to such an— because from the agreement

of the 『 Ten Oaths』 , the strong no longer grind their teeth but experience the wisdom! No

other reasons!"

"Our strength to survive comes from our patent schemes, strategies, tactics, which are meant for

the weak! But now it lies in the hands of the strong! Our weapons forcefully taken away, and to

fight against the strong with the same weapons— caused this horrifying thing to happen!"

Being pointed out this situation that made people despair, the public square went into silence.

The people struck by the answer felt despair, and were shrouded in instability.

Surveying the crowd while sighing, Sora said.

"—Everyone, please don't lower your heads."

In contrast to his high vigor speech and the pa.s.sionate waving of his fists from before, Sora

suddenly spoke with a calm voice.

"I'll repeat it one more time, we are weak. Yes, both today—and in the past—" Sora reverted

back to his loud voice and shouted.

"—Yes.......It has never changed up till now!"

"If the strong imitate the weak by brandis.h.i.+ng our weapons, they won't be able to exert their

abilities! If you want to ask why, it's simply because the weaklings' weapons— were developed

from their weakness when we had reached a servile state!"

.........Sora added an answer just when everyone was feeling conflicted.

"Because of our weakness, we trained our eyes, ears and thinking, 『 Learning』 how to

survive, that's our trait as humans!"

.......After falling into h.e.l.l for years, hope could finally be seen.

"The human species can't use magic, even perceiving it is impossible— but because we are

weak, we have the wisdom to run away from magic, and also the intelligence to see through it!

We don't have any extraordinary senses. Simply because of being weak, from 『 Learning』 and

『 Experience』 , we gained the wisdom to achieve the unachievable, predicting the future!"

.......Only an optimist will sing optimistically.

.......Only a pessimist would speak about despair.

"I will reiterate for the third time! We are weak, and in no matter which world, we will always

savagely bite those complacent people who think that they are the strong— until the 『 Weak』

gain glory!"

........Because they were stuck in the depths of despair, there was not a ray of light in the

everlasting darkness. "My little sister and I will declare, that we are the 255th generation, the

king and queen of Elchea."

..........Only the people who ignite the fire of hope can guide the public.

"Once again, I declare, the two of us will survive with the method of the weak, fight with the

method of the weak, slaughter the strong with the method of the weak! Just like the past— it will

still be the same even in the present and the future!"

..........So that no one would leave their footprints as a guide. "Admit it! We, are the weakest


"History will repeat itself no matter what happens—we will be the ones to bite the strong and

n.o.body else!"

........Just like that.

"Rejoice! We are humans— we are the most talented people! Precisely because we were born

without any ability— we can achieve anything— this is the will of the weakest race!"

.........a 『 King』 was born. Cheers— no, roars.

The public square, and even the skies started trembling.

An array of cries that sounded like both an angry roar and victory cheers. And what were they

expecting from the two people on the balcony?

Or perhaps— were they being cornered and were simply baring their fangs and crying out? In

front of this scene, Sora and s.h.i.+ro exchanged glances.

.........Nodding their heads.

Confirming that his little sister was smiling with glee after that nod, Sora began his final

moments of the speech.

Spreading open his arms, looking as pure as a curious child that was facing against the boundless

world. But also exuding out the aura of a battle-hardened warrior with his usual arrogance.

Sora—『 Humanity's new hope』 , said with an arrogant smile and a face filled with naivety.

"—Come, let us begin the games!"

"Everyone must have had enough of the sufferings right. Starting to behave servilely already

right. Getting tired of tasting bitterness's enough already right? I've kept you

waiting, fellow human beings."

Looking like he has the skies within his grasp, Sora pointed his hand to the horizon. Then—

tightly clenched his fist.

"From this instant! We, Elchea— will issue a proclamation, declaring war on countries all

around the world!" "The smoke has finally cleared! Our borders, better be honest and come back

to us!"

Part 3

Surrounded by the huge roars that could shake the heavens.

Leaving the balcony and heading towards the exit, Steph stopped them. "Yo-yo—you! Wh-what

did you just say— !?"

"Whoa~ why are you looking so fl.u.s.tered, you scared me." "...........Steph, evil......"

Facing the frantic Steph who was screaming out in a rage, the siblings could not help but wince

under her unreasonable words.

But Steph did not give in.

"How can I be calm like this!? You have just finished the coronation ceremony, and the hasn't even finish handling Elchea as of now, how are we going to have time to

prepare for war against other countries! Are you trying to destroy this place!?"

Hugging her head, Steph kept cursing that her idiocy actually made her believe the words of the


But, maybe she was slowly getting used to it.

In order to get a glimpse of her adept movements, Sora sighed while saying. "Ah..........I did

say—that you should learn how to suspect people right?" "—Hm?"

Steph suddenly stopped her movements, before gazing at Sora.

"Those elves— you still remember Elven Gard right? They used Kurami, provided support for

her to win this country, defeating humans without positive means just because we can't use

magic right?"

"—Wh-what does that mean?"

"Have you forgotten? We have already made them think that we are 『 Humans that need to be

supported by other countries』 oh. Or at least this is what the guy who was supporting Kurami is

likely to report, and other countries might be thinking of the same thing too."

In accordance to her brother's words, s.h.i.+ro supplemented the sentence.

"..........Whole world, will think..........that some country's spy, is administrating Elchea."

Nodding his head in affirmation, Sora continued.

"But, they don't know which country is doing it. Don't know which country is controlling the

spy, don't know which country used Elchea as a puppet to declare war to the world, they will

definitely think of it like this—『 Elchea is being used as a puppet to launch an intention to be

on the offensive』 ."


In this world, the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the game.

Which is to say, in total disregard of the extremely unfavorable conditions, Elchea has taken the

initiative to declare war on the world.

Moreover, taking into consideration that the spy sent from Elven Gard was found out—

"A certain country or race has obtained a trump card to see through the elf race, so they will

certainly be more vigilant right?"

"......So to say."

"The world will plunge into darkness where everyone is being suspected." ".........Just for this

reason, deliberately made a declaration of war."

"But not being able to do a thing, is how it is♪"

Facing against the siblings who smiled and uttered those words, Steph was rendered speechless.

"Article 5 of the 『 Ten Oaths』 , the challenged party has the right to decide the contents of the

game. Those countries would start to get wary of us due to that declaration......and also start

mobilizing against the non-existent country that is backing us. Taking advantage of the countries

that are trying to probe for our ins and outs, we will use this chance to find loopholes, then

slowly and continuously secure back our territories."

Looking at Sora who was smiling wickedly while turning his body, Steph asked. "Ththen............

all those things about recapturing territories...........are just lies?" Feeling slightly

regretful for this matter that even surprised Steph herself.

But what Sora said was.

"—Hey, Steph. I had a discussion with my little sister— about whether we want to return back to

our original world."


"We realized that this was a no-brainer question. The answer will definitely be 『 NO』 — if we

abandoned this world, what would we get when we return back? Absolutely nothing."

"........Especially.........towards s.h.i.+ro." "That's how it is. So."

Slapping his hands together, Sora concluded.

"We are humans, and we are left with our sole country which is Elchea. So, in order to prevent

losing this place, becoming the king would be the first target— but?"

Little sister and older brother. Looking at each other, they laughed pleasantly. "Hey, little sister."


"The enemy can use magic, can use super powers, but we can't. We have an overwhelming

disadvantage, and also an underwhelming handicap, furthermore, we are left with one more

territory, the situation currently could be said to be desperate. But, in the name of 『 』 , we will

not allow any failures— what do you think?"

s.h.i.+ro, with her face devoid of any expression except for a little boyish smile, replied.

".....The best—"

"That's right~♪"

Steph looked at the genuine otherworldly— siblings that were clearly incomprehensible.

Specifically, this was indeed a very desperate situation, yet the words that were blurted out were

actually 『 The best』 ?

Sora turned back to face Steph who was undoubtedly puzzled. "Then, going back to the question

just now, Steph."


Suddenly being accosted while in a daze, Steph could not help but change the tone of her voice.

"About recapturing the border. Frankly, that's a lie."


Sora spoke while taking out his phone.

Opening his schedule manager, he marked a tick under 『 Becoming King』 . Entering into a

new target. Which was—

"『 Final goal』 — in short, conquering this world☆" "—What—!?"

Recapturing borders— skipping over this— the words Sora said suddenly jumped to world

domination. After hearing his gargantuan goal, Steph leaked out her voice.

How long must she continue being shocked before he becomes satisfied. Sora then started

walking away, with s.h.i.+ro closely behind.

Realizing that she was getting deserted, Steph immediately snapped back into reality and paced

up to them. "Eh, th-that, is it re-re-really the truth!?"

"For 『 空 白 』 [22], anything other than first is unacceptable. No matter if it's gambling for the

country or what, as long as it is related to games, our motives will always be to become 『 the

strongest』 — this is our principle." ".........Un."

—Just when the development of things have reached this step.

Stephanie Dora realized that she was underestimating the siblings the whole time. Maybe.

Probably. Really.

These two people—

—Are Imanity's 『 Savior』 ?

Watching Sora whose figure was constantly receding away, a fierce reaction came from her

chest. Her chest was being gripped tightly— except, the sense of disgust was already long gone.

Restoring her grandfather's reputation. Confronting and beating magic.

Saving her beloved country— Elchea.

Even going as far as to make a declaration to recapture territory. Against the fading figure that

made her believe that he could do it. Any reasons to hate him.

For Stephanie Dora, she still hadn't found one yet.

Part 4

—Kingdom of Elchea, capital of Elchea, central region district 1....... Which is, Elchea King

City, the King's bedroom.

There was an extremely colossal bed that would make anyone wonder how many people could

fit into it placed in the center of the room.

Just a few days ago, he was still a NEET and useless— Sora(18-year-old virgin).

"—From a cramped room, to a shabby Inn, before going to Steph's mansion, and now, the King's

bedroom— is that so."

Sora was holding onto a book while reminiscing about the past.

Basking in the darkness of the night, the name of the book that was dimly lit by the moonlight

was t.i.tled— 《 The Ecology of the Sixteen Races》 .

Staying on a particular page on the book, Sora was immersed in a deep thought.

"—The Heavenly I feel that those guys will really be pulled into the same front

ah........" What was written on the book— The Heavenly Winged.

In the last war, they were created to be the vanguard for the G.o.ds, a race capable of fighting in

the air.

After the 『 Ten Oaths』 were forged, their ability to fight was sealed up, however, utilizing

their longevity and the fact that they had a high degree of adaptability for magic, with the

floating species Phantasma— 『 Avend Haze』 backing them up, they created a genuine sky

city, using that as their sole territory, and never competed in any gambling for the country.

But, perhaps it was due to their longevity, that they have a strong thirst for knowledge, so in

order to collect

『 Intel』 from every other race— they partic.i.p.ated in the games to try and obtain other

country's books.

"I feel that I can grasp a lot about knowledge regarding magic, furthermore, I can use my 『

Exclusive knowledge from another world』 as a bait."

If any contact was to be made with this race, the necessary preparations of forming strategies to

counter magic was definitely needed—

—Tok, Tok.

When he was thinking about these problems, a polite knock came from the door. Feeling like it

was a déjà vu situation from a few days ago, Sora replied.

"I'm in, who is it?"

"It's Stephanie Dora.......can I come in?" "—Ah? Please do."

Facing Steph who was slowly opening the King's set of heavy doors leading to the bedroom,

Sora said. "I say, what is with that tone and att.i.tude. It will be fine even if you casually come in

right." "No.........that, if I think about it calmly, Sora— your majesty is now the king of Elchea—


"Argh— how uncomfortable!" Sora loudly cut off Steph's words.

"Too uncomfortable, and also troublesome! It will be fine if it was like always, okay, so what

happened?" In Elchea where electricity has yet to be discovered.

The things that were illuminating the bedroom were only the dimly-lit candles on the chandelier,

and also the faint moonlight.

"That— Sora......" "Hmm?"

"In order to make me dedicate myself to you, you asked me to have a 『 Crush on you』 at that

time, right." "Eh— ah~....."

"Since Sora is currently the king of Elchea— I'm already, that........"

At that moment, the clouds suddenly dispersed and the moon brightened up. What was further

revealed was Steph's face.

—The expression on her face was, anxiousness.

"You.....are going to say that you don't think you have any more use, so you want to request me

to lift the【 Oath】 , right?"

"N-not-not that meaning."

—Even if he possessed a super-cla.s.s level in games, in the end, he was still an eighteen year old

virgin. For him to make a judgment completely miles away, Steph quickly made amendments.

"I-I hope— you could..........tell me. Wh-why, that, your request, wasn't like what your sister had

said—『 Become my property』 , but have a 『 Crush on me』 ......"


That was surely an attempt.

It could be described as a vulgar desire from deep within Sora's heart, but it was also a mistake at

the same time. When Sora was thinking about whether he should honestly say these reasons out.

An unexpected question suddenly surfaced in himself.

"That— asking me to fall in love with you.........that, for me, you had those feelings, right?"


"I-If that was really the truth...........then, the only thing I— can sacrifice, is......"

Then, she slowly walked towards the bed, carrying an uneasy expression flushed with

embarra.s.sment. Her skirt— she slowly raised it up, before saying something as if she was


"I'm only left with this, nothing more—"

—Wait a moment.

—Wait a moment, eighteen-year-old virgin Sora.

Now, you have just faced an unmistakably inescapable question.

It was like that...........from an objective point of view, Steph was indeed considered as a highstandard

beauty. If liked by such a beautiful girl, naturally all the boys will harbor these kinds of


However— forcing her to have a crush on him, why is that so?

—Love at first sight?

No, this is not accurate enough.

Although he tried to ask himself, that if he told Steph it was because he had feelings of love—

No— in the end.

(Eh—? Feelings of love, what kind of feeling is it in the first place?)

—At this time, Sora had reached the limit of what you would call an unpopular man.

", this......"


A sound, followed by a flash.

Quietly sticking her head out from the opposite side of the bed— was s.h.i.+ro who was wielding a

cellphone. "Yahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Realizing that s.h.i.+ro was in the same room, Steph panicked and immediately put down her skirt.

—But, it was natural that she should have noticed this matter.

As long as she thought of the things back in the Inn— she would know that Sora could never be

alone. "........Represent, Nii who is his virginity..........s.h.i.+ro will explain."

" be told off like this when you are just an eleven-year-old little sister, you

surely are giving your brother a hard blow."

But ignoring the protesting sentence from her older brother, s.h.i.+ro showed the picture that she

had taken just now. Which was the self-upskirting shot that Steph did.

"....This." "—Eh?"

".....The reason why Nii, made Steph, to fall in love." Facing Steph who did not understand— as

well as Sora.

As if wanting to make both of them understand in one fell swoop, s.h.i.+ro succinctly described.

"........Nii, misses something, from........our......original world."

"........This world, inside— doesn't have......『 Dessert』 ." ""————Huh?""

Both Steph and Sora simultaneously shouted out in surprise. But only, they interpreted it


Sora straightforwardly protested against this accusation. And Steph—

"Dessert......? What, does it refers to?"

Innocently gave a simple question. Playing with her phone, s.h.i.+ro answered.

".......Masturbation, time.........imagine things.........with photos and videos.........all are included.

During masturbation, usage of all those stuffs..............are known as—『 Dessert』 ....."


With Steph still clueless about what was going on, s.h.i.+ro with her deadpan, Firmly held onto—

and began moving it up and down. "———Wh———"

Hearing a 'bang' sound in her mind, Steph's face flushed red, before she approached s.h.i.+ro.

Opening the file in her phone, s.h.i.+ro showed it to Steph.

—What was playing on the phone, was the scene where both s.h.i.+ro and Steph were in the bath,

with Steph was.h.i.+ng s.h.i.+ro's hair.

"........This is.............the Steph...........『 raison d'etre』 ."

Steph's face turned pale at first, before she lowered her head and deeply shook.

—Which means, anyone could be in it, right.

——Purely for s.e.x, he requested it, right.

———Furthermore, even his sister is naked too, that, that kind of thing, right!? "Sha—


Screaming loudly, Steph dashed out of the room— Sora could only watch her leave innocently.

Thereafter, s.h.i.+ro returned back to her previous position with an att.i.tude as if that didn't happen

and asked. "—I say, I have never thought of something that disgusting to that extent oh?"

"..........But, to interpret......"

"That's just a super wrong interpretation right...........and just now that, wasn't it the video inside

the bath? Didn't you say that you wouldn't let me watch that even when 『 it came out』 —

unless, you are deliberately trying to make Steph hate me right?"

".....s.h.i.+ro, eleven-years-old...........don't know, too complicated things." "Only at this

inappropriate time then you would behave like a child......" "........The picture just now, don't

want it......?"

"Ah, sorry director. I want it."


In reality— what's the difference between love and s.e.x?

To Sora, this was just a philosophical reflection if he were to immerse himself into it.

In a voice where he could not hear, s.h.i.+ro— the little sister who has no blood relations with Sora,

muttered. "........Seven years, more......."

—Although there was a saying that girls are more precocious than boys in terms of maturity. least for the situation as of now, this is the unshakable truth.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh really, ah——this is enough ———!"

On the other hand, Steph angrily stomped through the hallway.

For her to be simply used as a material for masturbation— which is not so. She felt that she had

hurt herself after hearing that, roaring angrily.

"AHhhhhhhhhhhh really, these feelings are all an illusion, it's because of the Oaths' fault— this

is just a curse!"

—However, Steph didn't notice such things.

"That monkey! Lolicon! How can I like him! This is all the Oaths' fault!"

—Letting Sora 『 Release the Oaths』 —Which is to say.

Proposing another game to be held, and forcing him to say 『 Don't have a crush on me』 . This

solution was completely ignored, or she had completely forgotten this fact.

Or is there a significance behind it—.

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