No Game No Life

Vol 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Unexpected

Move/One Move

Part 1

An hour pa.s.sed since the departure of the carriage.

They were in the suburban area, quite a distance away from the heart of

Elchea. Nevertheless, after pa.s.sing by what seemed to be a school dormitory

built on a hinterland, they arrived at their destination, "The National Library of


Dismounting from the carriage, Sora looked up and blurted a word out.


The first impression the building gave off was akin to that of the Library of

Congress, located in Was.h.i.+ngton, D.C.

It was the largest library in Sora's world, where millions of books were

stored. Currently, the building ahead of them was no less inferior.

A beautiful and luxurious masterpiece, rivaling the King City in Elchea.

Looking at the magnificent library, people couldn't help but re-evaluate their

views on the human species of this world.

Although it was a majestic library,—

".....In the was all easily taken away...."

"Guu, guuu....."

Wearing underwear on her head, s.h.i.+ro spouted out these piercing words.

Steph (dog, nopan) could only lower her head in silence.

"St, stop reminiscing about the past already! Also, I have a question!"

Steph suddenly spoke up, using a heavy tone.

"Okay, what is it, then? Stephanie-san."

"Haven't I told you that challenging against unfamiliar races is very dangerous?

Moreover, the opponent is , who are ranked sixth. Is it

really okay for us to fight against that kind of monster without any


.....She probably felt that this question was appropriate.

But to Sora, it reaffirmed her position as being the usual Steph.

".......It's alright."

"—Eh? Wh, why?"

" order to win in Word Connector, no amount of knowledge can help



"Never mind, let's go."

Opening the pair of entrance doors, they entered the library.

Inside the library, there were bookshelves piled up against the wall and

ceiling, inevitably defying the laws of gravity.

There were numerous light orbs floating in the air and bookshelves that were

tens of meters tall, constructing a maze-like situation filled with a fantasy-like

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel


"How amazing......sorry, I must apologize, the human species is rather

incredible in this world."


Sora couldn't help but feel dizzy just by imagining the amount of books stored

here. Even s.h.i.+ro was dumbfounded.

Collecting such a large amount of books was by no means easy.

Even if it was in their original world, having that many books in any library

would be rare.

But Steph made an apologetic expression before saying—

"Uh.......unfortunately, the books here weren't really stockpiled by humans."


"I guess when this library was taken away, the books in here increased,

that........when I came here as a student, the books weren't even one percent

of all this."

"............The admiration I momentarily had for humankind is now gone."

——However, if you thought about it, it was simply impossible.

Because it was impossible for humans to create bookshelves that defied the

laws of gravity.

"Oh......okay, so where can we meet the Angel-sama?"

Walking past the awe-inspiring library books, a light suddenly shot


They alls.h.i.+fted their gaze towards the light source—— before standing still as

if they were frozen.

——They saw an [Angel]

A body that exuded an overwhelming sense of presence.

There was a girl, who had a geometrical pattern of light resembling a halo on

her head.

From her waist appeared wings that radiated a faint glow, and that by an

aerodynamic point of view, were too small to allow the body to float.

Her hair was flowing even though they were in a windless indoor room——

And whenever her hair swayed, it would reflect light like a prism, almost

resembling a rainbow.

Her eyes were slightly open, but when Sora made eye contact with her.

Sora felt [Death], for the first time since he came into this world.

When he stared into her eyes—— he could feel that there was a killing intent,

making Sora feel that if this fairy-like girl did so much as lift a finger, it would

kill him, regardless of any attempt of his to escape or beg for mercy.

(This is ?— ranked sixth?)

—In order to annihilate G.o.d—— to wipe out G.o.d from the world, a weapon

created by G.o.ds.

(This would probably be how it feels like to have machine guns pointed at

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel


Even the emotionless s.h.i.+ro huddled her body and firmly grasped onto Sora's


Steph sat on the floor, her teeth chattering, fighting back against the instinct to

cry out.

The existence that was causing all of this fright was silent, focusing intently on

Sora and company.


Just when everyone was stillfrozen in place.

The Angel—— girl.

Slowly opened her amber-colored eyes—— and said.

"Excuse me, the Person there, come Me library for What?"


——......This sentence.

"Wow........that ruined the atmosphere."

Steph suddenly fainted, while Sora (who was going to suffer from a systemic

collapse) reluctantly muttered this.....

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Part 2

"Gu, erm, let me introduce myself, I am—"

After Sora regathered his spirit, he began talking, so as to set the pace.


"Elchea's new King & Queen. Sora-sama and s.h.i.+ro-sama, right?"

girlreplied first.

".......Oh, so you know about us already."

"Well, it's because I signed up for human newspapers. Cong——ah!

Congratulations to both of you for becoming the new king."

"........She corrected herself....."

s.h.i.+ro (underwear on head) criticized, but her hand still clutched onto Sora's

arm tightly, refusing to let go.

——Even though violence was prohibited in this world, she was still afraid.

It was like administering anesthetic to a lion, yet the person was still afraid to

approach the slumbering beast.

But it did not seem this way to Sora.

"I say, that manner ofspeaking reminds me of a certain well-known figure. If

that is not your normalstyle ofspeaking, could you refrain from doing that?"

Sora's accusation seemed to have hurt her greatly.

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

girl hung her shoulders in disappointment.

"What I spoke in just now was the self-created language that Avant Heim

used, I'd never expect it to be known that soon."

But she quickly changed her sulking face.



, so why are you here?"

".......Oi, wasn't that your original way ofspeaking before? Why are you

changing to a Kyoto dialect?"

"I've never heard of Kyoto, but this is the archaic lingua franca used by don't like it?"

"Yes, that way of talking willreally p.i.s.s someone off, and we won't be able to

talk anymore."

"Guuu, I rarely have guests here, so it's a great opportunity for me to show off

my knowledge. I'm really sorry."

eyes started to tear up and she now carried a dejected

look, contradicting the majesty that they had exuded before the Oaths.

"In any case, please use a normal tone for speaking, okay?"



Sora turned his back and prepared to leave, but

immediately grabbed onto his jeans and pleaded tearfully:

"Ahhhh! Sorry! I'm so sorry! I don't get many visitors, so I thought I would

have some fun. I'llserve you tea and snacks, so please don't go away!"

The HeTahveeFnllüygWel inged

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel's

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Part 3

In a fantasy-like setting where light and bookshelves intertwined, a corner in

the grandiose library.

There was tea and other refreshments. Sora, s.h.i.+ro and

girlsat around the table for tea.

Steph was still unconscious, so they had no choice but to let her sleep in a

nearby place.

As if wanting to reintroduce herself, lightly coughed.

"——That, I don't need to mention that I'm that is able

to speak in sixteen languages and is also proficient in seven hundred kinds of

archaic language, so what can I do for the King of Imanity."

"...............Ah, okay, that."

Deciding to give up on beating around the bush, Sora immediately answered

the purpose of his trip.

"I'll be direct, I want you to hand this library to me."


—— A moment ofsilence.

After hearing what Sora said, the girl picked up her teacup.

"So you want to challenge me as the representative of human race?"

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"Yes, that is correct."

Then, with her G.o.ddess-like eyes.

"Is that so.......but this library is filled with all the books that I had collected,

for us that strongly values knowledge, the books that

are stored here can be said to be equal to our life——"

She then squinted her eyes.

"Since I used my life as a bet, what do you have that can be used for this


Taking a sip of tea, she stared at Sora with sharp eyes, momentarily emitting

out [Killing Intent], Steph who was supposed to have fallen unconscious,

uttered out an "Eek~" .

—But after thinking about the [Ten Oaths], and the fact that he had

experienced the same thing once before.....

Sora was completely immune to her [Killing Intent].

" 40000 volumes of——— [The other world's books]."


The girlsprayed the tea from her mouth, her killing intent completely


"How ru,, sorry for the reaction."


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Her face showered with tea, s.h.i.+ro protested, while Sora gave a thumbs up.

"It's okay, this is a good sign."

Sora answered with a bright smile.

"Hav, having said that, four, fourty sure love to joke,

where, where do you keep that many books—"

girl was barely able to keep herself from fainting.

Taking out the tablet, Sora replied:

"There exist electronic information in this—— is that more understandable?

This is filled with forty thousand volumes of an [Other world's book]."

"—— What....!?"

The girl widened her eyes and stared at the tablet on Sora's hand, as if

looking for a hole in it.

"I stored the books inside for learning, there are encyclopedias, medical

books, philosophy books, science and mathematics—— we have the

majority of the knowledge that our previous world had collected."

Listening to what Sora had described, the girl gazed at him with suspicion and


"....You are saying, that you are from another world"


"You are—— lying."

"Eh? Strange?"

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Why? Steph believed it as soon as they told her—

"Indeed, the elves specialises in summoning magic, and although a small

amount, I do have a collection of "Outsider"'s books. Nevertheless, to

summon a [Living] one, a large amount of force is required in order for them

to remain in this world. Even with the power of the G.o.ds, summoning people

from another world is difficult."

——Hearing till here.

Sora turned towards Steph who was lying on the ground:

"......Steph, you can stop pretending, can you please answer my question."

"Gu,, spotted already......?"

"It's different from what you said, wasn't it common for people from other

worlds to appear?"

"I, I'm not that knowledgeable with that kind of It's

impossible to summon someone from a different world?"

..........In the future, refrain from taking Steph's words into consideration.

After Sora had noted it down, he started thinking about how to make the

other party believe him when——

"—— But, if that is really the case, it does really explain how the human

species could beat an elf in a game."

Before Sora even started, the girl had already given him a chance to prove


"Can I see some kind of evidence?"

"Evidence huh........anyways, you should see this."

Under the girl's watchful eyes, Sora operated the tablet and called out the

application for books.

He then proceeded to open a book.

".........Oh wow, this is a language I have yet to see......and it doesn't appear

to be randomly concocted out."

As expected of who were well versed in seven

hundred kinds of language.

Just by glancing, she spotted that there was a clear regularity in the text.

"— Although I've seen a similar language, but.......there is a language that I

don't know, a world that is unknown...........encyclopedia..........specialised

books.........knowledge, all in this thin box, forty for.................forty thousand

—— hehheheheheh."

"Whoa! Saliva! Your saliva!"

The girl that was engrossed with the screen suddenly realised that saliva was

dripping out of her mouth, before quickly wiping it away.

"How ru, rude..........I am too careless."

"Then, with this as the bet, what do you think?"

Pondering for a while, the girl immediately said.

"—yes, if what you said was really true."

"I thought so too, this much is not enough right."

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

This could also be a pseudo-book written based on an artificial language.

In order to prove that the knowledge in the tablet was completely true, the

only way is to——

"Can the both of you prove that you are residents from a different world?"

——There was only this.

"Honestly I also have no idea, I am a virgin! My sister as you can see is a

child! I can't even grasp the slightest differences between the humans here and

us, so I don't know, how we are different from Imanity!"

...........He spoke confidently, albeit cluelessly.

"You should've more knowledge than I do right? Unless you are unable to tell

us and the humans here apart too?"

After listening to Sora, she carefully observed s.h.i.+ro and Sora, before

comparing them with Steph.

"—— Sora-sama's skin, and Elchea's people have a slight difference, but

s.h.i.+ro-sama is a bit too white......I want to confirm it, but could you let me

touch your body?"

"——Well........that depends on the location.'

Sora said, on alert.

"I want to touch your erogenous zone."

"Then I shall give you my permission, also, please don't stop even when you

are satisfied!"

Sora replied without a moment of hesitation, but there was someone who was


".....Nii, 18 years....."

"Wu, wuuu........that's right...........but this proposal is really too attractive....."

However, with a demeanor akin to a physical body examiner,

flatly said:

"Every living thing in this world contains traces of Elemental, without

exception, —— okay, to be much more direct, if I can confirm where the

nerve cells centralise in, I can detect what kind of Elemental you have."



s.h.i.+ro and Steph used cold eyes to glare at Sora.

"Guu..........I shallstrip off that prohibition! Also—"

Sora started proposing out another condition.

"Since I allowed you to feel it, you must let me feel your erogenous zone!"

"Okay, I'll be in your care."

"Hm? I can!?"


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

(Stroking, stroking...)

"I say......"

"Yes? Is the feeling not to your liking?"

"No, un, it feels comfortable. Right, so comfortable it's almost shocking."

Actually, this was a different feeling than rubbing Steph's chest.

There was an incredible feeling, that someone wouldn't let go.

Although the case.....

"But, this feeling of betrayal—— I just cannot agree...."

Sora while stroking on girl's— [Feather] said.

On the other hand, what the girl touched was Sora's [Nipple].

"Ohya, isn't this the erogenous zone?"

"I can say that as a man, if they admit that that was the erogenous zone, they

will have to question their gender. In addition, what I wanted you to touch is

located somewhere else."

(Stroke Stroke)

".......Un, please don't do it that accurately, I might make strange sounds."


——After seeing her like that.

Sora gave a glance to s.h.i.+ro.

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"My little sister, I'm only feeling the feathers, how is that?"

".......Un, very healthy...."

This must be the so-called great minds think alike.

Even before Sora had begun opening his mouth, s.h.i.+ro had already prepared

her smartphone to videotape.

"Since it's so rare to have this opportunity, I'll enlighten you, but I've already

read up on everything related to H-game technology."

Sora said as his fingers positioned themselves to the root of her feathers,

before sliding upwards against her feather.

In the midst of the journey, the feathers started beating about.

With that point as the center, Sora moved his hands and unleashed his full


"Hiya! Ah—— erm..... sorry.........that, I

can't........concentrate......please........ahhh.........have mercy......"

"Ah.....un, this is not bad."

"......Nii, angle......I want.........her reaction........."

"Ah, roger, director. Here."


"...... ........what are the siblings doing....."

Steph couldn't help but say: "Meeting these two, even G.o.d's weapons can

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

become the object ofs.e.xual hara.s.sment?" Steph also started to generate

more respect for the two.

Just like that, this process continued until was too


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Part 3

"Uhmmm, then firstly—"

After tidying up her clothes, the girlsat back on the chair and covered up her

originally fl.u.s.tered face.

"Please forgive my rudeness, I have viewed the two of you as an inferior

human race, therefore I did not introduce myself. My name is

Jibril.......pleased to meet you."

Proclaiming herself to be Jibril, girl bowed her head



"Ah, yesh, what is it?"

"......In this world, how low are humans in the social hierarchy?"

"I'll be unreserved—— we are the lowest."

Then girl—— Jibril let out a sweet smile while

correcting Steph.

"Why don't you say that you are just beings that are acknowledged as

『Monkeys with the ability to speak』?"

Without a hint of malice, Jibril nonchalantly continued.

"Ah, furthermore I am not interested in normal humans, because I've already

made a thorough investigation, not to mention I'm already bored of looking at

the doc.u.ments,, that person.........Staph-san is it?"

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"It is Steph! Ah, wait, I'm Stephanie Dora!"

"Whatever, I'll just call you Dora-chan."


"I'm not interested in Dora-chan, so could you please find a spot and idle


Jibril without a change of expression delivered such words.

"......Can I cry now?"

Steph (nopan) who was ordered to be a dog, started tearing at her lacrimal


"......About that, I can't really protest...."

However, in objection to Jibril's apology, Sora raised out another issue.

"So to say, we are not from the human race?"

"No, how do I describe.......basically, I can't detect any 『sort』 of Elemental

in both of your bodies."

Using her fingertips to light up a small candle, she let Sora see what exactly

was [Elemental].

"Even if you have it, I probably don't have the means to detect order

words, both of you are not defined as an 『Organism』 in this world—— but

your composition should be that of human."

Which means.......

What could it possibly mean?



A speck of light could be seen in Jibril's eyes, before she excitedly cried out.

"You are an 『Unknown』!!"

"Ahhh, there isn't something more exhilarating than『Unknowns』!"

She clasped her hands together and faced the sky as if praying.

"Unknown—— an unknown in the making! He who does not exist in this

world, and furthermore an original, able to produce knowledge of things not

of this world! Yet I dare to compare them with the inferior human race, I

sincerely apologise to the two of you!"

——To be cla.s.sified as a species not of human, Sora had a complicated


"——Well, whatever, so this proves that we are not from this world right?"

"Oh, yes, then—— regarding your challenge to me."


"Of course I'll accept, and my bet is—"

Jibrilstopped for a moment.

"——Hm? What was it again?"

".......Didn't you hear what I said?"

"Sor, sorry......It looks like I was so shocked that I forgot what we discussed


Sora started getting impatient and coldly stared at her, in which Jibril hurriedly


"So, sorry! The bet will be——『My everything』!?"


From handing out her library to jumping three stages higher, Steph couldn't

help but shout out.

Even Sora was thinking in his mind [.......What? Is it real?]

But thinking about the huge profit he would reap, Sora decided to silently

observe the situation.

"Do, don't look at me like that, I am one of the 8 representative member for

『Avant Helm』 okay? If I could, I do want to bet my whole country, but is

this condition okay?" was quite unexpected.

Sora originally wanted to only request the items inside the library, and maybe

even keep Jibrilfor himself, but——

"Is, is it not enough? To be honest, this doesn't equate up to 40000 books

right. Can I request for you to wait for a while? I'll go back to Avant Heim

and take control of the council members, before coming back with everything

has! So please don't hand the books to anyone else


"How long will that take!?"

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"Erm...that.....I, I can promise it'll be completed within a hundred years!"


"Kuuuu.......humans sure are weak......"

However this is..........more than what he wanted—

"——I'm happy it is worth that much, but looks like I'll have to change it...."

Sora whispered to himself, at this time, his eyes were clearly showing that he

was fighting back the greedy demon.

"——No, it isn't necessary to go to that extent, allI want is 『The right to own


"Eh.....wi, will that really do!?"

Jibril's eyes were glowing with an excited and joyous light.

"Of course I'll accept! Ah, if I win, can I add another condition?"


"It will be fine if occasionally but, could you come here and have tea? I want

to understand more about you two, that —— whole body, I want to

understand every inch of your bodies.. heh.... hehehheh....."

In an instant, Jibril's expression changed from a sweet smile to an old man's


To be honest Sora, really wanted to take a picture with his phone.

"—You talk as if you are going to win."

"Yes, although unintentionally, but I am going to achieve victory."

It appears that, because she was certain she was going to win, it matters not

what she was going to bet.

With a devilish smile, Sora replied.

"Really? Then if I win, can I add another condition, if possible?"

"O? Okay, since it is impossible for you to win, so please do."


A gap bigger than one needed has just opened.

Yes, to conquer this world——the gap has opened.

Sora let lose a superficialsmile, but only s.h.i.+ro noticed.

Part 4

The company proceeded to move to the playing area—— the center of the


They walked through the fantasy-like library that was like a maze.

En route, Sora asked a question which he had been puzzled with.

"Jibril, why did you take this library in the first place? Didn't this library only

have knowledge about the human race at that time?"

"Ah, yes, my home Avant Heim is on the back of Phantasma——"

Sora thought about the the float——corrections, the sky city.

"Wellfor , we don't need food and we are semiimmortal,

so getting territories is a trivial thing, but after collecting knowledge

for thousands of years, we started to get troubled by the amount of books."


"At that time, the 18 council members decided something, the act of

『Removing all books』"

——Jibril did mention something about the 『18 Flügel council


He remembered that it composed of eight representatives, and also includes

someone with special powers, 's [Democratic


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"That was the so-called knowledge sharing—— not really sharing but, it was

a crazy act proposed by the members of the council to return the books back

to the land."

Clenching her fist, Jibrilstarted the criticism.

"Of course I opposed! Including me, four others also violently opposed, but

the result was 4:4, and the one with the special powers established it, and so

this hateful law was pa.s.sed through."

She hung her shoulders, unsatisfied.

"But since I couldn't agree with it, I wanted to have my own stack room, thus

I left the sky city alone."

"—Imanity's knowledge and wisdom hub, was taken away due to this reason


Sora murmured, Jibril on the other hand violently protested out.

"Because those were my books! I cared for them, controlled the temperature,

humidity and even help collate those books into bookshelves, and the books

must be sent back due to a law!? Ahhhhhh, how could I let that happen, I'll

never agree to that kind of thing! If not for that prohibition of force by the

G.o.d, I would have decapitated the opposi—— oh, okay, we're here."

"How hateful, this girl is scary."

"—I have to remind you, Sora."

Hearing Sora spat out those words, Steph told him:

" may collect information about life now, but in the past


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

However, Jibril interrupted her and said it herself.

"Yes, before the 『Ten Oaths』——what we collected were 『Heads』."

As if reminiscing about her happy memories from the past, she revealed a

hearty smile.

"I used to be so young and fit—— everyone used to argue about where

should the heads of Gigants and dragons be placed at. Oh, don't worry, we

had too many human heads to keep count of."

Sora, who subconsciously covered his own neck, said:

"—— It's too misleading to put your names as The Heavenly ones, I

recommend you get rid of it."

There weren't angels, but devils.

——Center of the library.

Bookshelves encased the area to give it a huge circular s.p.a.ce.

There were complex geometric patterns painted on a round table in the

center, and a pair of chairs that faced each other from the ends of the table.

"You should know how to play this game, it's 『Word connector』.......except

—— we are using this."

Jibril gently lifted her hand up, and the table started floating.

The patterns on the table started glowing, and then started to shrink.

Afterwards a countless number of magic squares emerged, and in between

the two chairs that faced each other, a crystalfloated.

"......This is?"

"We are playing 『Materializing word connector』."

"Please sit."

Sora sat on the chair under her urging, facing head to head with Jibril.

" are a [Fighting race]—— so we aren't good with the

usual games, incidentally, we aren't interested in those kind of games either."

"—— even with the 『Ten Oaths』, you feel the same?"

"Yeah, playing those kinds of tedious games, we would always think that

[Cutting off this guy's head would be faster, arghh what a pain] is a

troublesome oath, I swear one day I am going to give that sly devil——oh, I

just said something horrible didn't I, I'm sorry?"

"""How hateful, this [Race] is scary."""

Seeing Jibril put on such a cute smile, the cheeks of three people started


"But sometimes ourselves will have disputes, so that is

when we utilise this game."

Jibril touched the floating crystal in the air.

"The rules are simple, both sides must connect the end of a word to form

another word."

It really is just word connector, but—

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

" [Using a word that has already been said], [Unable to answer within 30

seconds], [Unable to continue], as long as you fulfill one of the above, you


Jibrilsaid while having a sweet smile.

"[The most knowledgeable one wins]— this is the method that we who

gathers intelligence use to solve problems."

"..........Well, any form of words in any language is okay?"

"Yes, but mouthing out an ent.i.ty, a fictional animal, or unimaginable things that

cannot be specified, willresult in an [Invalid answer], this must be noted


But for the explanation regarding the condition to fail, Sora had some doubts.

"—What does [Unable to continue] means?

"Because this is materializing word connector....."

Jibril gave a slight smile.

"The word that you mutter out, [Will appear if it isn't present] and [Will

disappear if it is present]——under this rules, we'll conduct this word now do you get the idea?"

.......In other words.

If you mouth out gorilla, a gorilla would appear.

Although it was antic.i.p.ated, it sounded like an interesting game.

"Okay, then what happens if I say [Girl]?"

Jibril gave an expression as if Sora asked a great question. She then


"Apart from me——your sister and Dora-chan will disappear."

"Not all the girls in this world?"

"Don't be worried, this game doesn't hold that much power."

Jibril bitterly smiled.

"Although the words either materialize or disappear, it merely moves them

into an alternate s.p.a.ce only."

......Although temporarily, it still adds an intensity to the people not in the


Jibril continued:

"Technically, it is impossible for any direct interference that causes the other

party to be unable to continue the game."

"So no direct interference would happen to the players ?"


"Then s.h.i.+ro, come over here."

s.h.i.+ro started jogging and with a 'bam', planted herself——on Sora's lap.

"Both of us normally play the game together, so if [Girl] was spoken, the only

one who would disappear is Steph right?"


Steph had a shocked expression on her face.

"In addition, what if it wasn't directly interfering? For example, [Heart] or

[Water] which makes up our body."

Seeing Sora trying to grasp the rules carefully and with prudence, Jibrilfelt

admiration and smiled, before replying back:

"If that happens, then whatever that const.i.tutes the player will be retained, but

otherwise would disappear. For example, if water was spoken, water aside

from your bodies would disappear, so does the heart ; as a Flügel myself, my

body is generally [Elemental gallery]. so if [Elemental gallery] was to

disappear, my body would not be affected in any way." that's the case.

"Also, once the game ends everything will be restored, so please don't hold

back, and [Release out your knowledge]."

——With a sweet smile gracing her face, Jibril asked:

"Of course, in the circ.u.mstances where you weak humans won't die, can you

satisfy me?"


Having finally understood her predicament, Steph cried out.

"Waitttt! Eh!? Diee!?"

"The game does not affect reality, as long as it ends you may revive?"

"No, wait a moment!?"

(You said die?)

(Just wait a moment!)

"Think rationally, I don't have to be here right!? And only I would be in


Disregarding the existence of Steph, Jibrilrested her hand on the floating


"Okay then—?"

Sora and s.h.i.+ro followed Jibril and placed their hands on the other side of the

crystal, before responding back.

"Okay——Let's start."

"........Give your all....."

"Listen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

".....Steph, sit......"

Under the power of the Oaths, Steph behaved just like a faithful dog and sat.

"AH~~~~~~~~can't escape now! I don't want toooooooo~~~~~~~~!"

The magic started expanding and covered the entire circular s.p.a.ce.

——This signified that they had moved towards another s.p.a.ce away from


Meaning that the game has begun.

Part 5

"Okay, I'll give you the privilege to start first, so please choose your favorite

word then?"

"Wuuu, let me think........then we'll....."

While playing with his phone, Sora placed his hand on the crystal and said:

"Start with.......[Hydrogen bomb(suibaku)]"

Instantaneously, an iron block weighing [27 tons] materialized above their


The object that Sora said, was incomprehensible to both Steph and Jibril.

Moreover, even if they knew, they wouldn't understand it. Sora proceeded to

explain out the word that he said.

After all, it was a weapon created by the humans in Sora's world——the

biggest and worst mistake.

Because it was indeed a—— weapon of ma.s.s destruction.

Jibrilstared at that object with a blank expression.

The bomb started to fuse and fission fuel compresses, initiating fission ——


After heat was generated by the nuclear detonation, neutrons from the fission

of the rod combine with lithium-deuterate, producing out a strong light.

——Jibril was clueless as to what that was.

However, she was created by G.o.ds to kill G.o.d, so her Flügel instincts told


——[The approaching light will be capable of annihilating everything].


What happened afterwards was a secondary explosion, and she immediately

came to a conclusion after less than one hundred milliseconds.

Jibril placed her hand on the crystal and spoke her next words.

"——[Number 4 distant protection(Kurianse)]!"

Her words as well as the end process of the fusion came at the same time.

——The swelling of heat ball.

In the confined s.p.a.ce of the library, [A second sun] was born.

The ultra-high temperature instantly vaporized everything, resulting in a lethal

heat shockwave.

Literally, the building [Disappeared]——

An overwhelming violence capable ofscorching everything in a kilometer

radius, as if a tornado swept through a town.

........A mushroom-shaped cloud reached the stratosphere, leaving the library

in [Ruins].

A pothole was created in the world there were in.

——An unharmed Jibrilstood there.

"——Satisfied? You can't kill me."

Jibrilstared ahead of her.

Sora was boldly smiling, s.h.i.+ro was still as expressionless as before, while

Steph was so stunned her mouth hung open.

The three were equally unharmed.

"Trying to blow up in the first try? If not for my [Goodwill], this game would

have already been over."


The magic that Jibrilshouted out, wasn't intended to protect herself only.

[Number 4 distant protection]——is an elven magic of the highest cla.s.s.

It was a magic that could expand, protecting Sora and company.

Jibril herself.......was directly hit by the explosion, but she was unharmed.

"Goodwill? Hey, don't say such nice things."

Sora replied back nonchalantly.

"Even if you obtained our knowledge——and just let this game end, this kind

of boring stuff, you simply can't agree with it right. I just wanted to bet on

your [Judgementalskills]."

Which means——consternation while facing against an [Unknown ent.i.ty],

and ending the game without harvesting any knowledge?

Or protect the two, letting the game continue.

Sora saw through the decision made within the one hundred milliseconds.

Jibrilsmiled at this thought.

"Although it is within expectations, but it seems that I won't be able to let you

fulfill the condition of being [Unable to continue]."

Gazing into the scenery of the scorched surroundings.

And looking at the unscathed Jibril who got hit by a great force, Sora sighed.

"It's great if you can understand this."

"Looks like we have to find another way to win, since word connector is

easy, there will be lots of methods."

".......Fufu, what an interesting human.....

As if the game had a reset b.u.t.ton, Jibrilsaid:

"Then—— please don't make me feel bored okay?"

——The implication of this sentence, even Steph herself understood it clearly.

Even with such a powerful destructive force, they can't force Jibril to be

[Unable to continue the game].

On the contrary, as long as Jibril is determined, she was ready to force the

siblings to be [Unable to continue].

And it could be easily done, because the fact stands that they are fragile.

This was the [position difference].

The gap between the races, was a wall that was higher than the skies.

Reaffirming this fact, Steph couldn't help but sigh.

——Sora could've intended to end this in one blow.

Using the knowledge of a different world, was probably the strongest known

attack, mutual destruction to end this game. Now that the trick was useless


"Rest a.s.sured, we won't make you feel bored——[Elemental


Ignoring the cloud in Steph's heard, Sora readily placed his hands on the

crystal and said.

Although humans can't detect it, but it is the source that allrace that uses

magic need, and thus was eliminated.

For Sora to use this move, Jibril was surprised once again.

"This is—— shocking."

"Because this is a newly learnt word, and who could guarantee that

won't use any mind reading magic."

Sora replied with a hippie smile, the worried look Steph thought he had didn't


As if to confirm it, to use a plan that had no visible results, and when known,

immediately switch to the next trick.

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Sora was carrying an unperturbed expression.

"Or it is just convenient?"

Facing against Sora's hippie smile, Jibrilreplied:

"No............the elemental won't be supplementary, there will be limits to the

body, like being incapable of flight. But these words are unnecessary in word it doesn't matter."

However, Jibril was rendered a bit restless.

"To be exact......... 'm getting a restless feeling."

" the feeling when your phone doesn't have reception right."

Hearing this line, Jibril wildly looked up as ifshe heard bells.

"What is a phone!? Is it related to the box just now!? What is reception!?"

"When you win me, I'll tell you——FACE! Your face is too close! And wipe

off that saliva!"

"Ah! Ho, how rude......hehehehe..........forty thousand books from another


Jibril had a slack expression, as ifshe were a girl imagining about delicious


".......Nii, this person."

"Yeah, she exceeded the boundaries of being strange, but she is quite

interesting—— oh, Jibril, hurry, your next one."

"Ah! Rig, right, then I'll choose a trivial one—— [Horse(Uma)]."

In a moment, a horse appeared in the room.


'Pururururu'.......the horse was smacking its lips together. Steph couldn't help

but take a step back.

Without any hesitation, Sora followed up:

"Okay, [p.u.s.s.y (maxxko)]."


Jibril and Steph.

Both of them had question marks above their heads.

Then, Steph suddenly held onto her clothes and exclaimed out with a fl.u.s.tered


"——Yo,You you, what are you thinking!?"

Sora laughed and replied:

"Well, to play word connector, [Obscene language] is a must, so calm down



s.h.i.+ro had the same deadpan look, while Jibril was——

"The foul language of Human........No, from Dora-chan's clueless expression,

this must be from the [Other world], slang of the female genital——! Ahh,

knowledge starting to fill up.....!"

Happily cried out to the skies.

"......This person is also weird, un."

Sora placed his hand on s.h.i.+ro's waist.


s.h.i.+ro was acutely aware of Sora's intention.

She nodded slowly and replied——[Disappeared].

——As long as [No direct interference to force player to be unable to

continue], it is possible to interfere with the players.

"Now things willstart to be interesting."

——Steph saw the secret smile that Sora revealed out.

Part 6


10 minutes had past since the start of the game.

Still continuing with the game, Jibril answered:

"I'm bored of this dusty place already——let's play a little, [Beach(Bi-chi)]."

The scenery instantly transformed from destroyed potholes to a sunny beach.

There were rocks of complex shapes and beautiful white sand, capable of

putting famous tourist spots in Sora's original world to shame.

And the blue sea which had a gla.s.s-like clarity, dazzled the beach even


This must be the ideal[Beach] in Jibril's mind, a scene she thought out.


Sora shaded s.h.i.+ro from the sun with his hands.

"Ahhhh~! This is indeed a marvelous place, but for Otakus, this sun is

unbearable! [Nipple(chikubi)]."

"But you can hide in the shade over there oh, and to calmly use this

trick...........You seem to be intent on doing some fun things, so let me have a

go too? [Bikini(bikini)]"

Then—— materializing with the words, the women were to put on full bikini


——There was change.....but.....

Sora abruptly shouted out:

"Jibril, you don't understand it at all! To change into bikini, you've to remove

the clothing first! It's difficult to find words that would leave the bikini alone,

you don't get it at all!"

Indeed, everyone was wearing bikini.

——However, underneath their clothes.

"Th, that's how it is.....sorry, I didn't realize your intentions——!"

"Yo, you all! Can't you stop fooling around and play this game seriously!?"

Jibrilseemed to really admire Sora's remarks and seriously apologised to him.

Steph who couldn't resist it cried out.

However, as if Sora completely ignored the protests of Steph, he continued

the game.


——For fear of accidentally erasing Steph, Sora carefully thought of other

implications in the word before saying it out.


Only seeing a heavy backpack landing beside him with a loud thud.

"Then.........oh yeah, how about [Whirlwind(tsumuji)]?"

"Yes! Jibril! You pa.s.sed this time!"

At the same time where Jibrilfinished her word.

A 'Pa' sound resonated, with G.o.d-like speed, the siblings removed their

phones and aimed it at the target.

——A blowing whirlwind started to materialize.

——Lifting up Steph's skirt.

"Oei, whu, what are you!"

——Sora and s.h.i.+ro together with their continuous shooting mode, started

their high-speed photography of Steph.

"Jibril, it's perfect this time! Because if there weren't any bikini, there will be a

Mature 18 restriction for Steph! Since there is a bikini, it ain't provocative to

look underneath the skirt!"

"Thanks for the praise."

Jibril happily answered with a smile.

Steph pressed down on her skirt while whining out. Ignoring her reaction,

s.h.i.+ro continued:


A smirk came.

"This will complete it——[Women's clothing(joseif.u.ku)]."

Instantly——his words materialized.

The things that are present will disappear, which means——

Including the bikini, all the women's clothing will disappear——

Needless to say, Steph, Jibril and even s.h.i.+ro——

For a moment, Steph didn't know what was happening, but after a long while,

the voice of her scream resounded around.


Her face flushed, Steph tried to cover her whole body.

——You think this would be Mature 18 restricted right?

But there isn't any problems, because——!

"Ha~~HAHA! How is this? Little sister. The three dimensional world! And

since shoes and socks aren't [Women's clothing].——This means full naked!"

Sora opened his hands widely and looked up at the sky. With a posture of a

demon king, he majestically announced:

"This is both clear and obvious! This is perfectly healthy! Moderate p.o.r.n! But

not dirty! We'll call this.......yah—— tentatively name it as [Super safe


".....Nii, nice job."

The siblings gave thumbs up, while Steph who was being photographed yelled


"You—— what are you doing!"

"Didn't you say we should have some fun? Eh? Isn't this fun?"


Steph cried out, it was stupid for her to think that Sora was formulating a plan

to defeat Jibril.

Steph's reactions were within Sora's expectations, but Jibril——

".....An in, inquiry."


"From my observations—— the world both of you are in gauge that being

naked is [Unsoundly]?"

"Un, a great deduction."

"Bu, but for breeding in races, it should be the same as the other world right?"

".........You didn't limit it to [Humanity], so it's the same for


Sora casually attempted s.e.xual hara.s.sment to Jibril.

But Jibril was so mesmerized that she didn't pay note to that.

"Bu, but if the desires of breeding were [Unsound], then children will be

considered as unsound too, won't this conflict with the breeding process? Ah,


Her breathing was getting disorganized, as Jibril(nude) continued to bombard

Sora with questions.

She almost forgot about the [30 seconds rule], so she continued.

For Jibril's claims, Sora could only applaud.

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"Impressive, but in our world, your kind of rhetorical question would only

place you as a [Pervert]."

"Ensuring the survival of a race is considered as pervertic!?"

It was akin to being struck by a bolt from the blue. Jibrilstarted clasping her

hand and exposed an 'outer world' expression.

"Ahhhh——interesting, I really want to see, I really want to see the

unreasonable world!"

"..........I can't agree to that point."

Sora felt powerless against her reaction.

"Her reaction sure is boring....."

Sora originally wanted Jibril to distort her elated expression into a shy one

because of the embarra.s.sment.....

As expected—— It isn't good if there wasn't any shame.

Not to mention that Jibril had a body like a masterpiece, a painting that is

hard to replicate——

"......Nii, Steph is more......interesting....."

"Yes, I'llrecord, s.h.i.+ro can do the photography."


"Hey, what are you doing!"

"No problem, continue upholding your spirit ofshame, but don't forget about

your sense ofshame too oh."

"I don't understand it at all!!!!"

Part 7


A few hours later.

The s.p.a.ce has already turned into something—— indescribable.

In a jungle-like forest, there were Moais and Pyramids side by side.

And in the center was Sora who was naked, wearing a cowboy hat and

eating curry.

Sitting on his lap was a naked s.h.i.+ro, who wore cat ears and a scarf while

indulging in a bamboo shoot-shaped cake.

There was also Jibril who whenever got dressed, got forcefully removed by

Sora, thus she was also naked.

As for Steph——

"Babble argh#%$┴≠?▽@+§&~#→Ψ∞??!"

She was being chased around by an army of Cthulhu, her SAN points almost

reaching 0


While eating curry, Sora said:

"Nom nom........Jibril, aren't you hungry? [Mantle(mantoru)]."

"Don't mind me, are different from the powerless

human, we don't eat [luiga (ruia-ga)]."

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"Ahhhh. really.....but it should be soon right? The sun is about to set, please

give up okay?"

"—— a.s.sured, don't need to rest—"

"I still have an unlimited number of vocabulary, and I want to dig out all the

knowledge both of you have, whether if it take days or months, so please

cooperate with me okay?"

——Jibrilreplied in a cheerful manner.

Steph could only hear despair for such chilling words, but———Jibril

remarked it in such a cheerful tone.

Sora replied, without a care for her words:

"Ah, but I want to enjoy the morning in my room, so no thanks, ha......[Outer


"Really? If you are tired, I don't mind if you deliberately lose! [Clock(kuroko)]."

Jibril continued:

"Anyways, it brings me joy when I see humans struggle."

Jibrilsaid with a smile, but Sora put on a long face.

".........You kept repeating weak and vulnerable, I feel p.i.s.sed off——


——Just this word.

The Cthulhu-shaped army that was chasing after Steph disappeared.

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

"——Fu! Fu——Fu——!!......Sa, saved........"

"I, I thought I was going to die". Steph mumbled out while collapsed on the


On the other side, Sora said:

"Indeed, in the eyes of the Sixth position, we humans are probably ants right?

However, you seem to be underestimating us ants aren't you?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't think that the human species are that——selfconceited.......[Lights(akari)]."

Jibrilreplied, albeit surprised.

Sora then provoked out a smile, a slightly implicit look of anger.

"If you think that strength and longevity is equal to power, then you are just a


——Hearing this word.

A response came from Jibril.

"You say I—— am weaker than humans?"

——Jibril did not hold respect for Sora and the rest.

But the same feeling as being drawn in by her interest in books, mainly


Being told off that she couldn't match up with [Books], was simply


As if mocking her, Sora continued:

"So-called [Weak], does not refer to the presence or absence of power, but

the inability to accomplish anything—— for example, someone who was only

built for fighting, yet is barred from violence."

"——.......It seems that you are unaware of the position that you are in."

Jibrilsaid, her eyes implying something different—— killing intent.

Yes—— ifshe wanted, Jibril could force Sora to be [Unable to continue] at

any time.

The reason why she didn't do it, was because she was [Playing], relaxing for

a [Whim] only.

Her gaze implied this: 'Have you forgotten about your position?'

But bearing the full brunt of her gaze, Sora replied:

"Then we'll educate you—— about how weak you are! Prepare."

With his hand resting on the crystal——

"s.h.i.+ro, ready?"


Acknowledging her nod, Sora turned to face Steph.

"Steph~ have you caught your breath?"

"Eh?,anyways......than, thank you for the help....."

"It's been tough on you, if not for Steph who is diverting away the dangerous

guys, we might not have won."

Listening in on Sora's declaration of victory, Jibrilfrowned.

Facing against Steph's astonished face, Sora revealed his best smile yet.

"——So Steph?"

"Ye, yes?"

"You might die for a while——so be patient okay? [Sit]."


Steph was forced to sit on the ground.

Yet she couldn't comprehend the meaning behind that sentence.

Sora and s.h.i.+ro—— jumping up forcefully, shouted out:


——In an instance, everything on the ground disappeared.

——[Mantle] and [Outer core].

Because Jibril didn't know what those words mean, the planet was gradually

being hollowed out.

With [Lithosphere] being the uppermost surface——

The entire surface was eliminated, and everyone started falling to the core.

However, Jibril was still able to calmly a.n.a.lyze the situation.

".....I see, using [Elemental gallery] to drag away my wings, was for this


——Although she couldn't comprehend the meaning behind those words.

But Jibrilrealized, that Sora's goal——was to let himself fall towards the core

of the planet.

Although she had never witness the [Core of the planet]——

She glanced at the bottom.

(.........Center about six thousand degrees........surface about three thousand

degrees—— that's probably it.)

The pressure from the center would force a [Unable to continue the game]

condition, but before that——Sora and the rest would all die.

Towards this flawed plan, Jibril couldn't help but smile.

Yes——because this means......

"——You are trying to [Kill me]?"

Jibril concealed her disappointment and started laughing out.

It was only a matter of time before the heat forced the two to be [Unable to

continue], but—

She thought: 'With such little time remaining, at least let me enjoy it.'

"I won't allow morning to arrive then——[Morning(asa)]."

As Jibril uttered out this sentence—— the sun disappeared.

But—— While Sora and s.h.i.+ro are falling, they each took a deep breath.

Then Sora placed his hand on the crystal and with the minimum amount of

breath, mumbled out.


Everyone started to feel a strong headache and was unable to breathe.

Of course, Jibrilfelt it too.......however——

(——Shutting off the breathing supply......a pointless struggle.)

Indeed——Jibril was .

Her place of residence was originally the [Sky City], twenty thousand meters

above the ground.

Yes, she didn't need to [Breathe], but for her body which was [Formed by

the Elementals] to have hypoxia, it wasn't a major problem.

However—— for humans like Sora and s.h.i.+ro, it could be fatal.

They willsuffocate soon, fulfilling the [Unable to continue] rule.

"——You know it must be pointless right? Let me be happy for a while okay


She understood that, death by suffocation was impossible for her.

For now, Jibrilrequested another [Word] from him.

Perhaps understanding her intentions——


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

With their attempts failing, Sora remorsely responded to her request.

(Unexpectedly honest, although I would like to restore a good foothold to

continue the game....)

Jibril laughed, and spoke the word——

——"Then we'll come with a [Air(ea)]."

Hearing this word, Sora discarded his façade and formed a crooked smile.

As expected, Jibril don't know.........what was air's——[Composition].

In a moment——

With their consciousness about to be taken away, a strong [pressure] struck


She attempted to recover [air], but instead she became [Unable to breath].

Jibril cried out——

"——What! Why——urgh!?"

Then she regretted.

As one of , her instincts told her that in a brief moment,

she inhaled strong [Toxins].

And that toxin was——[Oxygen].

Because of the strong pressure and his blurred vision, Sora let out a hollow


The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

Jibrilreally didn't know—— [Atoms].

She didn't know what [Oxygen] a result?

(Once she was unable to breathe, she considered that

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