No Game No Life

Vol 3 Epilogue

Epilogue - True End

"——Ha choo!"

"Ara, Kurami, that was a cute sneeze, perhaps someone is talking about


"...It's only a sneeze, what kind of interpretation is that."

——Capital of Elven Gard.

With the string of reports finally done, Fii came back.

Kurami then drummed a finger in front of Fii.

The instructions that Sora gave using the Oaths——the false report about the

game content, and the——lifting of it.

"...Amazing, the successfulfalse report, would definitely cause Elven Gard to


Gently smiling, Kurami walked forward, with Fiifollowing behind.

"Fii, did you predict until this point?"

"Fufu, although unhappy, but I can't~"

The prediction that Sora would allow Elven Gard to lay the fence to surround

the Eastern Union——

"The best use of it must be this.....We perfectly executed it out~"

Fii and Kurami were too twisted to be able to do everything, on the contrary,

they had fun doing it.

Hearing that sentence, Kurami walked in silence.

Fully exposed to Sora's memories and consciousness, Kurami, s.h.i.+ro and

Miko are the same.

In this world, one of the very few who fully grasped Sora's methods.

The method Sora depicted out that could conquer this world.

The strategies he drew on a map——his name was also engraved on it.

————it is certainly a problem.

But facing that kind of problem, Kurami did not show any anxiety nor


Seeing that kind of memory and the battle with the Eastern Union, Kurami


In the battle of the King selection——he grabbed onto her chin, stared into

her eyes and uttered out.

——'Don't underestimate humans.'

She couldn't help but laugh at the irony. She herselfsaid that human species

had their limits.

——yet she herself——was a human.

"If I'm not wrong....I feel Kurami has changed a little."

"It must be the impact of that man's memories, what's the problem?"

"Un~I may never see a crybaby Kurami anymore, makes me feel a little


"I didn't cry!!"

But, changing her expression, Fiisaid with a serious look:

"Kurami, that man——even if you want to become like Sora-san——:

"I know, I don't have his self-confidence——s.h.i.+ro."

Indeed, although Sora could do lots of things, he didn't have self-confidence if

not for the absolute existence of s.h.i.+ro.

"But I have Fii, I'll definitely find my way to see you."

The weak shall maintain the ident.i.ty of the weak to defeat the strong.

Myself as myself, I shallfind out the means to exceed my limits.

——with a body that couldn't fly, find——a method to fly.

Kuramifelt a little uneasy, as she turned to face Fii.

"...Are you willing to help me?"

"Of course I'm willing~ as long as it's for Kurami, I won't mind even if the

world is to face against me."

Holding onto Kurami's hand, Fiismiled radiantly.

Kurami nodded and moved forward once again.

"So...We should go, Fii."


Then——Kurami muttered out:

"Causing an internal collapse in the world's biggest country——that is one

easy way to put it."

For the arduous task Sora conferred, her face was very calm.

Taking on the path with a clear will.

"Very well, I'llshow it to you, just you wait——Sora."

A determined look appeared on Kurami's face.

Exceeding humans with the ident.i.ty of a human, exceeding the [Sixteen races]

——exceeding even G.o.d.

In order to pursue that, both of them walked onwards.

The path that they were heading——first and foremost——

No Game No Life:Volume 3 Afterwords


1. ↑ In Go, Joseki are studied sequences of moves in the corner areas of

the Go board, for which the result is considered balanced for both

black and white sides

2. ↑ Again, mature 18 or above 17 years old

3. ↑ refer to people who have girl/boyfriends and are popular with their

peers. Otaku terms

4. ↑ If you don't know, eight grader syndrome. Someone who act like a

know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have

special powers unlike others.

5. ↑ s.h.i.+ro means white in j.a.panese

6. ↑ Ambiguous meaning, could mean white piece or s.h.i.+ro

7. ↑ First person shooter, not that I ever need to explain.

8. ↑ Shrine gate, the π-shaped gates.

9. ↑ Non-player characters

10. ↑ A game that is similar to this

11. ↑ ....I hate this, Netorare (寝取られ), also referred to as NTR, is a

genre where the intent is to cause an emotion of deep jealousy or

distress in the reader by s.n.a.t.c.hing a girlfrom a protagonist as such.

12. ↑ Tool-a.s.sistedSpeedrun,

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