No Game No Life

Vol 3 Prologue

Prologue - Data Load

Part 1

At what age do humans become sensitive to their surroundings?

To her, the [Oldest memory] she had was when she was less than a year old.

Although she had already forgotten the first sentence that she had mumbled


It was her mother's pale expression after hearing her talk that became her first



Soon afterwards, she was sent to a [White facility].

Surrounded by four walls of utter whiteness, there was a pale-skinned and

abnormal girl.

Aside from her, there were also other children, but she didn't really integrate

into the scenery.

Her heterogeneous ruby-like eyes were always looking downwards.

But yet in front of her, there was a hill of piled-up foreign books, none of

which were befitting for any two year-old children.

...............And from that time, she began to be aware of the term [Games].

There were big people that were clad in white uniforms, as though wanting to

conduct an [Intelligence test], prepared out several games.

However, the games brought were fairly simple and boring, and everyone

soon lost interest with it.

[Unable to measure] —— leaving behind this conclusion, the people that

played with her gradually disappeared.

When she had come to realize that she could play by herself, a year had

already past in the facility she was in.

Whether it was chess, shogi or go, she played on her own. And as the silence

continued for the girl, the big people that were no longer dressed in white

uniform started to speak.

..............Quiet, yet pure memories.

But there were also some memories that were labeled as [Boring] to her——

Two years later, there was a reunion with a woman that seemed to be her


The girlstillremembered that the woman was talking happily about getting a

new husband, and as the girl looked into her eyes, it displayed confusion just

like the big people with white uniform.

That was when she was three years old.

The "new father" of the girl brought that person that was seven years older

than her to meet her.

When the adults were having mutual-fawning talks, the young boy

occasionally smiled.

But that smile did not come from his heart and it could be used to respond to

anyone else.

In other words— a smile that contained nothingness and expressionless.

Facing against the boy who was smiling nonchalantly, a mouth was opened

before saying out:

" empty......"

The boy that claimed to be Sora, widened his eyes after hearing her speak.

As if confirming that it was not his imagination——

The girlremembered the first time in her life where she saw "Colors", being

present on the boy's face.

And what meaning did the "Colors" contain; the girl had yet to comprehend.

The boy——Sora, said:

"Then, let's play games!"

——That day, the girlfelt the joy of playing games for the first time.

A total of 20 games were used.

At the beginning, the girl had an overwhelming victory.

But as the number of games started to increase, the boy's action became

more and more unpredictable.

As if mocking the Joseki


, they kept changing and changing. When playing

chess, bizarre tactics that were utilised by Sora was incomprehensible to

s.h.i.+ro, and the result was 10 wins and 10 losses.

Even though this was the first time the boy won, he didn't flaunt off his

victories either.

It was exactly like her—— barely able to suppress their joy.

That face, did not contain any traces of confusion anymore.

The girlstill did not understand the nature behind the colored expression.

The boy— Sora— her brother, said:

"Although your useless brother relied on tricks to obtain victories, but from

now on, it's a pleasure to meet you. s.h.i.+ro."

The first time someone acknowledged her by name.

For the first time, the girl truly felt, that this was [Affection], something she

had long pursued.

The girl understood that she could truly live here and be accepted.

The lifeless, monologue-like memory finally ended and colors started to


She felt that her chest was swarmed with something she didn't know.

What she could do was lower her sights and gently nod her head.

As time elapsed, the siblings began to live together.

Those that were called parents were no longer present.

"Meh, from now on, it's just you and me then."

Her brother mouthed out such words. Just hearing that, the girl no longer

desired other things.

From that point onwards, with their names joined together they started to play

online games.

Conjoining the two names, 『 』was created.

One after another, her brother kept coming up with strange, adaptable

strategies that even she herself could not imagine.

But then, the precise and accurate deductions that she calculated out had far

exceeded the expectations of her brother.

At that time, the siblings started to play games as a [Two in One].

With an unbroken streak of victories, the two of them even got regarded as

an Urban Legend on the internet.

——From that moment, it became unknown and genuine memories for the

girl, whose suspicion came through.

When they defeated the self-proclaimed Kami on internet chess, they were

thrown into another world.

This was a world where everything was determined by games, restrained by a

force known as the [Ten Oaths]—— the world called [Disboard]

What would happen if ordinary people were thrown into another world?

Anxiety, loneliness, or lose hope and feel lost?

However, in the girl's memory, she felt none of the points aforementioned.

It was because she had already decided that her hope was to grip onto her

brother's wrist.

To challenge this world with her brother, where everything was concluded

with games.

——Ah—Ah, it was such a pleasant thing.

Furthermore, what was she waiting for?????

" will be fine as long as I become a woman!"

The voice resounded throughout the audience chamber in the kingdom of


The owner of the voice belonged to a black-haired youth sitting on the throne


He was dressed in a conspicuous [I ♥ humans] T-s.h.i.+rt and he wore a bent

tiara like an armband. This was Disboard's Elchea—— humanity's king.

Because of this sudden proclamation, three people were stunned beyond


"What is this man saying."

There was one person with red hair that stared at Sora with relatively cold

blue eyes.

Stephanie Dora, AKA Steph.

The well-educated granddaughter of the previous king of Elchea.

However, she made no attempt to disguise her expression to Sora.

"—— really, as expected of master, such far-reaching ideas eh."

Another person praised Sora's words. Her amber eyes contained enthusiasm.

Jibril—— her long hair kept changing in colors due to the reflection of light, a

beautiful girl that could only exist in fantasy games.

The Halo above her head and wings sprouting out of her waist clearly

indicates that she was not human.

For her who was in the sixth position out of the intellectual[16 races], when

her master revealed his thoughts, she clasped her hand as if it was the

apocalypse, trying to decipher the meaning behind those words.

"If master became a woman, then the development of the M18

[2] will turn into

a same-s.e.x friends.h.i.+p slapstick."

Sora nodded with satisfaction, and exchanged glances with the last person.

"Come, my little sister, swear upon the Oath, have a game with me and beat


The words Sora muttered was directed to a girl with ruby-like eyes, currently

perched on his lap——s.h.i.+ro.

An eleven-year-old girl whose bundled front hair was worn by a crown.

".......I don't think......possible."

"Eh——why? I thought the [Ten Oaths] had to be complied after being the

pledge? Forcefully allowing Steph to love me, letting Jibril to be my property.

Then it should allow me to become a female ah!"

"After all that had happened, you still treat it as it never happened!?"

It belonged to a victim's cries—— up to this point, no one could respond

back tenderly.

"It is unfortunate Master, but what s.h.i.+ro-sama said was indeed correct."

"Eh? Why?"

"Because it cannot comply with something that is impossible."

s.h.i.+ro nodded in recognition ofJibril's explanation, and Sora finally


........Actually, it was something easily understood after some consideration.

"For example, if Steph's opponent in a game proposed a request for her to

[Finish one hundred meters in one second], it would be void because it is

physically impossible. But she still has to find a way to accomplish this request


"Yes, it is so."

".......That......why am I used as an example?"

Steph imagined herself running like mad, because Sora might actually ask her

to do this sort of unreasonable thing. So to try and dispel her fears, she

became alert and inquired.

Brainstorming, Sora changed his posture and said:

"Wait, so it will also be impossible if there was a request like [Turn me into a




For some unknown reasons, there were unrealistic [Delusions] floating in front

of Sora's eyes.

"In fact, whether it turns master into a Riajuu or not, I believe it is possible for

master to be a Riajuu, regardless of your bad personality. Bottom line, it's

because master has only one way of thinking right?"

"As a NEET, and a useless gamer, I cannot help but be attracted to the life of

a Riajuu !?"

Sora desperately shouted just by imagining that moment.

".......In that case, it is necessary to determine the limits of the 【Oaths】......"

Steph had never pondered so seriously before, but her eyes seemed to be

asking Sora to "Go and work".

On the other hand, s.h.i.+ro after some deep thinking made a suggestion.

"...........Additional condition........personality"

"...........So it's that, maybe this would ease out some things, Steph, please."

"That........let me reiterate, why me?"

"Because the easiest tester would have the best results."

Steph could not grasp the almost instantaneous answer from Sora.

"Then let's start, the challenged will be Steph."


"...........Fine, I understand."

Steph suppressed her emotions, pretending to have given up.

(......No matter what, I will always lose to Sora.)

(It was the same now, I can't even voice out that I will win against Sora.)

(Not to mention at the present case, the need to intentionally lose.)

(But what if the result, the additionalrequest was to become Sora's?)

(Unless, this is the once in a century chance to win over Sora!?)

Steph desperately restrained the joy in her heart.

"It can't be helped, as long as I intentionally lose right?"

"Whether intentional or not, you'llstill lose in the end. So for this experiment,

we willstate the conditions first. The game will be Chess, if I win, [Steph will

become me for 30 minutes]. If Steph wins, [Sweets will be awarded]. Well,

whatever, it doesn't even make sense. Well, I swear to the Oaths."

"Eh eh, I swear upon the Oaths....."

——swear upon the Oaths.

Obeying the [Ten Oaths] set by Kami, the game with absolute compliance


...........Forty seconds later.

".............Steph, you can't be this weak right, it's so miserable even if you

decided to lose..."

For Steph who lost to Sora in just five turns, she smiled and replied:

" that case, another strong gambler will be added into


Suddenly staring at Sora, Steph grinned and laughed.

"Let's begin the game Sora, it's time for you to duel against me who triumphed

over Kami oh?"

The flow of the atmosphere surrounded the girl, and she spoke contradicting

words before giving a condescending look to Sora.

"Hehe, it was you who jumped into your own dug grave, so why hesitate

now? Our bet will be [Always become you] oh. Let's fulfill the Oaths."

While Steph made a grand gesture with her actions, she spoke


Sora fought against the boss while conversing with s.h.i.+ro.

"s.h.i.+ro, I am that sort of character?"

"..........A bit......different."

"Dora-chan is probably complying to the Oaths, and she is reproducing the

personality she sees in master."

In that case, the intended action of wanting to be a Riajuu cannot be

accomplished anymore. If one wants to become Sora, it turns out to be like


"........That, are you overstating me or belittling me, this is such a bad


Steph lifted up her bangs, while Sora watched her and reminisced about the

past, before responding to her request.

".........Well, okay, it's more depressing than I thought it would be. For this

side, let Steph becomes normal if we win——I pledged to the Oaths."

...........Forty seconds later.

"What happened!? Shouldn't I be as strong as you!?"

For a very naturalreaction coming from Steph who lost in the same time as

before, Jibrilsaid.

"Didn't we say it before, the Oaths can't fulfill the impossible."

"So it's impossible for me to be better than Sora!?"

If there was an expression that was betrayed by the world, it was currently

displayed on Steph's face.

"Not exactly, even if Dora-chan felt like she became master, the thinking and

memory of both parties were not shared."

"You used me as a test even when you knew the situation!?"

"Of course! How in the world are you going to be neck and neck with me!?"

To be truthful, ifshe really became Sora.

It would be fine ifshe was with s.h.i.+ro, but Sora can never be Humanity's

strongest alone.

"Fuuuu..........but it's still insufficient. Maybe it's because Steph has poor


"Can you not say it's because of my performance ability!?"

"Jibril, it's your turn, you are a , so you should be able

to imitate me right?"

Maybe it was possible, something Sora looked forward to, but the

unexpected question surprised Jibril, who said:

"Me to become master? I think that is impossible."

"Eh, why?"

".......No, if it's my master's will, then I will even bet my soul to challenge."

Jibril lowered her head, as ifshe had done something miserable.


After much discussion, Jibril also lost to Sora.

Under the absolute compliance to the Oaths, she changed her stature.

"Whoa, even looks could be changed!"

"............Yes.....Jibril.....created by Elementals......"

Sora and s.h.i.+ro widened their eyes and stared at her, both uttering out

surprised voice.

For , changing physique was not impossible.

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

The Heavenly Winged

The Flügel

This was the glimmer of hope after the abandonment of the [Sora feminine

plan]—— the expression of Sora was calm with joy, but it slowly began to


Jibril was like the exact replica of Sora—— it was still normal until here.

But slowly, four pairs of wings started to grow out.


Something above Jibril's head appeared, a huge and bright halo.

Then, she opened her mouth and weaved out some words:

"——I was one of the weakest."(Take note she is speaking in Sora's terms.)

.........Sora became more speechless than before.

"Ah, what happened?"

"Weakest yet the strongest. Challenging Kami, bound by the【16 races】. The

known becoming the unknown. That's because I will be in charge of the

people who changed the world. Why have you called me, powerless


——Suddenly, the silence began where even droplets of water dripping on

the floor could be heard.

"Ah ~~~~"

So this is the case.

"..........Jibril, using Gurren Lagann to evaluate me is simply too


In the end it was just as Jibril had said, she shouldn't have the memories of

that time.

At the start, he was braced with subjective ideas.

——Comparing with the two, Sora should be the new master Jibrilserved.

Although Sora understood that he underwent deification in her heart, but——

"That, did I really have Chuunibyou

[4] ?!"

"Although it is concentrated, but Sora's words and actions are indeed like


s.h.i.+ro and Steph's words were probably more unexpected than Jibril's.

"..........I should probably re-examine myself."

Taking the words literally, Sora felt like digging a hole to hide.

Sora used both his hands to cover his face and erased his presence from Jibril

who resembled Sora.

Part 2

".......which means even if it's the mandatory law to follow the Oaths,

something beyond the limits willstill be impossible."

Sora deeply sighed while saying so. Afterwards, Jibril who turned back to her

own self echoed out:

"Unfortunately, it seems to be the case. Which means that Master's feminine


"Ah—How unfortunate, it's cannot be done."

However, that was natural.

"Then...........for the game players, they don't have the rights to increase their

strength. Which also means that humans can "indirectly" fight with magic."

"It's better to say—" Sora put his fingers on his lips and continued. "I am

looking forward to finding loopholes from the 【Ten Oaths】."


Steph and Jibrilswallowed a mouthful ofsaliva after hearing Sora's words.

Although he kept saying nonsense, he wanted to jump out of the rules laid

down by Kami.

——Sora was this kind of man.

——The king of Imanity, the man who Jibril was determined to serve.

But the key which was Sora, was still not conscious of it yet.

s.h.i.+ro was looking indifferent from the shocked Steph and Jibril, simply

because she had long been accustomed to Sora's doings.

"Then, even without coercion, s.h.i.+ro, can you [Albino] me?"

s.h.i.+ro tilted her head and replied.


"How s.h.i.+ro sees this world, you both are interested too right?"

"...........Just like the two people........from Nii's perspective.........Nii wants to

become s.h.i.+ro......?"

"It should happen with the Oaths' power right. If it is not the usual level, but

close to the limit, then maybe we can find something new."

But for her brother's words, s.h.i.+ro seriously pondered

——Just like what she herself thought, her brother was not an idiot.

Her brother with his unexpected sleight of hands, allowed her to lose a lot of

times. s.h.i.+ro was always puzzled when someone claimed that her brother was

a fool.

Ifshe really had to say it, then the strange thing about her brother was that he

was very dense.

Ifshe used the coercive power of the Oaths to overcome her brother's

denseness, what would happen?

If it began from the day where they lived together, gone through life's hards.h.i.+p

together, filled with memories.

Would he notice these feelings?

——Hidden in her chest, she had affection towards her brother more than

ordinary siblings.

After this much consideration, from what s.h.i.+ro would say, could completely

seal her brother.

".......If s.h.i.+ro.........becomes........Nii.......what would you think?"

"——Ah, that would be hateful. If it accords to what s.h.i.+ro sees me, I might


——It appears her brother has not noticed it yet.

And he did not notice the meaning behind her little sister's slightly reddened


"Un~ then what about changing into Jibril or me?"

"It's not me, Master, I don't understand the need to increase the funny role."

"Who are you calling the funny role!?"

——These were all memories that were like a monologue to s.h.i.+ro.

At that time, s.h.i.+ro finally understood what poured into her chest. Just that

s.h.i.+ro was not experienced to it yet.

It was small, impossible for others to realize, yet the smile was instantly

spotted by Sora.

Her brother responded back with a smallsmile, the meaning behind those

eyes, expressed out more clearly than words.

——"Interesting eh".

This world——is really just like a game. s.h.i.+ro smiled in affirmation.

There was no need to ask, gazing into her brother's eyes, s.h.i.+ro gave a small


Then everything dyed black.

Part 3

Her eyelids were heavy.

Was she sleeping or was she crying? Her arid eyes refused to open.

No, was it because her eyes were already dried?

Remembering something that she didn't want to remember. A nightmare she

did not want to give any more consideration to.

In order to confirm that it was a nightmare, she was going to open her eyes

and recognize the immediate landscape.

s.h.i.+ro felt like there was something in her head that kept telling her to 'stop'.

But in order to deny, she did something indescribable.

s.h.i.+ro told those thoughts to stop before she took the action ofslowly opening

her eyes, which was accompanied with pain.

This was the King's bedroom of the king city of Elchea.

s.h.i.+ro was lying alone on a large bed that could fit several more people.

The haphazard room was surrounded with books and games that were piled

up into hills.

Regardless of how much she looked around, the person who should have

been there wasn't there.

The person who always said "Good morning" and gave her the will to live

through every day wasn't there.

——Sora was not present- that meant that this room was only for her.

She wanted to deny this after pondering, but she could hear small voices.

——"Didn't I tell you not to?"

".........Please........If this is a dream— please wake up!"

s.h.i.+ro shouted out, with a hoa.r.s.e and painful voice that she usually didn't use.

——The emptiness of the room seemed to advocate that all of her memories

were allfantasies.

However, she shouted to prevent her tears from flowing out.

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