Nova Roma

Chapter 2 - The little flavio diary

The calm of the night in Lusitania was disturbed by the painful cries of a woman.

"Governor I think you should stay calm, Mrs. Julia is currently in labor and it would not be good to disturb the midwives lest we cause complications"

The Governor gets up from his chair "How do you want me to stay calm when my beloved Julia is screaming in that room. If something happened to her my father-in-law would not forgive me."

The counselor opened his hands and explained "I understand your troubles governor but those midwives are the best in the region of Hispania, even in our province of Lusitania we will not find midwives better than them, a few years ago they helped Governor Marco Cornelio of Aquitaine with the birth of his child"

The governor walked from side to side with his hand on his chin " I know but, my Julia's painful screams are so loud like that, I just can't stand it. It hurts me just to hear her painful screams ".

In the middle of their conversation the cries of the woman began to subside and were replaced by the cry of a baby, the door to the room was opened and an elderly woman came out of the room.

"Mr. governor you can come inside and see your son"

The Governor went with high emotions towards the room, he could see his wife Julia lying on the bed holding a small baby wrapped in a linen blanket

Julia saw her husband and said "Oh my beloved Vitelio, come and see your son"

The Governor Vitelio approached Julia and could see in her hands a small baby with golden hair and white skin, this was quite strange for Vitelio because the baby did not look like either him or his wife,but just when he wanted to investigate more about it, a light illuminated the room and for all the people present it was not that unusual the baby to be different from their parents.

Vitelio just forgot the questions he had and he placed his hand on the head of his son and said

"You will call yourself Flavio from now on, I'm sure you will do great things, my son"

5 years later :

In the governor's palace, you can see a small light coming from one of the windows. if you see inside the window you can see a small child sitting on a chair and writing in a papyrus

"Dear diary:

It's been 5 years since I reincarnated in this place, for some reason that I don't know, my memory was blocked, only today on my fifth birthday I have been able to re-remember everything.

I suppose it was an evil trick of Apollo at least to fulfil his promise of being in an influential position because my father is the governor of the province of Lusitania, but my mother's case is a bit more complicated.

The history is completely different from what I remember, the Augustinian emperor was supposed to have a daughter named Julia who was born in 39 BC, but in this alternate time it seems that history was changed quite a bit and Julia was born in 42 BC and she also had a brother named July who was born in 39 BC.

Unlike the story in my previous timeline, the emperor Augustus has a blood descendant who can inherit the empire.

What is more surprising is how my father Vitelio had been able to marry the daughter of the emperor (It must be the work of Apollo), so currently, I am the grandson of the emperor Augustus.

This itself is not a problem because the laws of succession of the empire are patriarchal and my mother can't inherit the Roman Empire because she is a woman.

Thus my grandfather the emperor allowed her to marry his good friend and comrade-in-arms Vitelio and granted my father control of the province of Lusitania.

That way he could keep my mother away from the intrigues of Roma, I have to thank Grandfather for that.

I chose a relatively calm time from Apollo for my rebirth. If I had chosen another time maybe my parents would be dead and I would be on my way to slavery or to be a sexual servant, the intrigues in these ages are brutal.

Children killing parents, parents killing children, basically, a battle royale that would leave Game of thrones looking like a baby.

Thus in the question of an influential identity, I am covered, at least I do not think it will not create any problems for me to perform the invasion of the Americas, as long as my grandfather is alive there would be no problems.

As for the matter of me being a god, the only difference I can find in my body is that I don't get sick and my wounds heal more quickly, I don't know if I can revive after I die but I prefer not to check it In my whole life.

The other wish related to the knowledge that I will use it to try to start up my money collecting plans during the following days. Although I currently have a large library of knowledge in my mind, most of the data is blocked

I imagine that it is because of me lacking any power of faith, I am sincere in myself that if I could unlock them all, chances are that I would try to create firearms and start a nice massacre to achieve my goals quickly.

But in the end, I'm restricted, whatever Rome is not built in a day so I have to start planning how to win Denarius (Roma coin), followed by trying to strengthen the power of my father by improving life in Lusitania in any way possible.

Anyway, whatever I "invent" will also help me in my plans, and for my last objective, I will have to see my grandfather at some point to be able to get people, whether citizens, free men, and freedmen for the expedition.

Since it will only be a one-way trip there will be no return, so I have to take a large number of people and resources that are not available in the Americas

How sad it would be to arrive at America and not have brought any horses (In America there were no horses, the only domesticated animal was the "llama" that the Andean people had), without horses there is no animal strength, without animal strength there are no great constructions, without great constructions it is the same to be a backward tribe.

Not to mention that cavalry plays a key role in this era, it was not until the Franco Prussian war that the power of cavalry began to decline ... "

Flavio left the calamus ( Plume occupied by the Romans) and scratched his eyes

"There are so many things to do but I will not be able to do anything tonight. I should sleep and start working tomorrow, I wonder if it will be good to leave the papyrus in the sight of people?

I suppose it wouldn't be a problem because it is written in 21st century Spanish with words from the center of Mexico unless Latin evolves into Spanish and from there Spanish, in turn, evolves into Mexican Spanish it will be quite difficult to decipher. "

Flavio got up from his chair, blew out the candle and retreated to his bed.

What Flavio did not know was that his writings would be famous with the name of "The Diaries of the Great Emperor" and they remained an unknown quantity in the 21st century, with barely 20% deciphered ...

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