Nova Roma

Chapter 375 - Way to europe

Chapter 375 - Way to europe

While Flavio continued to spend time listening to the Architect, his wives made the final preparations to be able to leave for high seas.

Thor was the first to get on and be able to feel the comfort of the boat, not only that but he also began to settle at the helm of the boat, after seeing him and feeling comfortable two goat skeletons appeared which revived.

The two goats were glad to see Thor, but their happiness was momentary why Thor nodded them to start cleaning them, while Loki could only shake his head "We have enough food Thor why start preparing food."

Thor could only smile. "The food is good, but there is no better food than the goats also, if your meat is seasoned with these chilies and pepper the flavor changes completely.

Our people will enjoy all this, by the way, you know where Hellena and Shini are. "

Loki looked over the edge of the boat so he could see Shini and Hellena saying goodbye.

Shini hugged her daughter Aule, "Little Aule, mom will have to leave for a few months, but you will be in charge of Aphrodite if dad leaves before wherever he is, don't get off his side.

Since Mom will come to be with him, if you feel alone, you can always be with your sister Bastet. "

Aule just looked at Shini with a toothless smile, Shini kissed her and put her hand on Helena's shoulder "I'll get on the ship Hellena if you need something I'll be up there."

Hellena nodded and then took her little daughter Bastet and kissed her on the forehead while handing her over to Mortem1.

"Bastet mom is going for help to allow dad to get out of wherever he is, we are both angry at him, but he cannot stay in that place without first allowing your brothers to return.

Remember to behave well and obey your other moms, don't worry, mom is going to come back with many more people and help.

Also, take care of your little sister Aule, you as the eldest sister and you have to prevent her from getting hurt, you have to get used to it because you will be the May in some months.

Mortem, I hope you can take care of Bastet I will go with Shini to the old continent to retrieve Heimdallr and that he can bring Flavio back, he cannot disappear without paying for what he did. "

At that moment Hellena approached Bastet and gave her a little kiss on the forehead "Daughter, it will only be a few months, Mom is coming back, I will also bring some gifts so you can pass the time."

After this, Bastet, with a small tear on her face, could see her mother as she said goodbye before boarding the beautiful flying boat and with much effort moved her little hand "Goodbye Mom."

Hellena listened to her daughter and could only squeeze her hand before looking at Loki, "Let's get out of the port that every day in this place is one less day with my daughters."

Loki nodded and took the helm of the ship to head to the old continent.

Mortem and Aphrodite looked at each other with a smile before hugging the little girls in their hands "Very well girls, it's time to go back to work, the empire is not resting, and there is much to do.

You don't have to worry, Mama Hellena and Mama Shini will return soon, neither of them will leave us, and when they arrive, we will be able to see their other two sisters. "

While this was happening on the European continent, Heimdallr and Odin were fighting a large horde of undead.

On the battlefield, the dead were being distracted by some Valkyries, while Heimdallr using his divine energy created some roots which stopped the advance of the great horde of the dead

Odin, who used his powers, decided to launch a great attack that turned much of the battlefield into a burning area; all the zombies were instantly burned, leaving only ashes on the floor.

With this attack, the vast majority of the horde was destroyed, and the survivors of the dead began to be pursued by the Valkyries, who used their spears to end the threat.

Heimdallr approached Odin and allowed him to lean on his shoulder, Odin looked at the battlefield with a forced smile "I hope Thor and Loki have news of their expedition.

These things do not stop coming from the south, and it does not seem that the number of deaths that arrive is diminishing, I can only think that any area in the south is a destroyed land. "

Heimdallr looked to the west, "I have a bad feeling, but at the same time, I can feel that our problems are somehow fixed."

Odin opened his eye curiously "Can you explain Heimdallr, I can't feel much since using my power continuously has weakened me quite a bit."

"For some reason, I can feel the fury of a woman angry at me it's like she wants to kill me and I can be sure that it has something to do with Loki, Thor is wild and impulsive, but Loki always has to do something wrong."

Odin laughed, and a jar of mead appeared in his hand, which he handed to Heimdallr. "You should drink a little; if you can feel danger, it is that Loki did something.

I hope I don't have to punish him in a very strong way, but I'm curious who it may be, although now that I think about it, you can feel Freyja. "

Heimdallr shook his head "I cannot feel her on that boat although I can feel a very slight sensation as if there were two of them, due to my experience I can affirm that she is pregnant."

Odin opened his eye in horror, and another jar of mead appeared in his hand, and he drank it completely. "I hope you're wrong; otherwise, I will give exemplary punishment to both of them.

Either way, I hope you can keep this information secret for the moment since I don't want to wreak havoc with each other since if we fight it will be our end, I only hope that they will come soon if not all they will find will be death and more death. "

Heimdallr could only drink from his cup of mead while looking at the horizon since Odin's words were correct. If they couldn't find a solution quickly, it would be the end. The new name of The dead, feels better that only say dead ;)

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