Nova Roma

Chapter 9 - Bad hunches

Flavio woke up with the light of the window and unlike the previous days, he could see his mother sleeping next to him while she was hugging him.

She was crying all night because she fell guilty for hates Flavio in the last 5 years, she doesn't want to be mother to young but she no had other option it was the decision of her dad Augusto, Flavio doesn't blame her mother because in this era the women no have the power of election in nothing.

Sometimes Flavio seems not to care about the life and death of people including his own life, but it is different from his family

In his previous life, his parents died when he was very young and his grandparents had to take care of him, like a good Mexican he grew up with a very strong family nucleus and learned to love the family and support the family when is necessary

He never lacked anything material or affection of his grandparents but he always felt a void for not having the love of his parents, never will be the same the love of a mother or dad than the love of other familiars.

After he regained his memory and awareness as an adult he could finally have the opportunity to know-how is the love that parents give, Flavio does not care if his parents are because of Apollo's influence, he swore to himself that he would protect them no matter what blood calls to blood.

When Flavio was thinking Julia wake up and see her little son seeing to the window, she just hugs more his son "My little son mama will be there for you."

Flavio just smiles and leaves her mother to cuddle him in the morning.

After performing his daily routine, he went out with Sadiki to explain how to make the compost in a large number of barrels with fecal stools, leftovers, bones, fish guts, among other ingredients they put inside the barrels in the order of Flavio say, then the barrels were sealed and taken away to the shed.

The special shed that only had constructed the basement, was enough to protect the barrels of any kind of troubles in another part the barrels can have.

Flavio indicated to Sadiki that the barrels should not be wet or Damp and from the 15 days they must move the barrels in their axis and after that, the process of the move them on their axis is made once a week, two weeks maximum.

After that process the compost in the barrels must be emptied in sacks, it's important the compost no use direct in plants firs must be combined with the soil in that form cant damage the born plants and the soil can have more nutrients.

In the afternoon Benicio just made the stirrups and the rings, he also forgot to put wood on the footrest of the stirrups, wiped the sweat from his forehead and began to observe them, in his view, he simply could not believe that these little things could make a big change as the young master had said

After admiring the stirrups for a while, he calls sadiki to give notice to the young master he has ended the make of stirrups, some time passed and Flavio arrived at the place.

He took the stirrups with his right hand and start look the stirrups for a while and placed his other hand on his chin after thinking a little bit, "I think the stirrups are so simple but its enough for change the wars of the future of Roma".

Flavio sent for a horse with his saddle and leather straps.

In the courtyard of the forge, it was possible to see a child arranging some rings with leather strips in the saddle and then place the stirrups, after an hour the chair was perfectly conditioned to be used

Flavio see his result and see Benicio "It's finished, please take a ride Benicio you will be in the storybooks like the first man in story to create and use stirrups."

The old blacksmith approached the horse and discovered that the stirrup allows the horse to climb without much effort, also he did a few laps on the courtyard. when he is using the stirrups known he doesn't have to exert force on his legs to avoid falling off the horse

Although this seems insignificant but has a gigantic strategic value, when a rider wants to attack from the horse he must has to exert double strength the first in his legs to hold on and not fall with the speed at which he exerts the blow

The second comes from the weapon when it hits the enemy correctly nothing happens, but if it hits badly the most likely is that one falls off the horse

The stirrups are a perfect point of support as they remove a weight of over the rider since the balance is guaranteed even if a spear is occupied the risk of falling is greatly reduced

Benicio makes a few more laps and I enjoy riding as never before.

Flavio observed the whole process and nodded after that Benicio descended from the horse "See Benicio this simple element will change the world we know.

Sadiki takes these stirrups to my father immediately and say they need to implement it in the Legion IX Hispana, never its a bad time for having technological advantages in the army."

At moment Flavio give to sadiki the stirrups he had a slight feeling that maybe Soon they would occupy it, he hoped to be in error but deep inside he knew that as God this feeling was simply bad news

He looked at Benicio and asked him to speed up the production of his last task (Airlock and the threaded pipes to produce alcohol)

Flavio retreated quickly to the studio where he immediately began to draw a contour in the shape of "T" with the tips down was the model of hand crossbow, another drawing he made was that of a small catapult if this feeling continues the best thing is to be prepared

The training time of an archer was years, instead, a crossbowman could be trained in a few days, as far as the mini catapult can be placed on the walls or behind them, as to launch, Flavio looked cruelly towards nothingness

"I do not care if you destroy my city, much less my house but if you damage my family it's another story, I hope my enemy you are ready for die because of im ready to kill"

For Flavio the best enemy was one dead, so he plans to create large-scale sealed clay pots with bleach inside, for some reason even he does not know why the bleach he has produced for the soap, it does much more damage to the skin and eyes than it should do

Which is perfect as a chemical weapon, it does not matter if the bleach does not fall directly on them is enough to evaporate to damage their eyes and make chaos in their army

Unfortunately, the gunpowder cant be created on a large scale due to lack of saltpeter, will have to put pressure on the frame to complete the building of three uses In the strong Dovahkiin, only in that way he can get crystals of saltpeter

Flavio bit his nails for a moment and started writing a letter to his father to tell his worries and suggesting he create a trench on the outside of the wall as well. as far as possible the weapons that he had drawn, along with the creation of traps in strategic areas

When he finished writing he called sadiki to deliver the letter and the two drawings, asked him to give them to his father and said that he needed all the death prisoners available

Since he was going to make dirty slag worth more than feed for gladiators or lions, he would also need a lot of small amphoras with lids and a lot of white ash no matter where he got it, sadiki left the room to take the documents quickly to Vitelio.

Flavio wanted to see if his divine energy had increased the power of the bleach if so it would be better to be careful when producing gunpowder or some acid

He could only sigh and look up at the ceiling he knew very well that his calm days might be over the only good thing is that if someone was stupid enough to attack the emperor's family, legions would rain on all sides.

The Cantabrians are a town located north of the peninsula of Hispania, have survived generations of Greeks and Carthaginians for generations, but with the Romans, they could only see their people reducing their living space.

Now the situation is precarious, the land no longer produces the harvest they expect and the people are starving, the king of the Cantabrians does not want to endanger his population, so he has chosen to fight against the Romans.

This is a stupid decision but it is his only chance to save the people from famine ...

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