Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World

Chapter 14 - What was this Coaxing?

Ch14 – What was this Coaxing?

It had to be noted that the black dragon was a very patient person. After countless repetitions, Rong Mingshi felt he couldn’t understand the words ‘energy stone’ and ‘carver.’ His head was full of his own voice… this was a disaster!

In his past life, Rong Mingshi had never touched brain-intensive things because of his brain problems. However, he occasionally listened to his grandfather talk about a few family business matters and could understand it. He even made one or two suggestions. At the time, his grandfather had always sighed that his grandson could definitely achieve something if he didn’t get headaches. Therefore, Rong Mingshi was still a bit confident about his comprehension.

Then why was it so hard to talk?

However, the little leopard didn’t easily give up. It might be a bit hard but his attitude of learning with Aojia was very positive. He worked hard to control his tongue and vocal cords as he carefully repeated the words.

After thousands of repetitions, Aojia rubbed the head of the chaotic little leopard. “You spoke very well and you’re making good progress.”


Rong Mingshi’s ears moved as he raised his eyes to look at Aojia.

…What was this coaxing? He made the same sound from beginning to end, apart from the ‘Aoji’ that sounded vaguely like Aojia. Where was the progress? Aojia saw the little leopard’s seriously doubting gaze and touched the corners of the leopard’s mouth before rubbing the head. “Otherwise, should I become a beast to teach you?”

Rong Mingshi immediately raised his head, clear eyes fixed on Aojia. Was it okay? Was this room big enough?

Aojia picked up the little leopard from the table, walked out of the range of the desk and stood in a more spacious room. In the blink of an eye, Rong Mingshi felt the wide palms holding him change into powerful dragon claws. Then the man in front of him once again transformed into what was seen on the desolate star. The only difference was that the black dragon’s size had shrunk and he reasonable fit in the open space of this room.

At this time, the little leopard had completely forgotten about learning to speak. He stretched out furry paws and touched the black dragon scales, the powerful dragon arms and the beautiful dragon wings.

Um… His previous carving wasn’t as detailed and lacked some of the power of the flesh and blood. There was more of his imagination and it was less real. It wasn’t smooth enough compared to Dragon Aojia’s wings.

On the desolate star, he only glimpsed the black dragon from a distance. He might’ve vividly grasped the shape and momentum of the black dragon but there were some deviations in detail. Maybe the next time he found the right material, he could carve the dragon wings better.

The little leopard kept this in mind and completely forgot Aojia’s purpose behind transforming to his beast shape. He just carefully observed the black dragon in front of him. The more he observed, the more the leopard discovered that some details were really lacking.

A smile flashed in the black dragon’s vertical golden pupils. He looked at the ground, slightly folded up his dragon wings and placed the dragon tail in front of his claws. Then he picked up the focused leopard and placed the leopard on his back.

Rong Mingshi unceremoniously jumped to the dragon head and squinted as he carefully observed Aojia’s head. Then he lay there and studied Aojia’s eyes from top to bottom.

Aojia’s golden pupils shrank slightly as he looked up at the little leopard squatting on his forehead. It was unknown how soft his heart was. The little leopard didn’t receive a carver’s training but the things he did instinctively were in line with the behaviour of a well-educated carver.

Observe, nuanced observation.

Moreover, this little leopard’s indulgent look gave Aojia the feeling that the leopard had an idea for his next carving. This type of carving without any purpose, only for making a carving of his original beast shape made the black dragon’s heart overflow with a feeling of peace and stability that never existed before.

The black dragon smiled slightly and slightly moved his claws to the top of his head, letting the little leopard touch it and turn it over many times. Once the little leopard was finally satisfied and all parts of this beautiful black dragon were thoroughly studied, he slid down the dragon wings. Then he remembered with some embarrassment Aojia’s purpose behind transforming to his beast shape.

Rong Mingshi hurriedly went to Aojia but when he looked up, Rong Mingshi was stunned to see that Aojia was already asleep. The beautiful golden eyes were tightly closed and a fiery scent came from the black dragon’s breath that was emitted in front of the little leopard. There was the feeling that he was about to be burned and Rong Mingshi subconsciously stepped back. Then he slowly moved on the thick claws and sneaked closer, his paws reaching up to touch the dragon’s nose.

Rong Mingshi grinned, revealing sharp teeth as he lightly cried out, “Aoji.”


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