Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World

Chapter 22 - Great Black Dragon’s Pent Up Frustrations

Ch22 – Great Black Dragon’s Pent Up Frustrations

Thanks to finding the material for the black dragon, Rong Mingshi completely forgot about continuing to study the other energy stones and then carve other animals. He directly placed the remaining stones to the side. The little leopard wanted to make money but it was far less than his desire to carve the black dragon.

Rong Mingshi was excited about the thought of being able to show the little black dragon he had conceived. The cute Aojia must be very interesting! However, it took some time to receive things bought online. Rong Mingshi waited a bit anxiously and ran around the terrace in a circle until a disc drone landed on the terrace with a small parcel.

“Mr. Rong Mingshi, your express delivery has arrived. Please sign for it!”

There was a mechanical sound as information was transferred. The little leopard looked up and the drone showed a digital signature pad in front of it. Rong Mingshi stretched out his paw and calmly pressed a leopard print against it.

The empire’s handwriting recognition system didn’t have a rigid rule that signatures must be written. Rong Mingshi’s paw was in compliance with the rules or Principal Stewart wouldn’t have accepted his signature so easily.

The signature was received, the drone delivered the package and quickly flew away. The little leopard’s paws pressed against the parcel and the intelligent system of the package flashed. The electronic lock was lifted, revealing a round and bulging spherical low-grade energy stone with three colours mixed together that was the size of an adult fist.

The little leopard gazed at the stone and became happier. He refused to let the robot housekeeper help him as he pulled it all the way to the living room and placed it on the table. Fortunately, the housekeeper was busy with other things and the main data had slipped away. The current robot housekeeper had the backup program activated which didn’t have any type of consciousness.

The more Rong Mingshi looked at this stone, the more he liked it. It was really in line with Rong Mingshi’s vision of the little black dragon. The main colour was black with some gold mixed in and less red.

The leopard licked his mouth and stretched out his paws, turning the stone over while pondering on his design.

Yesterday, the form of Black Dragon Aojia lying on the ground sleeping was clearly imprinted in his mind. This was completely different from Aojia at other times and Rong Mingshi remembered that when he drilled under the wings, the warm body temperature of the black dragon was transmitted to him. At the same time, he dimly felt that the black dragon’s eyes had fallen on him.

Rong Mingshi stared at the stone and the shape of the little black dragon became clearer. His inspiration almost jumped out and Rong Mingshi couldn’t wait to move his leopard paw tools as he started to carve this round energy stone.

The shape of the little black dragon was slightly curved and the small dragon wings slightly propped up in the back. The black dragon head was facing the direction of the wings. The dragon claws were curled up a bit and cushioned under the head, while the smooth dragon tail was next to the claws.

This was the general shape of the little black dragon. Once the main structure was roughly carved out, the little leopard shook his spirit, exchanged carving knives and started to carve the energy stone. The golden part of the energy stone was turned into a small golden vest worn by the little black dragon while the red part became small underwear…

Once this part was carved, the little leopard couldn’t control the laughter in his eyes. The furry leopard paws patted the stone. “Jiao… jiji!”

Aojia… haha!

The carving of the dragon scales was completely different from the black dragon he carved before. Each scale was processed into a circular arc shape. The edges were less sharp, had a softer gleam and were more flexible. There was also a big difference with the dragon claws. They were rounded, less sharp and less powerful. The fleshy part was fuller.

It was the same as before. The little leopard carved the black dragon’s eyes last. Aojia had looked at the little leopard in his sleep so for this part of the design, Rong Mingshi carved the little black dragon with one eye closed and one eye slightly opened.

Gold was still the main colour of the eye but previously, he had made sharp, vertical pupils. This time, Rong Mingshi expanded the pupils, as if the little black dragon was wearing circle contact lens, making him look a bit mischievous.

Once Rong Mingshi’s knives meticulously depicted this in detail, he couldn’t help muttering, “…Aoji jiao jiji!”

…Aojia, you must’ve peeked at me!

The carving was finally finished. Rong Mingshi looked at the cute version of Aojia under his dragon paws and his ears suddenly became hot. He couldn’t control himself and rubbed his head against the little black dragon.

Really too cute! He didn’t know if Aojia would’ve been so cute when young. It was just that the beastman’s juvenile form only emerged at the other extreme of mania and Rong Mingshi didn’t expect this to happen to Aojia at all.

He carved two works in a row. The little leopard who used a lot of effort yawned and lay on the sofa while holding the little black dragon. On the side, the robot housekeeper followed the program’s instructions and covered Rong Mingshi with a blanket after he fell asleep. Rong Mingshi cocked his head and fell asleep with his nose pressed against the bulging little black dragon in his paws.

Aojia came home after handling military affairs and saw this scene. The little leopard’s head was crooked as he slept on the sofa while holding something dark. Aojia slowly walked over, took off the coat of his military uniform, handed it to the robot housekeeper and reached out to rub the ears of the little beast on the sofa.

The ticklish leopard moved his ears and muttered, “Aoji…”


Aojia’s lips slightly curved and he reached out to pick up the little leopard. Then the thing between the leopard’s paws was noticed, causing his movements to pause slightly. He temporarily let go of the leopard and picked up the thing inside the paws.

It was a round black dragon half the size of his fist, wearing a gold vest and red underwear. It lay on the ground sleeping, with small dragon wings that weren’t consistent with the body. One golden eye was open and hidden behind the dragon claws as it stared at something under the dragon wings, as if there was something extremely rare over there.

Then this little leopard knew that Aojia had been pretending to sleep on the aircraft? Aojia didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he stared at this little black dragon that didn’t match his form. He had a moment of stagnation and his heart was filled with tenderness.

The power of this energy stone was far from what Aojia was interested in. The thing that made his heart surge was the thought of this little leopard carving the stone.

He had seen the sudden turmoil on the Star Network on the way back home. He was most familiar with this carving technique. After all, the little leopard practiced in front of him and he saw a small detail that no one else noticed: the small mark of ‘Shi’ which was the little leopard’s name.

Once he discovered that his little leopard had carved other beastmen, his mood was indescribable for a moment and he frightened the guards in the car. Calant feared his mania was heading to another extreme. After all, beastmen in estrus were the most uncontrollable.

Fortunately, the energy stone that the little leopard carved for him continued to appease him. There was one inside the armband around his arm and one in the belt around his waist. Aojia gently tapped the belt and slightly closed his eyes, golden pupils hidden.

Calant was afraid that the boss would transform when his body still wasn’t in a good state and cleared his throat. “Sir, we should go to the aircraft first. The doctor is still there.”

“Keep driving the car,” Aojia ordered in a calm voice.

“Yes, Sir!” Calant was tense and as he drove the suspension car. He sent a message to his deputy on the aircraft, ready to keep track of their commanding officer. He was afraid that their commanding officer would hide from them again on a desolate planet and use violence on himself to suppress his mania.

Aojia closed his eyes. His head was full of the little leopard, from the moment he saw the leopard on the desolate star to the present.

The little leopard gnawing at the egg with a cocked head, the little leopard staring at him, the little leopard eating the nutrients, the focused little leopard, the little leopard drilling into his dragon wings and the little leopard sleeping peacefully. He even thought about what the little leopard’s human form would look like after the illness was cured and how the eyes would be clear and quick-witted.

The talent of the little leopard was there and he would use his talents to carve other beastmen. Aojia knew this very well. Still, this day had arrived too quickly and it made him feel full of frustrations. It was as if one day, the little leopard would leave him after having contact with other beastmen and would choose to be with other beastmen…

This lasted until he returned to the manor and saw the little beast sleeping on the sofa. All the frustrations and low moments were thrown aside. Forget it… everything was good as long as the little leopard was happy. Then he saw the energy stone held by the little leopard, the shape of the little black dragon designed by the leopard, and all these emotions were swept away, leaving no residue left.

There was no little black dragon under his paws. Rong Mingshi’s sleep wasn’t heavy and he opened his eyes in a confused manner, seeing the person in front of him. “Aoji?” Aojia?

Aojia lowered his head and rubbed the leopard’s head with one hand while holding the little black dragon in the other. “Don’t sleep here. Go back to bed.”

Rong Mingshi rubbed his paws against his face and extended them towards Aojia. “Ji, jiao jiaoji.”

Yes, then give me back the little black dragon first.

He couldn’t hear what the little leopard was saying but Aojia understood the actions and raised his eyebrows. “You carved me.”

The tongue-tied Rong Mingshi, “…”

Aojia picked up the little leopard wrapped in a blanket and carried him to the bedroom.

“Aoji, Aoji, jiji!”

Aojia, Aojia, return it to me!

Rong Mingshi shook in Aojia’s arm. He hadn’t triggered the power in this energy stone and it was completely useless in Aojia’s hands!

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