Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World

Chapter 8 - Going to the Original Stone Field

Ch8 – Going to the Original Stone Field

The small planet AUT-3 was far from the most prosperous imperial star and wasn’t well known. It was just a small planet with unusual numbers on the star map, even if this small planet had the largest energy stone vein of the empire, producing any high-grade solid colour energy stones.

All these energy stones were operated through an interstellar resources group. After several reversals, the original of the energy stones was well concealed. No one knew that this little unknown planet had the most expensive resources in the empire and bore the supply of nearly half the free low-grade energy stones of the empire.

Aojia’s aircraft passed through the resource’s close-range defense system and directly docked on the tarmac of the central mining area. Calant rang on the door of their commanding officer. Aojia, who had changed into black casual clothes while carrying a little leopard with white fur and black markings.

The little leopard still hadn’t woken up and was nesting in their commanding officer’s arms. The thick paws were over his face, and the round white ears and soft leopard against their commanding officer’s black clothes were surprisingly suitable. It made their commanding officer look a lot softer.

There was an inexplicable idea in Calant’s head. In the future, it would probably be this type of scene if their commanding officer had a child. He would be a majestic and loving father. The appearance of him holding his own child was so warm it was unbearable.

Once Calant had this idea, he helplessly suppressed it. There was no way. Their commanding officer’s power was too strong and it was already hard to suppress the mania before getting married. If he got married and completely entered the estrus period, what type of destruction would his future lady bear? Duke Oran was calculating and wanted to engage his little princess to their commanding officer. He wasn’t afraid of Aojia’s mania directly tearing at the other person.

The utilization rate of the energy stone in their commanding officer’s armband was very high but the energy stone was too small… Calant could only hope that the master-level engraver his commanding officer had found could make another one.

Aojia left the aircraft and the head of the resource star, Abel greeted him. “Sir!”

Aojia asked him, “Is it all ready?”

Abel immediately responded, “Yes. Sir, all the energy stones that have been mined are placed in the warehouse. As soon as we received your order, we stopped cutting and exporting the energy stones.”

Aojia nodded and Abel didn’t ask anything else. He directly led Aojia in the direction of the warehouse. The doctor wisely followed his commanding officer with a miniature scanner.

The first ones they chose were the high-grade solid colour energy stones that had been cut and were waiting for packaging. The quantity wasn’t too much and they were neatly arranged on the shelves. Abel started the machine and took down a variety of solid colour energy stones from the shelf in turn.

Aojia looked down at the little leopard in his arms, reaching for the thick paws and scratching the furry ears. The little leopard was disturbed and reached out another thick paw, covering his ears while his head drilled hard into Aojia’s arm.

Too sleepy…

Aojia touched the little beast’s thick tail and squeezed it slightly. The little beast was tired but the most important thing had to be done first. Aojia slightly smiled as he held the leopard’s two front paws and placed the leopard on the table in front of him. This action made the little leopard’s head lost the thing it was leaning on and he naturally woke up. He opened misty leopard eyes and stared at Aojia with a dazed expression.

Aojia patted his head and released the thick paws. “Choose the energy stone first.”

This scene caused Abel, who was standing by the machine’s side, and the doctor holding the scanner to stop their movements and stare at Aojia in shock. Sir! Were you just teasing (flirting) the little leopard? In addition, did you just smile?

It was scary…

Whether it was Abel or the doctor, they had followed Black Dragon Aojia on the battlefield. They had seen the bloodthirsty commanding officer on the battlefield but they had never seen such a gentle commanding officer.

The little leopard saw many solid coloured energy stones in front of him and his spirit was suddenly shocked. He didn’t know what these materials were but they were good for carving. Everything looked good and his claws were itchy. Aojia looked down at the little leopard standing on the long table and staring at the energy stones. Then he glanced at the doctor.

The doctor shook his head. “Sir, there is none suitable among them.”

Aojia nodded and Abel immediately withdrew these energy stones. He went to another batch and replaced the energy stones dozens of times until all the solid coloured energy stones in the stock had been tested. Yet there were none suitable for the leopard.

Abel removed the last stones and asked, “Sir, do you want to try the middle and low-grade stones?”

Perhaps their commanding officer’s expectations for the little leopard were too high and the leopard wasn’t suitable for high-grade stones. Aojia nodded slightly and watched as Abel changed to the middle-grade energy stones.

The stones that appeared this time had more colours than before. Some had two colours with distinct boundaries while some were mixed patterns. They weren’t as good as the previous solid coloured stones but in Rong Mingshi’s eyes, they were another type of material that tickled his claws. This material required ingenuity and appropriate use of the material’s texture could create a more beautiful carving.

The little leopard watched the materials with great interest but the doctor was once again regretful. “There are none.”

Abel secretly sighed. This little leopard should be suitable for low-grade energy stones, which meant his strength should be very ordinary. With this strength, it would be very dangerous for him to stay with their commanding officer. It was a pity that the beast who made their commanding officer smile and flirt might have to eventually be sent away.

Abel started the machine, removed all middle-grade energy stones and sent the low-grade energy stones. Compared to the first two types, the low-grade energy stones were much more abundant and there were many messy piles. This energy stone was the most common energy stone in the veins. After they were mined, they were cut simply and directly sent out free of charge to the ordinary beastmen of the empire.

Once these stones emerged, Rong Mingshi’s eyes could only be described as bright. These stones were all motley. Almost all of them were a mix of three colours and some had even more colours. No matter how many colours there were, the texture of the stones was very good. If Rong Mingshi had a good idea then he might be able to make exquisite carvings.

This time, the little leopard didn’t hold back and directly stretched out his paw to grab a stone. This was a stone that was a mixture of black, red and gold, causing an idea to form in Rong Mingshi’s head. Rong Mingshi excitedly pulled it out of the pile of stones.

When the little leopard pulled it out, Abel took a breath and thought the little leopard had found an energy stone that suited him. Then there was some discouragement. It really was a low-grade energy stone.

Abel had never seen a beastman’s energy stone be so difficult to match. In general, beastmen just needed to find an energy stone that suited their body colour. For example, their commanding officer could use any stone that had a mix of black. Then they chose the grade of the stone according to their strength and the onset of mania.

Then the next moment, the doctor suddenly said, “This stone isn’t suitable for the little leopard.”

There was no reaction from the miniature scanner. Aojia stared at the little leopard who pulled a stone out without hesitation. The starry leopard’s eyes were filled with joy, just like when he saw the nest with bird eggs.

The stone was pulled in front of the little leopard and Aojia took it. It was warm and the size of his palm. It was mostly black with some red and gold. This should be able to become a high-grade energy stone. Rong Mingshi stared at the stone and liked it even more as he thought about what to carve in his head. He didn’t care that he hadn’t found his own energy stone. The little leopard stepped on Aojia’s hand and patted the stone in his hand.

Aojia rubbed his head. “Yes, this is for you.”

Rong Mingshi opened his mouth, revealing small leopard teeth as he smiled at Aojia. Aojia’s lips curved as he hugged the little leopard and motioned for Abel to continue.

Abel and the doctor’s eyes were numb as they mechanically removed stones and scanned stones. They didn’t understand. There were so many different types of stones. How could none be suitable for the little leopard? Who exactly did this leopard belong to and how did he grow in such a strange manner?

The bored little leopard was nestled in the arms of their commanding officer, holding the humble low-grade energy stone and yawning…

They spent a lot of time in the warehouse and still hadn’t found a low-grade energy stone suitable for the little leopard. Aojia held the leopard and stood up. “Let’s go to the original stone field.”



Well, he was the commanding officer and had the final say… since it couldn’t be found, he would go directly to the mine?

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