Number One Zombie Wife

Chapter 1 - Young Master

Chapter 1: Young Master

What should I do if I transmigrated into my last writing?

What if he became a Zombie King into my final writing?

If this Zombie King is not only the arch-enemy of the man or the chief culprit in killing the man, and the male lead would be born again and returns to the end of the world to come and seek revenge, then what should I do?

Mu Yi Fan, who got immersed into the end of his own writing, was troubled and after a day and night of thinking, he decided to take care of the problem himself, and at the moment when the man was born again, he immediately killed the man!

According to the plot of the novel, the male lead will return to the first month before the end of the world within his personal space, that is, the Qingming Festival on April 5, 2014.

On this day, the unreborn male lead will go to pay his respects to his fallen comrades in the Gchengshui village. Unexpectedly, he was going to be assassinated by others, shot in the body, left in the mountains, and when he woke up again, his soul would be reborn.

Mu Yi Fan thought of it, and quickly took out the phone and he saw that the time shown above was 8:27 on April 5, 2014.

His face changed dramatically and in a hurry he grabbed the car keys on the table and rushed to the villa’s garage

“Big Master where are you going?” An anxious voice stopped Mu Yi Fan’s footsteps.

Mu Yi Fan looked back and saw a middle-aged man in a gray suit standing at the gate of the villa, his face with gold-rimmed glasses. The man looke very gentle, just like a bachelor’s degree, but in his hand there was a blue gray medicine box.

From this memory in the body, the middle-aged man in front of him is called Li Qing Tian, ​​who is a family doctor.

Li Qing Tian raised his hand and pushed the glasses on the bridge of the nose. He smiled and approached: “Young Master! I am here to check your body!”

Hearing what was said, Mu Yi Fan’s lips slowly sneered in an invisible coldness.

When he was too lazy to name the characters in the book, he used his own name and the names of his buddies in the real world to name the characters in the book. Therefore, the name of the physical master is called Mu Yi Fan. And That Mu Yi Fan was the eldest son of Admiral Mu Yue Cheng. After graduating from the military academy, he was elected to the special forces and was trained in the same batch as the male lead

Mu Yi Fan and the male lead should be treated with sincerity. However, the male lead has outstanding ability and he is better in all aspects compared to him. Mu Yi Fan gradually started to hate the male lead, often secretly giving the male lead no help in the mission, and the conflicts between him and the male lead were also started from here.

After that, Mu Yi Fan was diagnosed with bone cancer because of this mission-related injury. He had to withdraw from the army and go home to recuperate. The only thing that was fortunate was that his cancer was only in the early stage of bone cancer. Its a cancer that can be cured by drugs or surgery. However, this made his Second Brother excited, that Second Brother looking for someone to secretly inject a terrible virus into their body. Because of this virus, Mu Yi Fan became a human being after the end of the world, and he was a ghost of his former self but not really a ghost….. A Zombie.

And… Li Qing Tian is the person who injected him with the virus.

Mu Yi Fan returned to reality after that short walk down the memory lane and blinked looking. At his hand holding the car key. He found that his nails had a light gray color. He knew that this was a precursor to one being a full zombie and that he wpyld be incapable to turn back from the fact that he was about to become zombie.

However, as long as the protagonist in the book is removed, he may soon return to reality.

“I need to go I have something to do, you…” Mu Yi Fan seems to think of somwthing in a flash of light: “When it reaches the night, come over and check the body for me!”

Li Qing Tian was stunned, then gently smiled : “Okay!”

Mu Yi Fan looked at his medicine box and asked: “Do you have a face mask in your medicine cabinet? If you arent using it, give it to me!”

“Yes!” Li Qing Tian was busy taking out the white mask from the medicine box and handing it to Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan no longer talked, and he quickly took a mask and sunglasses and drove away.

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