Number One Zombie Wife

Chapter 376-END

Chapter 376: Reality (END)

Mu Yi Fan found out that Zhan Guo Xiong and Zhan Lei Gang seem to know about him and Zhan Bei Tian.

Zhan Guo Xiong saw that the two didn’t move, and his face was heavy with annoyance: Mu-Mu, you are the most obedient. Listen to Grandfather Zhan’s words, you should first let go of Bei Tian’s hand.”

Mu Yi Fan shook his head quickly.

It’s impossible for him to let go of Zhan Bei Tian.

Zhan Guo Xiong looked even worse: What? You won’t even listen to this old man? ”

No, Grandfather Zhan, I…”

He really don’t Zhan Guo Xiong to be angry with him, but he anxiously wanted to explain to him. Zhan Bei Tian said quietly, “Grandpa, please don’t scare Mu-Mu anymore.”

Zhan Guo Xiong face looked cold.

Zhan Lei Gang, who was not happy at first, suddenly chuckled out: Dad, you can see that Bei Tian is protecting Mu-Mu, and he is reluctant to let Mu-Mu be blamed.”

His smile made Zhan Guo Xiong unable to suppress the smile on the corner of his mouth. He glared at Zhan Lei Gang: Didn’t I tell you to suppress your smile? Why did you lose your marbles so fast?”

Zhan Lei Gang said with a smile, Dad, I’m afraid my son’s sweetheart will be scared away by you. At that time, your grandson will ignore you. Who are you going to cry towhen that happens?”

My grandson won’t ignore me.” Zhan Guo Xiong smiled kindly and beckoned to the completely silly man: Mu-Mu, come to Grandfather Zhan.”

Zhan Bei Tian let go of his hand and said. “Go.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at them foolishly, and the whole person was completely shaken by them.

One second, Zhan Guo Xiong asked them to let go, and the next second, he smiled kindly to let them go. And Zhan Lei Gang obviously knew that he and Zhan Bei Tian were together, but he not only didn’t get angry, but also accepted the matter with a smile. What’s going on here?

Mu Yi Fan was stunned and walked stiff to Zhan Guo Xiong.

Zhan Guo Xiong took his hand and asked with a smile, Did I scare you just now?”

Mu Yi Fan was really not clear about the situation, and nodded honestly.

Zhan Bei Tian can’t help but smile when Mu Yi Fan looked silly.

Zhan Guo Xiong smiled: Don’t be nervous, it was just joking.”

The two smiled and said, Mu-Mu didn’t do less things that made us nervous and worried before. Now, we finally have a chance to get him back for good.”

At this time, Yang Feng Qing came over with a big plate of fruit and a smile on her face: What are you talking about? So happy?”

Mu Yi Fan:

Which eyes are you using to see happiness here?

Don’t you see that he doesn’t know how to deal with these elders now?

Zhan Guo Xiong asked Mu Yi Fan to sit beside him, patted him on the back of the hand and said seriously, Mu-Mu, we have known, er, exactly what Bei Tian was thinking about you since a long time ago.”

Mu Yi Fan looked surprised.

The old man couldn’t help thinking back to the past: At that time, he had just returned from his study, he immediately told me and Lei Gang and Feng Qing that he had someone he liked, and that person was you. He hoped that we wouldn’t interfere in his marriage in the future, let alone introduce him to other families daughters or have a business marriage. At that time, we were shocked and also had a strong feeling opposed to that. As an elder, who doesn’t want our children and grandchildren to be able to get married and have children, but with Bei Tian’s incontestable nature, what he is thinking is difficult to change. What’s more, the person he was thinking about, we have thought about many ways to prevent him from going wrong or going through with his plans, but they failed, instead, we make Bei Tian become more and more far away from us, he even moved out of the Zhan Family, and hadn’t stepped into the house for half a year, in the end, we compromised for his persistence, but there was an agreement between us, that is, we can’t give a hand to you, because you werent grown up, and we can’t rashly show our heart annoyance and hurt you, someone who was ignorant. Moreover, if you like girls, then Bei Tian must quit chasing after you and he cant do anything to stop you from being happy. Although it’s just a simple agreement, it can’t really restrict Bei Tian’s behavior. However, with his love and care for you, he will never do anything harmful to you, and will surely hide this deep in his heart. Lei Gang and I had other thoughts. We hoped you would like girls in the future. Maybe Bei Tian will let you go and marry other women and have children.”

Speaking of this, Zhan Guo Xiong’s face showed his heartache: But every time I see Bei Tian guarding you silently, but can’t show his heart, I was feeling very heartache as a grandfather, especially when Feng Qing intentionally asked you in front of Bei Tian, if you have a girl you like, the sad look on Bei Tian made me hate that we prevented him letting you know about his feelings for you… Because I really can’t bear him to keep it so quiet all the time.”

He is a great grandson. He was very sensible since he was a child. He never let them worry. He never asked for anything. The only thing that he asked for is Mu Yi Fan. However, they had no way to get it for him.

Yang Feng Qing thought of her hurtful behavior to her son before, but even now she was still very sad. When she saw her son’s sad look, she thought that the person that her son liked was a man who was chasing after a woman. As long as he was happy, all of her sons happiness came from the boy named Mu Yi Fan. If one day Mu Yi Fan married with other women and gave birth to children, would her son would still smile openly?

At that time, she didn’t object to Zhan Bei Tian’s love for Mu Yi Fan any more. On the contrary, she hoped that Mu Yi Fan could respond to her son’s feelings. So, just now, when seeing Bei Tian leading Mu Yi Fan in, she finally fell back to her original happy position and sincerely wished them two could love each other for life.

Mu Yi Fan knows exactly how deep Zhan Bei Tian’s feelings are to himself, but when he heard so many things he didn’t know, his eyes still turned sour and red. If the three elders were not here, he would have jumped up and kissed Zhan Bei Tian.

Zhan Guo Xiong said so much, but also wanted Mu Yi Fan to know that they really accepted him: Just now, I wanted you to let go. Besides teasing you, I also wanted to see how deep your feelings for our Bei Tian are. Will you let go of Bei Tian’s hand after fearing two sentences spoken casually? If so, I will consider whether you are worthy of his love for Bei Tian. Fortunately, you didn’t let go of him when reprimanded.”

Mu Yi Fan didn’t think that the Zhan Family’s people had long wanted him to be with Bei Tian. No wonder Zhan Bei Tian was so confident that Zhan Guo Xiong would agree with them being together.

He quickly expressed his mind: “Grandfather Zhan, I will never let go of Bei Tian’s hand in my life. I love him, and I will prove it to you with my life.”

Zhan Bei Tian heard the sweet words, the smile in his eyes went even deeper, he turned and looked at Mu Yi Fan eyes even more gentler.

Zhan Guo Xiong said with a smile, I wont be able to see if you can get old with him or not, but I will let other kids stare at you.”

Of course, these words are jokes.

Zhan Lei Gang and Yang Feng Qing saw that Mu Yi Fan really loved their son and both laughed.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Zhan Lei Gang, Yang Feng Qing and Zhan Guo Xiong looked at each other mysteriously.

Yang Feng Qing got up and said, It should be the guests we invited.”

Zhan Guo Xiong also stood up: Yes, we are going to meet the guests together.”

Mu Yi Fan immediately held Zhan Guo Xiong, and then he curious asked Zhan Bei Tian, What guest is coming to Zhan Family?”

The corners of Zhan Bei Tian’s mouth hooked up: You will know later.”

Five people came to the entrance of the hall, Yang Feng Qing opened the door with a big smile and said to the people outside: Welcome, welcome, welcome to my humble home.”

There are five or six people standing outside the door, male and female, old and young, all dressed well. When Mu Yi Fan saw the visitors, he immediately stared at them with wide eyes: Dad, mom, brother, sister-in-law, sister, Co-Co, why are you here?”

Zhao Yi Xuan and Zhan Guo Xiong stared at Mu Yi Fan after making a polite gesture she said: What? As long as you are here, you mean we can’t come?”

Mu Yi Fan said quickly, Mom, that’s not what I mean.”

Yang Feng Qing explained: I invited Yue Cheng and Yi Xuan to come over for dinner. Don’t just stand at the door, just come and sit in the room.”

Mu Yue Cheng went to Zhan Guo Xiong: Old Zhan how your health has been doing recently?”

Zhan Guo Xiong nodded with a smile and said, OK, OK. I went to play golf with your father the other day.”

I heard from my dad. He said he would ask you out to play some more games in a few days.”

Yeah, I’ll wait for him to make an appointment.”

More than ten people sat on the sofa in the hall, and Mu Yi Hang and Mu Yi Xue put their belongings under the table.

Yang Feng Qing saw this and said, Yi Xuan, just coming here for dinner. How could you bring a gift so politely?”

These are supplements and beauty products we bought abroad.”

As soon as Zhao Yi Xuan sat down, she murmured with Yang Feng Qing and raised her face. Mu Yi Hang talked with Zhan Bei Tian about the business in the mall, and Mu Yue Cheng talked with Zhan Guo Xiong about his father.

Mu Yi Xue and Liu Shan came to Mu Yi Fan’s side, smiled and put their hands on Mu Yi Fan’s shoulders, joked: Mu-Mu, the man you found is really capable, he flattened the parents objections, when do you and Bei Tian plan to go abroad to register for marriage?”

Mu Yi Fan was stunned: My parents agreed with Bei Tian?”

You didn’t know?” Mu Yi Xue looked at him in surprise: In order to get our parents’ consent, Bei Tian also went abroad to accompany our parents on travel? By the way, Aunt Yang and Uncle Lei Gang have also gone with him, or the two will not get together for dinner.”

Mu Yi Fan wondered, When was this?”

Shouldn’t Zhan Bei Tian be on business trip these days?

Just these days, didn’t Bei Tian just come back? He came back with his parents.”

When Yang Feng Qing heard their chat, she turned to smile and said: Bei Tian said he would surprise Mu-Mu, so he didn’t want us to tell you about it.”

Zhao Yi Xuan exclaimed, Bei Tian is very thoughtful.”

At that time, they had a small dispute with the local people in country Y, so they called Yi Hang to deal with the matter. They didn’t expect that Zhan Bei Tian would come to country Y and solve everything smoothly. After that, Zhan Bei Tian continued to accompany them to travel in country Y and visit many places of interest with them. They thought that Zhan Bei Tian would take this opportunity to talk about the matter between him and Mu-Mu. However, two days later, he didn’t mention Mu-Mu in any of the talk, however, when Zhan Bei Tian received Mu-Mu phone call every night, they will see that the expressionless face of Zhan Bei Tian gets sweet fluctuations. When he spoke to Mu Yi Fan, his tone became gentle, and his eyes are full of love for Mu-Mu. It can be seen that Zhan Bei Tian still loves Mu-Mu to them, the parents, but they are watching how Zhan Bei Tian has grown up. How far Zhan Bei Tian does go to protect their son? They have a clear idea. In the third question, Yang Feng Qing and Zhan Lei Gang also came to country Y. Five people happily vacationed for five days. The day before they were going back, Yang Feng Qing and Zhan Lei Gang had a long talk with them all night. They talked about how Zhan Bei Tian went out to their parents and fell in love with their son. They promised to treat Mu-Mu well in the future, and the Mu parents were moved by Zhan Bei Tians behavior. They finally convinced the Mu parents.

Besides, when they came to country Y, they had already discussed the matters of Mu-Mu and Zhan Bei Tian. If they were to have sons in law like Bei Tian, they could laugh and wake up in their dreams and still feel like they were dreaming. However, now that that possibility was in their faces, they had to think carefully. They had seen many men married and lived together in foreign countries for so many years, and they even expressed their blessings to these people. Therefore, the Mu parents were not nitpicking, but domestically the situation is different from that gay couples experience abroad. They are worried that their son and Zhan Bei Tian won’t bear other people’s eyes and break up. As parents, they don’t want their two children with good feelings to walk away from each other in the end.

Mu Yue Cheng said: Over the years, we all know what Bei Tian was like to our Mu-Mu. We believe that Bei Tian can give our Mu-Mu a lifetime of happiness. Mu-Mu, if you have decided to join Bei Tian, you should treat him well and don’t let him down. If you can’t do it, you should let him go as early as possible, and don’t make Bei Tian sad.”

I won’t.” Mu Yi Fan looked at Mu Yue Cheng excitedly and said, Dad, mom, do you agree that we are together?”

Mu Yue Cheng and Zhao Yi Xuan looked at each other, smiled and nodded.

At first, when they heard that Mu Yi Fan and Zhan Bei Tian were together, their first reaction was not to object, but to worry that the Zhan Family would not accept them. Now that they all agree, they have no reason to object.

Thank you, mom and dad.” Mu Yi Fan jumped up excitedly and jumped to the opposite Zhan Bei Tian. In front of everyone’s face, Mu Yi Fan gave a big kiss to Zhan Bei Tian’s lips.

Mu Yi Hang seemed to have known for a long time that Mu Yi Fan will make such a move, which is why he was very fast. One hand was raised and blocked his daughter’s eyes.

Mu Yi Xue said with a smile, Mom and Dad, how can you promise them happiness? You should reprimand Mu-Mu well so that he can cherish Bei Tian hard won feelings.”

Mu Yi Fan immediately protested, Sister, I’m your brother. How can you do this to me?”

The Zhan Family people are very happy to see the deep smile in Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes and the one that reached the corners of his mouth.

Yang Feng Qing picked up the small red box that had been prepared in the morning and she put it on the table, smiled and pushed it to Mu Yi Fan’s side: Mu-Mu, this is for you.”

Mu Yi Fan was stunned.

Yang Feng Qing explained: This is the red bead that Bei Tian held in his hand when he was born. Then, I put the bead away and planned to give it to my future daughter-in-law. Now that you are Bei Tian’s future partner, I will give this bead to you.”

Zhan Bei Tian raised his eyebrows.

It’s the first time he’s heard about it. Yang Feng Qing didn’t mention it before.

Zhao Yi Xuan said curiously, When Bei Tian was born, he held a bead? Is there such an illusive thing?”

Others were also fascinated by the topic, and their eyes fell on the small box.

Yang Feng Qing said with a smile, At that time, the doctor also thought it was strange, and even doubted whether I swallowed the bead in my stomach. Otherwise, how could the child hold such a large bead in his hand, and take it back to identify it? This bead belongs to the jade category, and it will make people feel warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very magical and unique, but experts can’t see what jade it is.”

Zhao Yi Xuan hesitated: This is for Mu-Mu. Is it too expensive?”

It’s just a bead. Besides, it’s brought by the birth of Bei Tian. Naturally, it should be handed over to the other half of Bei Tian.”

What did Mu Yi Fan think of? He quickly opened the red small box. There was a small red bead with a diameter of about 2cm, which was flickering with red light.

He looked at Zhan Bei Tian and whispered, Is it the Qingtian bead?”

Zhan Bei Tian scrutinized it and said: The appearance is the same as the Qingtian bead.”

Mu Yi Fan looked at the bead from left to right. He couldn’t help thinking of his son in the book. He didn’t know whether he would have a son after swallowing the bead.

He really put the bead in his mouth.

Mu-Mu, what are you doing?” Zhao Yi Xuan’s eyes widened and she was fooled by his son’s comfort: You wouldn’t have swallowed it, will you?”

I didn’t, cough…” As soon as Mu Yi Fan spoke, the bead was stuck in his throat: Cough, Cough…breathe… Throat! ”

Everyone saw Mu Yi Fan’s face turned red and his face changed colors. Mu Yi Hang slapped him on the back.

Zhan Bei Tian quickly picked up the man and tried to get the bead out of his mouth.

Call an ambulance,” Zhao Yi Xuan shouted.

Mu Yi Xue immediately took out her cell phone and called for an ambulance.

Zhan Guo Xiong said in a hurry and anger, How can you swallow things so casually?”

Yang Feng Qing and Zhan Lei Gang, Mu Yue Cheng and Liu Shan were all around in a hurry. Suddenly, the hall full of laughter became a mess, and anxious voices from all over the hall came out of the yard.

Soon after, the ambulance arrived at the villa area, and Mu Yi Fan had already swallowed the bead, so they had to send him to the hospital for an examination, but they did not see the bead in his stomach.

After several inspections, they didn’t find any problems, so they had to go home.

One month later, Mu Yi Fan began to vomit frequently. Five months later, someone saw that his stomach was as protruding as a pregnant woman, and he needed to wear broad clothes to cover his fat stomach.

In the tenth month, a rumor that people laughed happily spread all over T city. An obstetrician named Zheng Guo Zong reported that he had delivered the Mu Family Third Young Master Mu Yi Fans baby in person, but the child looked like Zhan Bei Tian, who was in charge of the Zhan Corporate Group. This ridiculous thing was widely spread, but everyone just regarded it as a joke after dinner.

As for whether the rumor is true or not, only the people of Zhan Mu and Mu family know about it. However, they seem to be holding a banquet in the Zhan Family for a new kid, who among them has time to pay attention to the outside world.

Today, the Zhan Family was hot and noisy, laughter flew constantly, Mu Yi Fan heard the blessings from all the people around, he just held on Zhan Bei Tian, and both of their faces were showing a happy smiles.

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