Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 6: Save the Children

Chapter 6: Save the Children

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“There’s a problem with my Reckless Bull Force?” Chu Feixiong was so angry that he grinned.

Meng Chao took a step forward and blocked the enraged, huge, and white bear.

“Since you think that Chu Feixiong’s force execution does not reach the standard, why don’t you show us the standard Reckless Bull Force so that we can learn it seriously?”

He had a smile on his face, and he looked sincere.

Zuo Haoran snorted coldly. Since he could become the class rep, it was only par for the course that he had strength that suppressed the entire class.

“Look carefully, this is the real Reckless Bull Force!”

A cold glare shone in the class rep’s eyes. He put on a nearly perfect stance, twisted his hips and turned around to execute a lightning fast punch.


The punching force gauge swung violently, and the numbers on the display screen jumped violently.

“225 kg!”

“This is Zuo Haoran maintaining the top score in the class, right? Last time, he had to accumulate strength for a long time before he could execute that punch. Now, with just one casual punch, he reached his previous high score. His strength is becoming more and more terrifying.”

“The class rep has been improving really quickly over the past two months. His maximum punching strength has surpassed a heavyweight boxing champion on Earth. He’ll definitely be able to get into a famous college.

“I remember that Chu Feixiong’s maximum punching strength was 220 kg. The class rep is much lighter than him, but his punching strength is five kilograms higher.”

The eye-catching numbers caused the students watching by the side to talk about it quietly.

The girls were attracted by Zuo Haoran’s handsome stance, and they could not help their faces turning slightly red.

All of them had to acknowledge the class rep’s view.

That was the standard Reckless Bull Force, and it was the one that could allow a person to deliver a powerful punch.

Zuo Haoran wrapped his fist in his palm and stared at Chu Feixiong while he glanced at Meng Chao through the corner of his eyes.

“So, did you two see it clearly?” His expression was indifferent, and his voice allowed no room for argument.

Some of the students who were close to Chu Feixiong were afraid that if a conflict arose, Chu Feixiong would end up suffering a loss. They spoke quietly behind him.

“Big Brother Xiong, forget it. Let’s test it later. Meng Chao, hurry up and persuade him. Stop standing there like a dumba*s!”

Before their voices could fade, Meng Chao took half a step to the side, and Chu Feixiong strode forward.


Zuo Haoran’s expression sank. He refused to budge, and both of them clashed into each other.

It was Reckless Bull Force vs Reckless Bull Technique.


What happened was akin to a raging bull ramming into a raging rhinoceros.

The students could not bear to watch it.

Quite a number of people could already imagine the scene of Chu Feixiong being sent flying and landing pathetically on his back.

But they were wrong.

The pretty boy was the one who took eight consecutive steps backwards before he fell on the floor. His rage caused his face to turn so red that it was almost purple.

The one who fell on the floor was Zuo Haoran, who had just displayed his might.

But that was not all.

Chu Feixiong used the momentum to rush forward. His sneakers rubbed against the floor, and they let out squeaking sounds while releasing the heat created when rubber burned.

Each of his muscles looked like red hot steel, and his fist was like a bag of explosives which had been lit.


With a loud bang, his fist landed squarely at the center of the target.

The sound was even louder than from Zuo Haoran’s punch. The punching force gauge jumped.

The number on the display screen rose erratically, and it would not calm down even after a long time had passed.

“2-232 kg!”

“He surpassed the class rep’s record! That’s the new class record!”

The classmates were flabbergasted

Even Chu Feixiong could not believe it. He stared at his own fist before he looked at Meng Chao. The shock on his face could not be described with words.

“Feixiong, you’re so despicable! How could you hide this from me and practice the super powerful Super Reckless Bull Force?”

In the absolutely silent cultivation room, Meng Chao was the first one to jump out and shout at the top of his voice, “You even suppressed the class rep!”


Chu Feixiong was dumbfounded.

‘What the heck? Weren’t you the one who taught me this in the toilet just now?’

The students looked at each other at a loss. Super Reckless Bull Force?

“Don’t you know?” Meng Chao looked around him in astonishment. “Right now, there are plenty of powerful people in the army and society. They’re continuously modifying Reckless Bull Force and developing upgraded versions which are stronger and more powerful. Those versions are much more amazing than our high school versions.

“Chu Feixiong must be using an upgraded version, or else, there’s no way he could have defeated the class rep so easily, right?”

In truth, the difference in their maximum strength was just a few kilograms. There was not a world’s difference between them.

Zuo Haoran was fast, and his punching frequency was high. He was also more skilled in kicking techniques, so if they were to really fight, he would suppress Chu Feixiong.

It would definitely not be as exaggerated as Meng Chao made it to be, where he “suppressed” and “defeated him so easily”.

But Zuo Haoran did not notice it for the time being, and his breathing nearly froze because of the clash.

He could not speak, which allowed Meng Chao to slander his name. He was so angry that he could not get up.

The students went along Meng Chao’s train of thought and nodded instinctively.

Many of the powerful people in the army, the aristocratic families, the rich and powerful families, and martial art research centers were continuously exploring the unknown territories within life sciences.

Their upgraded versions were naturally completely different from the common version taught in high school.

Everyone was very envious of Chu Feixiong.

He had learned such a domineering force execution technique before the national college examination! He was now like a tiger with wings!

“Feixiong, you’re really ruthless.” Meng Chao gave his absolutely baffled best friend a thumbs up. “I heard that some of the high-grade training classes in society teach Super Reckless Bull Force, and the starting price for it is around two hundred thousand. You were actually willing to spend so much money for it?

“But that’s reasonable. We’re about to challenge the national college examination, and each mark could change our fate. Your strength has increased by several kilograms compared to before. If you convert it, you’ll be able to get a few more points. Those two hundred thousand were a worthy expenditure.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have any way to get into a high-grade training class. I heard that many top-class instructors can’t be hired even if you have money, or else, I’d sell all my possessions just to learn Super Reckless Bull Force.”

Meng Chao slapped his thigh with regret written all over his face.

A thought bloomed in the heads of all students, and they fell into deep contemplation.

“Wait.” Meng Chao’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he sized up Chu Feixiong. “Feixiong—no, Big Brother Xiong, won’t you teach me Super Reckless Bull Force?

“Don’t be in a hurry to reject me. I know that everyone is fighting for every second to improve before the national college examination. We’re all competitors during the exam, so there’s no way that I’d let you teach me for free. I can pay you.”


Right when Chu Feixiong spoke up, Meng Chao interrupted him. “We’re classmates, so it’d be too vulgar if we talked about money. How about this? I’ll pay you with cultivation resources. Gene medicine, high-grade nutrition fluids, cell strengthening liquids, monster materials. What do you want? Just name it. We’ll settle accounts clearly, even if we’re besties. You don’t have to feel troubled.”

Chu Feixiong was not that dumb and he finally understood what was going on.

“Um...” A conflicted look appeared on his face, and he looked slightly troubled.

“Big Brother Xiong, please, save the children!” Meng Chao’s eyes became teary.

“I can consider teaching you. Let’s talk in the corner,” Chu Feixiong said incredibly reluctantly.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!” Meng Chao was incredibly delighted.


Great desire stirred in the students’ hearts as they listened, and finally, someone could not hold back anymore.

A plump boy who was not that much smaller than the huge, white bear stepped forth.

“Big Brother Xiong, you can’t just teach Meng Chao alone. We’re students as well, and I’m a child as well. Please save me too.”

The plump boy was also a strength-oriented fighter. If Chu Feixiong was Fatty Sr. in the class, then he was Fatty Jr.

But his growth had stagnated lately. In the last few months, his maximum punching strength did not increase, and he was so frustrated that he did not manage to sleep for several nights.

When he saw Chu Feixiong’s astonishing punch and with Meng Chao serving as the precedent, there was no way he would let go of such a great chance.

Fatty Jr. spoke with desperation in his voice. “I have gene medicine, high-grade nutritional fluid, cell-strengthening fluid, and monster materials. I just need to increase my maximum punching strength by five percent—no, by three percent, and that will do. You can state whatever conditions you want.”

Aside from someone as extraordinary as Meng Chao, most of the students who managed to get into the key high school in the region came from rather well-off families.

They did not mind spending some cultivation resources to increase their points during the national college examination.

Within a short period of time, the students all surrounded Chu Feixiong.

“Big Brother Xiong, we know that you’re a man who values chivalry the most. Could you help me?”

“Me too! Aside from cultivation resources, what do you say if I offer you one month’s worth of breakfast?”

“Big Brother Xiong, Boss Xiong, we’re all brothers, please save this pitiful child as well!”

Everyone curried favor with Chu Feixiong.

And they completely forgot about the class rep, who still sat on the floor.

Zuo Haoran gritted his teeth, and his handsome face was completely twisted.

“Since he’s going to teach me anyway, teaching more is the same. Why don’t we form a study group? Everyone can bring out some cultivation resources as compensation to you, and you can develop your style a little. You’ll be able to contribute a little to the class as a whole,” Meng Chao kindly suggested.

“That’s a good idea.”

“I’m willing to join the Super Reckless Bull Force study group.”

The students agreed to it easily.

Since things had already progressed to this point, Chu Feixiong could only nod in agreement.

At this moment, a notification popped up in Meng Chao’s peripheral vision.

[Your suggestion has promoted harmony in class. The students’ drive for studying has increased, and there’s a possibility that they will get good results. In the near future, they will be able to contribute more to civilization. Increased contribution points by 11.]

“Chu Feixiong, you devote such great care to your classmates.” Meng Chao could not help but sigh. “We’re at the tense eve of the national college exams, and you’re still willing to spend time and energy to help everyone improve! You’re such a great person!

“Everyone, he’s such a selfless, great man, and he’s strong to boot. Why didn’t the teacher choose him to be the class rep in the beginning?”

Everyone was stunned. Then, they started giggling awkwardly.

Zuo Haoran had just climbed to his feet when he became so angry that he saw stars. He nearly fell down once more.

The price Meng Chao set for learning Reckless Bull Technique was low, because he wanted quick returns, even if the margin of profit wasn’t high. He taught it half for free and asked for minimal price.

Everyone was very sensible. Before class ended, most of the students joined the study group.

Some of the students who came from rather well-off families even delivered various cultivation resources in advance.

There were more than ten bottles of gene medicine, high-grade nutritional fluid, and bone cell growth hormones. All of them were branded goods that Meng Chao could not buy even if he sold all his possessions.

He brought Chu Feixiong to the roof to split the profit and taught him some of the force execution formulae of Reckless Bull Technique, along with the stimulation method for the acupressure points so that he could train their classmates later.

Chu Feixiong agreed to help Meng Chao organize the study group, but he refused to take the cultivation resources.

The huge, white bear said that his family was better off than Meng Chao’s and could guarantee a steady stream of basic resources for him. If Meng Chao wanted to get into college, he had to treasure all of the hard-won resources.

After using every method to persuade him, Meng Chao just stuffed one-third of the rewards into Chu Feixiong’s bag.

Then, Chu Feixiong asked him about the origins of Super Reckless Bull Force.

Meng Chao thought about it and decided to push the responsibility to the deep web.

Chu Feixiong was shocked. “You’re still browsing through those underground ergonomics forums? Those people are all cultivation lunatics and mad scientists. They give off seemingly powerful secret techniques and allow the netizens to download them for free, but they do not have good intentions. They often treat the netizens as white mice to help them gather data.

“You were injured and hospitalized last year because you went to learn a technique that’s still in its testing stage on the underground forum. Haven’t you learned your lesson?”

Meng Chao could only tell him that he was really careful this time. He researched it for a few months, and once he was certain that there was nothing wrong with it, he finally gathered the courage to share it with others.

“You know my family situation. If I don’t take a gamble, how am I supposed to compete against a rich man’s son like Zuo Haoran? And how am I supposed to protect my family against the fearsome monsters?”

Meng Chao fell into deep thought. “But your worries are logical. How about this? Help me tell the others that Super Reckless Bull Force is still in its testing stage, and there might be a lot of bugs in it. If they think it’s dangerous, I can return their cultivation resources to them. Anyway, I set the price so cheap because I wanted to contribute to society. Why should I force them to learn if they don’t want to?”

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