Once Human, Now a Parasite

Chapter 686

Chapter 686: 686

Jian Si didn't hold back at all, she jumped back and held her sword with both hands then unleashed her crimson Sword Essence .

She raised the sword and used [Heavenly Slash], one of the skills Arthur imparted on her and by far the strongest skill in her arsenal . Unlike Arthur, she doesn't use the System so [Heavenly Slash] is treated as a technique by her and is slightly harder to use, nevertheless, the girl managed to master in such a short amount of time .

Furthermore, the attack didn't resemble Arthur's . While his was a creepy and big flying black skeletal head, Jian Si's [Heavenly Slash] was actually a Translucent red world .

The wolf released a deafening howl before leaping at the two armless robots . The unstable murderous sword essence was uncontrollable, devastating everything in its way and even pushing the two target a distance from the center of the circular room .

At the same time, Lucy was struggling against the retaliation spaceship, which no longer dispatched the fighter robots and used the hundreds, if not thousands, of cannons to blast the white specter away .

Her appearance dramatically changed, her spectral flaming tail became lengthier, her clothes were now made of golden fire and the scales covering her Devil Arm were now crystalline blue, emitting small white particles, which, upon a very close look, turned out to be minuscule ice lotuses .

Lucy was about to strike the spaceship again but her body momentarily frozen, causing three cannon shots to hit her, however, they did no damage whatsoever, she was just sent flying a few kilometers below .

After stabilizing her body, Lucy vanished and reappeared a long distance away, a blue leaf appearing under leg . Her movements seemed slow but with each step, she would teleport to another place, rendering the auto-functioning cannons unable to locate her, much less fire .

In just a few breaths, Lucy appeared where the black whirlpool was supposed to be, however, in its place, there was an unconscious Arthur . Lucy quickly checked his condition but he appeared perfectly fine, in fact, he seemed about to wake up very soon .

His eyes were fluttering and he was letting out audible groans . Lucy wrapped her left arm around his waist and 'teleported' again, barely evading no less than nine red lasers coming from all directions .

The nine ice lotuses spun around her whilst her Godspirit took the front, fully blooming and bursting with a bone-chilling breeze which transformed into a violent blizzard that affected this area's weather .

The sky darkened and the spaceship started shaking then was slowly but surely being frozen from one part to another . In less than twenty seconds, the massive floating ship was turned into a block of ice .

Unfortunately, the ice shattered soon after that and the enormous cannon which remained silent ever since its appearance, started letting out unpleasant buzzing sounds .

Black particles appeared around the cannon then fused together and merged with the buzzing artifact . Lucy snorted and raised her devil arm, which released a blue aura that formed a direct connection with the Godspirit, causing it to become double its size and increase its Yin Powers .

A translucent barrier the couple and just as the cannon was about to shoot, it suddenly went silence, making Lucy confused, nevertheless, she used this opportunity to turn around and flee .

With Arthur back safe and sound and Makaze sheathed on his waist, there was no reason to keep fighting the spaceship anymore .

Back inside the spaceship, in the secondary control room, Jian Si was heavily panting as she ruthlessly kicked the unresponsive bodies of the defeat armless robots .

She used all of her strength and emerged victorious, fortunately . However, her invasion was finally noticed and countless robots started appearing from all the doors leading to the control room .

Seeing the guns pointed at her, Cold Sword grasped her red sword and mumbled something before jumping in the air and sweeping her crimson sword . A tornado made of sharp red sword essence made its appearance, it slashed apart from the nearby robots and allowed Jian Si to escape through an opening but not even two minutes later, she was surrounded again, this time by an even stronger variation of robots .

A bit after that, Cold Sword was cornered and unable to counterattack anymore . She was heavily wounded and her hand was shaking as she clenched her grip on her sword, afraid to drop it .

Knowing that there was no way out, Jian Si was about to self-destruct her Dantian and kill as many of the enemies as possible but the sudden appearance of a large phoenix covered in fire startled her and the robots equally .

The phoenix screeched loudly then crashed into the hundreds of robots, turned them into nothing but ash . This wasn't the end, however, the fire bird flew again and tore a hole through the spaceship, creating a tunnel leading directly outside .

Before she could react, someone grabbed Jian Si and flew out of there . The phoenix remained behind, spreading its fire all over the already breaking ship .

Only when they were outside did Cold Sword manage to have a good look at her 'savior' . He was a young man with short blond hair, blue eyes and handsome facial features .

Actually, if Arthur or Lucy saw him, they would instantly recognise him . He used to be a very famous figure on Earth but after being inflicted by the virus and taken by the System, he seemed to have simply vanished .

He was none other than Usui, formerly known as the Flame Emperor .

It wasn't just Cold Sword who contributed in stopping the Buster Cannon . Usui also went all out and even betrayed the System in order to help Lucy and Arthur .

As he was very devoted to the System and did everything that was ordered, his companions didn't expect him to suddenly start rampaging and even attack them .


An hour after her fight against the System's Spaceship, Lucy used a special Spatial bullet to teleport herself and Arthur to a random low-realm .

When she exited the spatial tunnel, they found themselves in some kind of a dusty storage room filled with half-filled sacks .

Lucy gently laid down Arthur then checked his condition again and it was at that time that the parasite mumbled something before slowly opening his eyes .

The first thing he saw was a mesmerizing silver-haired woman staring worriedly back at him and, quite unexpectedly, he didn't react the usual way .

In fact, he freaked out and, unable to control his strength, jumped back down . His eyes were cautiously looking around before focusing on Lucy .

"You!! Who are you?!"

Seeing his actions, which didn't seem like an act or a joke, Lucy creased her brow . It was easy to guess what was happening to him but difficult to figure out the reason behind it .

'Was it because of retrieving Makaze? Or did something else happen in Timos' world?'

Whatever happened, Lucy wasn't going to give up or abandon him, obviously .

"Don't you remember? I am Lucy . "

She didn't approach him as she saw him glare at her coldly, not a hint of trust displayed in his eyes . It was exactly like when they first met, when he distrusted anyone and anything .

"Lucy? I don't know you!"

From the looks of it, it didn't seem like he only forgot about Lucy . He noticed that black sheath on his waist so he hurriedly unsheathed the sword and pointed it at Lucy, though his form was wrong and not a hint of Dark Magic could be felt .

It wasn't that he lost his powers, he just didn't know how to use them or rather, forgot how .

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