One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1058 - My body is so dirty.

Chapter 1058: My body is so dirty.

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Who the h*ll dared to bully my woman this way?!

That person deserves to die a thousand times!

Mu Yazhe wrinkled his face coldly. If Yun Shishi just looked up at this moment, she would be shocked by his chilly visage.

Those who knew him would understand that he was truly antagonized this time.

She rubbed her eyes, her eyelids unusually heavy.

He lowered his head and asked, “Are you tired?”

“Eh.” She nodded.

“Why don’t you take a bath? Then change into a clean set of clothes and go to sleep.”

Sipping her lips, she nodded slightly in agreement.

Thus, he got up, carried her to the bathroom in his arms, and placed her in the bathtub.

Earlier, he ordered the servants to get the bathtub ready, so it was already filled with lukewarm water.

As she slipped into it, the warmth from the water surrounded and submerged her.

He wanted to clean her up at first.

She smiled and said, “I-I’ll do it myself!”

“You want to clean yourself?” He frowned, looking worried.

The corners of her mouth hooked into a smile. “I can clean myself!”

He nodded and walked out of the bathroom.

The first thing he did after stepping out was to call his assistant.

The man immediately reported, “Boss, Li Dongliang is still in the hospital. I’ve sent someone to keep watch over him.”

“Good! Make sure you don’t lose him.”

“Besides that…”

Inside a hotel suite, Min Yu glanced momentarily at Kong Qixian and his daughter sitting on the couch, covered the mouthpiece, and reported softly, “Kong Group’s Mr. Kong and his daughter have requested for an audience with you! They are now waiting for you!”

“Let them wait; I have things to speak to them about.”

“All right; I’ll relay the message.”

Mu Yazhe hung up the call, his beautiful eyes narrowing dangerously.

Those two, they have come at the right time; I have a score to settle with them!

He walked slowly to the window, drew a cigarette from its box, lit it, and took a drag.

The heavy tobacco smoke followed the airway passage into his lungs, yet this was not sufficient to alleviate the agony inside him!

All along, there had never been a thing that made him so upset and caused him to lose his cool!

He knew, though, that he must calm down and be composed right now!

At least, he must pretend to be composed in front of her, or she would become anxious and uneasy, too.

The most important task right now was to calm her nerves.

Once she settled down to sleep, he would have the time to slowly settle this score!

Inside the bathroom, Yun Shishi drenched herself thoroughly, took up the bath sponge, squeezed a little bath foam on it, and started scrubbing her body carefully.

Her eyes fell on the alarming blood streaks found all over her body.

These injuries densely covering her body looked so glaring on her fair and flawless skin!

As she stared at the bruises and wounds, the scenes of Li Dongliang’s attempted rape flashed across her eyes one after another like a revolving shadow-picture lantern!

Oh, my god; I’m so dirty!


A deep-seated irritability arose inside her. With an ugly frown, she impatiently turned on the showerhead to full blast and let the water spray on her completely. The warm water gushed down her body as she hugged herself by her shoulders. Slowly opening her eyes, water droplets dripped from her eyelashes.

Her eyes landed on the terrible wounds on her body and she felt a stab in her heart again.

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