One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1123 - Brought Back to the Mu Family

Chapter 1123: Brought Back to the Mu Family

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Frowning, he decided to make a call to Mu Yazhe first.

Alas, his phone was turned off!

Why was it off at such a critical moment?

He heard that he was going abroad some time ago, but he should have arrived by now. Why was his phone off?

The Mu residence.

The main door was kicked wide open by Mu Sheng.

Looking nervous, he hurriedly entered the house with Youyou in his arms. Several Mu residence’s private doctors followed him closely.

In his embrace, the boy’s breathing became shorter and his face flushed red from the excruciating pain. Beads of sweat covered his forehead as his fair, little face dimmed like a piece of white jade covered in dust.

Just when the older twin had fallen asleep after he completed his homework, he was startled awake by the tense and urgent footsteps along the corridor.

Having a keen sense of hearing, no matter how soft it was, he would wake up if there was noise.

He sensed something unusual about the footsteps outside.

Rubbing his groggy eyes, he opened the door just in time to see his great grandpa rushing into a bedroom with a child in his arms.

His heart skipped a beat; even though he did not see clearly who it was because the old man was in a hurry, he saw the child’s dangling hand.

The bracelet on it made him realize that it was his brother!


Why is he here?

Because he had not been to the Mu residence for a long while and was constantly glued to his mother’s side, Old Mu missed him a lot. Hence, the old man made a call to the kid and urged the latter to pay him a visit.

Only then did this child move back to stay for a few days in this household.

However, it had not even been a day since he left, yet his brother already got into trouble?

The instant he caught a faint glimpse of his brother’s pale face, he sensed that something was wrong, and he chased after them to a room, only to see his great grandpa placing the sick child in bed.


As soon as he spoke, he realized that, with his grandpa around, he could not reveal that he knew of the other boy’s existence.

Thus, he walked over and nervously tugged on his sleeve, instead.

“Great grandpa, who is he? Why does he look exactly like me?”

“Little Yichen, the situation is urgent now. Go wait at the side; I’ll explain it to you later!”

With that, he got kicked out of the room.

After several private doctors nervously entered the room and locked it, he anxiously paced back and forth outside.

What exactly is going on?!

He saw how colorless and weak his brother looked earlier in the room. Not knowing what had happened at all, he hurried back to his room, locked it, and took out his phone to call his mother.

The call went through but none pick up for a long time.

Gnashing his teeth, he called his father, instead, only to receive a voice message indicating that the phone was off.

D*mn it!

Worried and uneasy, he returned to where his little brother was and paced back and forth for a bit. He did not know how long he had waited, but time passed like a century before the door was finally opened.

His twin was already conscious, and when he dashed into the room, the former’s face was dark while leaning against the headboard. His brother’s pair of beautiful eyes was ambiguous under the shadow of his fringe.

His grandfather sat at the side, but it was eerily quiet and stifling in the large room.

His gaze affixed on his younger brother as he carefully made his way over to them, but the sight of his tightly bandaged shoulder startled him.


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