One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1126 - Many Spies in the Mu Residence

Chapter 1126: Many Spies in the Mu Residence

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Sometimes, kids may be a little bold. It could be said that youths knew no fear.

However, for this child to say such words, he was clearly a little arrogant.

Not only that, Mu Sheng was his elder. Even if he really did have some wrongdoings, it was not his right to point them out!

It was not that he could not make a harmless joke with an elder, but his attitude still had to be a little respectful!

After all, he was his elder! His status as an elder was placed right in front of him. He had to use his authority as an elder at appropriate times!

This kid actually dared to threaten him!

The boy glanced at his cold expression but did not buy it. Both stared at each other grimly, clearly with a sense of confrontation.

As Mu Yichen witnessed this, he asked, “Grandpa, what’s wrong? You look really fierce. Did someone make you unhappy?”

Only then did the old man realize with a start that, at some point in time, the older twin had entered the room.

The moment he saw him, he quickly hugged the little guy. He then lowered his head and said, “Come look! This is your little brother!”

The boy rolled his eyes secretly.

He knew that this was his brother.

Still, he pretended that this was his first time meeting this identical twin of his. His face was filled with wonder.

“Wow… This little guy is so cute! Is he really my brother?”

“Yes!” The old man nodded. As the older boy was being adorable, his face gradually softened. “Your little brother was lied to and taken away by a bad woman. You two have been separated for seven years. He is finally home but will undoubtedly be a little distant! You must spend more time with him and talk to him!”

His wish was that these two little guys would cultivate a good relationship. This way, it would be easier to get rid of the ill-feelings in Youyou’s heart. Therefore, he gave out some orders before leaving the room while Little Yichen remained!

The moment the door was closed, the older boy’s face darkened quickly.

He walked to the door and opened it slightly to peek into the hallway through the gap. Only when he spotted Mu Sheng walking away slowly with his walking stick did he feel at ease. He closed the door and locked it.

Immediately after, he walked to the window and looked out the clear windowpane. He was shocked to find a group of uniformed soldiers surrounding the door.Read the next chapter on our

From his deductions, there was a mass of soldiers keeping the huge Mu residence well-enclosed.

He turned around and exchanged glances with his brother before saying in a deep voice, “Youyou, wait for a while. I’ll check the back door!”


With that, he crept into the backyard to check the back door carefully.

The back door was also surrounded by armed personnel.

His heart skipped a beat.

This could be deemed as a disguised house arrest!

Mu Sheng must have deployed a few teams from the army to keep the Mu residence surrounded!

It seemed that this was meant to keep an eye on the little boy and ensure that he would be unable to escape.

Mu Yichen returned to the room and locked the door again. He headed to the window and shut the curtains before sitting down on the bed.

Youyou squinted his eyes as he saw his brother’s gloomy face. He could roughly guess what the situation was but still asked, “How is it?”

“They are all armed and have the entire residence surrounded. There’s no way out. The possibility of escaping is very slim.”

The younger boy’s heart dropped. “D*mn!”

“Exactly what happened?” His brother held his hand worriedly. “Where is mommy?!”

“Mommy has been locked up!” He said as he burned with anxiety.

Even now, he was not worried about himself. He was more worried about his mommy.

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