One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1888 - Autopsy Result (1)

Chapter 1888: Autopsy Result (1)

“Chairman Mu, how are you? I’m sorry for my tardiness! How can I help you?” The senior-looking chief walked up to shake the young man’s hand with a broad beam on his face.

The latter stood on the spot with two hands in his pants’ pockets. He shot a cold glance at the outstretched hand, showing no indication of wanting to shake it.

For this police chief, the man was even stingy with his greeting, and that gave the former a rude shock. The senior’s face instantly displayed his awkwardness and embarrassment.

The policeman looked down and saw his fingertips were lightly coated in dust. He hastily wiped his palms on his uniform and continued smilingly. “My apologies for the delay! Please forgive our tardiness.”

It was only after he had wiped his fingers clean that the young man was willing to hold his hand with a light touch. His ceremonial handshake was way superficial when he did not bother to squeeze his hand in return.

However, this was enough to please the police chief. The fact that he could shake hands with Disheng’s CEO, known to be aloof and detached, in front of so many people was a feat itself.

The old man was highly graced by this act of young chap!

Earlier, the chief was having a meeting at the police headquarters when he received a call from his superior. When he was told that a VIP was at one of the police stations under his jurisdiction, he immediately skipped the meeting and rushed to the said station.

“My apologies, indeed! I was having a meeting at the headquarters just then… and missed your arrival! What can I do for you here?” asked the policeman, the smile not leaving his face.

Standing at one side, Yun Yecheng watched the senior’s fawning behavior with fear and surprise, but more than that, he was stumped by the latter’s snobbery.

Earlier, he had tried directing some questions to the chief, but the latter had totally blindsided him. This uniformed individual was only interested in speaking to his son-in-law. He made it obvious that the elder Yun was not worth his time.

Mu Yazhe simply cut short the chief’s courtesies and went straight to the point. “My father-in-law has been summoned here to assist with identifying a body. He’s been waiting the entire afternoon, but no officer has attended to him even now. Not a procedural action, be it assisting with the autopsy or taking a statement, has been started so far. I didn’t know that police stations under your charge could be this busy!”

His cool and detached verbiage was full of judgement.

The senior officer broke out in a cold sweat as he turned stiffly to look at Yun Yecheng standing beside him.

How can this average-looking, late, middle-aged man be the father-in-law of the famous CEO?

It was a big blow to him that sent his head spinning!

The chief hastily approached the elderly man; a wide smile, like a blooming flower, spread across his face at the same time as he asked with utmost respect, “I’m so sorry—so very sorry for making you wait! I didn’t know that you are Chairman Mu’s father-in-law. He he! May I have your name, please?”

“I’m Mr. Yun; how are you doing?” The old man tried to hide his displeasure as he returned the formality.

“Please, may I ask why you are here…”

“The police summoned me here. They told me that there’s a body retrieved from the sea that they wanted me to assist with identifying.”

The police chief turned solemn the moment he heard the explanation.

“A body? Has a record been filed?”

“I don’t have the details yet. I rushed over the moment I received the call from the police. I don’t know the police procedure at all, so I’ve been waiting anxiously here.”

The police chief immediately replied, “We’ve been slow; I deeply apologize! Please follow me; I’ll get the officer who’s in charge of this case to speak to you!”

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