One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2285 - Outstanding Talent

Chapter 2285: Outstanding Talent

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“That’s because I have Little Yichen with me.”

“No,” Youyou pulled his older brother to him, emphasizing, “Little Yichen is my personal bodyguard, so don’t covet him, uncle.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Gong Jie resumed speaking in delight. “The island we are heading to was bought by me two years ago. The facilities, hotels, bars, resorts, and so on are all under my name.”

The boy ignored him and warned Little Yichen, “Remember, uncle is an extremely dangerous person. The number of people who want to stab him is enough to form a line from here to Paris. If anything happens, grab me first and run. If necessary, keep a safe distance from him so that you can avoid being pulled into any disaster.”

His brother nodded his head earnestly following his serious explanation.

At the side, Gong Jie furrowed his eyebrows and tugged his younger nephew’s ear, complaining, “This little fella, why are you so heartless?!”

Youyou snorted coldly. “I’m just stating the facts!”

What he said, however, was not wrong at all.

As the largest firearms organization in the world, Hurricane Group was known as the ‘horrific empire’.

As the chief commander of the North American and European markets, Gong Jie was known as the ‘business world ripper’, not just in name but in reality as well.

He owned more than a hundred cargo aircraft and over fifty super-cargo ships under his name. Also, he had control over more than one thousand two hundred flights and was fluent in six languages. One could say that he was the most dazzling core figure in Hurricane Group.

Dangers always followed him.

Not only that; he had even been blacklisted by multiple governments and had even made it to the top ten of FBI’s most-wanted list once.

With that, he was indeed a ‘terrorist’ not just in name but also in reality.

Previously, to expand their territory, he had seized a share of profits in a place not under his control, offending many terrorist groups’ leaders.

Only the North American and European markets were under his administration, yet he dared to reach out toward the African market ambitiously.

Within three years, Gong Jie made use of the intelligence agency’s resource operations to reach an agreement. Among the thirty-two military campaigns in twenty-nine African countries, he had practically dominated the leading interests in the market, making countless profits.

The volume of profits he earned was enough to make many people green with envy.

Last year, he had several hundred billion US dollars under his name alone, becoming the leading outstanding talent in Hurricane Group.

He naturally made many jealous, but Gong Shaoying was not happy about this.

Each market had its respective head. The African market had always been managed by other people. Gong Jie had unavoidably broken some rules by encroaching into their territory.

However, Gong Jie merely retorted coldly, “African market has the greenest pasture, but it has never managed to hit the target for years. Hurricane Group doesn’t need such an incompetent leader. I did this so that I could prove that the African market’s value is the most promising.”

Gong Shaoying was rendered speechless by his words.

This son of his was exceptionally talented in his eyes.

There were not many people who could gain his recognition, but Gong Jie was definitely one of them.

Although he did not agree with what he had done, he approved of his son’s abilities.

Therefore, for a long period after that, he had five military units protecting his son under the shadows at all times, but in actuality, his son had offended not just those people.

The number of European governments and terrorist groups that had put him on their hit list was too many to count.

No wonder Youyou described his uncle as a ‘dangerous figure’.

There were many people hiding in the dark who wanted his life.

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