One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2523 - Finally got his wish granted!

Chapter 2523: Finally got his wish granted!

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Maybe this would not turn out to be a dream, but he would imagine the succession ceremony not happening smoothly!

Surely, someone would be there to mess things up!

However, leading up to the day of the ceremony, everything unfolded as scheduled. At the board meeting, in the presence of all the important members of the family and Mu Group’s senior shareholders, he officially became the new president of the conglomerate empire.

After the meeting, he walked into the office. The luxurious CEO’s office had been given a new look, with the nameplate on the table replaced with his. This was when a surge of indescribable dream-like glory filled his chest finally!

At last, he got his wish granted!

He was now the head of the Mus, for real!

Although he was presented as the head of the household, in his heart, he knew that the actual power still lay in the hands of his uncle!

There was no hurry in that matter, though.

Mu Linfeng was not what he used to be physically, so the power that the old man held would only be momentary. With the elder gone, the real power would return to him, would it not?

He was relieved, finally!

At long last, the surging desire within him was satiated!

He did not sit in the office for long but went patrolling the staff area, instead.

As he passed through the rows of staff area, all eyes were on him. From the doubts and disdain at the start to the moment of awe as they bowed to him, he could sense the flattery and attention these elite workers in suits cast upon him.

This was probably the fascinating thing about power, was it not?

Everyone had to kowtow to him in fearful respect, and not one dared to go against his wishes.

This was why so many inside the Mu family would do whatever they could to climb up the hierarchy; it was all for the sake of this moment where one could enjoy the worship of many!

Standing at the pinnacle, one would realize just how small everyone else who was standing below their feet. They were like ants, which he could squash anytime!

He had waited so long for this moment, and finally, he got his wish granted!

The man wanted to laugh out loud at the thought of this, but rationality restrained his impulse. He barely maintained his reserved composure as he walked back to his office!

Everyone in the Mu Group had their doubts about his succession after the turmoil when the stock market plunged, but still, they regarded him as a savior more than anything else.

However, many of the senior elite staff had little confidence in him.

Back in the days, when Mu Yazhe was still leading the corporation, none of their competitors could fight with them.

It was different now, though!

Since he left the Mus to set up Shengyu Financial Group with great fanfare and then turned its rookie reputation around with a beautiful victory, that upstart corporation had risen to be the leader among the young financial holdings with its rapid momentum!

It was a miracle story!

None other than Mu Yazhe could have created this myth!

Shengyu Financial Group, the conglomerate which this company had a love-hate relationship with, was now the biggest enemy of the Mu Group!

The reason for their love was that the leader of Shengyu was the one whom they had always respected as the leader of Mu Group!

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