One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3193 - Journey Of A Father (20)

Chapter 3193: Journey Of A Father (20)

It was only when he came right up to the boy that the boy was taken aback. Little Yichen was half a head taller than him.

Little Yichen looked down at him with eyes burning with anger! “I asked you to apologize, did you hear me?!”

He was practically shouting into the boy’s ears in his deep voice!

The boy’s eardrums hurt from the roar! However, he did not relent and retorted, “Why… why should I?”

He was already feeling a little guilty. Clenching his fists, he could not help but felt like he was losing ground. After all, confronted by Little Yichen’s imposing manner, his own imposing manner was instantly defeated!

But despite his weaker presence, he was stubborn, like a leopard that had its territory violated!

He would not back down. At home, he was treated like an emperor. Since young, no one had ever dared to speak to him so loudly and in such a fierce tone!

He looked up at Little Yichen, straightening his neck as if he was unconvinced. He snorted coldly. “Who do you think you are? What right do you have to speak to me like this?!”

By the side, little Yueyao was still bawling, she was rubbing her eyes and crying herself hoarse.

Youyou immediately walked over and picked her up in his arms. He gently patted her back and coaxed her.

Perhaps it was her pitiful and sad cries that triggered him, but the older twin grabbed the boy’s collar and yanked him to the front. He said in no uncertain terms, “I’m warning you; if you don’t apologize, don’t think of leaving this place!”

Frightened by this, the boy’s eyes reddened and turned moist as if he was about to cry!

“I won’t!”

“Return the toy to my sister! Don’t touch my sister’s toy with your filthy hands!” Little Yichen snatched the toy away without further explanation. When this happened, the boy was completely taken aback. He fell to the ground in shock and started crying!

Not far from where they were, an elegantly-dressed woman headed in their direction. It seemed she was the boy’s mother. She had taken her son out for a walk but met her friends and stopped to talk to them. However, the boy, being naughty, wandered off alone in the garden and now this had happened.

The woman walked over and saw her precious baby sitting on the ground, crying pitifully, with Mu Yichen standing in front of him with a determined expression. Thinking that he had bullied her precious son, she immediately walked over and gave Mu Yichen a shove!

“Why are you bullying my son!?”

Mu Yichen was stunned when he heard this. Youyou was carrying Yueyao, who was still crying non-stop. He came up to them and said angrily, “Auntie, please get this straight! It’s clearly you who have failed to discipline your son. Your son is being unreasonable and pushing his weight around. How could you turn around and blame others? Even if it’s a pet dog, you’d leash it when you take it for a walk, right? If it runs around and bites people, wouldn’t it be regretful for you!”

Little Yichen was highly amused!

What a vicious tongue Youyou had!

On the surface, he was talking about a dog, but in reality, he was criticizing her for failing to educate her child!

When the woman heard this, she was dumbstruck for a long time. She found it hard to believe that these words came from an eight-year-old child!

When she came back to her senses, she swore, “Where did these two little b*stards come from? They don’t even know how to speak human language?”

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