One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3195 - Journey Of A Father (22)

Chapter 3195: Journey Of A Father (22)

In the afternoon, Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi returned. The man made a beeline for the baby’s crib before he even took off his coat. Then, he realized little Yueyao was not inside.

It turned out that the two lads had taken her out to the backyard for sunbathing.

Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi tiptoed to the balcony and saw Little Yichen sitting upright with little Yueyao in his arms. Youyou was sitting at the door with a drawing board in his arms, seriously sketching away!

Youyou had a talent for drawing since young. He had never taken lessons because most of the time, he was either in the hospital or at home to recuperate. Hence, he had time and patience to spare as he clung to the drawing board and drew detailed sketches of various sceneries.

By the age of five, his sketching actually looked pretty decent, even though it did look like he was self-taught!

Mu Yazhe deliberately did not interrupt him. Little Yichen’s expression changed when he saw him, but he motioned for the boy to keep quiet. He stood behind Youyou and looked at what he had drawn. There was already a general framework, but as it had not yet been shaded, the characters were not very three-dimensional.

Youyou held his pen and asked calmly, “Daddy, how long are you going to stand behind me?”

Mu Yazhe was surprised. “How did you know that I was standing behind you?”surprise

Youyou turned to look at him incredulously. “Daddy, do you think I’m deaf and can’t hear you? Or do you think you’re some deity who floats on thin air?”

Yun Shishi was tickled by his reply.

Mu Yazhe, on the other hand, was sharp-eyed and spotted traces of abrasion on the boy’s palm, he immediately grabbed his hand and examined it carefully. “What happened? Why is there broken skin?”

Youyou did not expect his eyes to be so sharp, so he calmly replied, “I accidentally fell. It’s no big deal.”

“Where? Let me see?”

Yun Shishi hurriedly walked over and held his little hand to check. She was relieved to see that it was only slightly scraped and not too serious.

“Why weren’t you more careful?”

Youyou put down the drawing board and asked, “Did you take photos?”

“What photos?”

“Silly Daddy! Of course I’m talking about photos of Mommy’s gown fitting!”

Looking helpless, Youyou said with an air of resignation, “Daddy, your reaction is so slow!”

Mu Yazhe furrowed his brow. He was both amused and infuriated by the little rascal’s reprimanding.

Little Yichen walked towards them carrying little Yueyao. The baby was basking in the sun comfortably, so when she saw them return, she became excited. When Little Yichen came closer, little Yueyao could not wait to stretch out her hands, as if asking to be carried!

Yun Shishi was surprised by her response!

She had always felt that this daughter of hers was rather aloof. Usually, when people try to carry her, not only would they have to seek Little Yichen’s and Youyou’s approval, they also had to seek her willingness!

If someone were to reach out and try to pick her up, she would sometimes turn her face away to look elsewhere. This was a definite rejection!

Only, Yun Shishi had no idea what Yueyao had suffered today. This was why the baby was especially eager for the comfort of their embrace, when she saw them!

Mu Yazhe’s heart almost melted at the sight of her asking for a hug!

In the past, to many Shengyu Corporation employees, he had always been known as the great CEO with a cold and aloof image. Now, he had no choice but to drop this image and carry the little princess in his arms.

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