One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3350: Sudden Changes (91)

Chapter 3350: Sudden Changes (91)

She raised her gun and aimed it at him. The sailor outside the door saw that she had a gun and subconsciously put his hands up over his head. He explained, "I… I just… I just came to take a look at the situation! I hope you know that if the ship encounters danger, we will all die!"

"I know!" She swallowed nervously. "I'll let you in, but don't threaten me or I'll kill you!"

The sailor nodded in fright.

With her gun aimed at him, she reached for the door, only to realize that it was locked from the outside.

When the second mate realized the same, he immediately reacted. He took out a bunch of keys, found the one to this door and inserted it into the lock.

All the time, Yun Shishi warily aimed her gun at him.

The moment the door opened, the sailor lunged at her. Caught off guard, she was thrown to the floor. She was about to fire when the man punched her in the corner of her mouth. Bam! She did not expect this and arched her body in pain. However she clung to the pistol to keep him from snatching it.

The sailor drew his saber from his waist and gripped it tightly. He raised his hand, but suddenly… the ship let out an ear-piercing screech as it shook violently!

The entire cabin shook violently!

Yun Shishi was shocked as she felt the entire cabin spin!

What was going on?!

A great sense of fear overcame her.

This huge movement caused the tip of the man's knife, which was initially coming straight at her chest, to deviate its path and instead plunge into the deck next to her.

The tip of the knife sank into the deck viciously. Because the man's center of gravity was unstable, he was unable to dislodge the weapon immediately.

Yun Shishi reacted quickly and took this opportunity to deliver a solid kick to the man. She tightened her grip on her pistol but before she had the chance to aim, there was another loud bang. Through the deck, she heard an ear-piercing tearing sound coming from the bottom of the ship. Her heart turned cold!

The sailor couldn't care less about her. He quickly got up and rushed to the screen, shouting that something had gone wrong!

"Shit!" He cursed and started his attempts to salvage the situation.

Yun Shishi had no idea what was going on. In her confusion, she heard an ear-piercing sound. The ship shook again. This time, the turbulence was not as violent as the previous two times. In an instant, darkness engulfed the entire cockpit.

The circuit system had been struck, plunging the entire cabin into darkness!

Little Yichen and Youyou encountered the strong turbulence as they were on their way to the cockpit. The cabin shook continuously and Youyou almost lost his balance. Little Yichen immediately reached out to steady him.

"What's going on?!" Youyou looked around nervously. Under the dim moonlight, the waves were surging and crashing against the ship.

Little Yichen walked to the railing and looked down. When he saw that the waves were abnormal, he frowned and said in shock, "I'm afraid we've hit a reef."

"Hit a reef?"

"Uh huh."

"Is the situation serious?" the boy asked curiously, not understanding these things. He suddenly realized that he knew too little and sometimes had to rely on Little Yichen.

Yichen nodded solemnly and said worriedly, "Judging from the situation, it must be rather serious."

A ship running into a reef can be a very serious matter.

On the surface, the sea may seem calm and flat but sometimes, there are reefs under the water. Some of them may be more than ten meters deep underwater and can only be detected by devices.

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