One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 4470 - 4470 The Other Side 439

Chapter 4470 - 4470 The Other Side 439

4470 The Other Side 439

After devouring the remaining meat, the two men were satisfied and left some meat scraps behind. Gong Jie threw them into the fire. They had had their fill and there was no way they could eat any more. Overnight, the meat would also rot. If they kept it, the aroma would attract stray wolves or other wild beasts. Just to be safe.

In his drowsy state, Hua Jin vaguely felt someone putting a jacket over him. When he opened his eyes in a daze, he heard Gong Jie walking out.

“Where… where are you going…” The actor asked, half-awake.

“I’m getting some firewood. Go back to sleep.” The man’s calm tone was strangely reassuring.


Sleepiness overwhelmed Hua Jin, and he couldn’t care less about anything else. He had not slept well for a few days, so as soon as he closed his eyes, he knocked out almost immediately.

By the time Gong Jie returned with the firewood, the actor was sound asleep as though in a deep coma.

He walked over and surrounded the fire with firewood before lying down beside the actor.

With a thud, the actor’s body tilted and his head rested on his shoulder.

Gong Jie turned to look at him. His face was barely inches away. Even when he was asleep, he was quiet, almost angelic. A quiet restful face, like a little puppy.

Uh… He actually described him as a little puppy.

If Hua Jin were awake and could hear his thoughts, he would definitely be so angry that he would bare his fangs and brandish his claws.

It was unbelievable. Gong Jie heaved a sigh of relief. He had never thought that he would risk his life this way for someone other than his sister. The anxiety he felt when he found out that the actor had been kidnapped was almost instinctive.

Before this incident, he did not even think that this fellow had such an important place in his heart. This was probably the most impulsive thing he had ever done in his life. He had risked everything and put himself in such a dangerous situation, regardless of the consequences.

Still …

The moment he saw Hua Jin, all the anxiety that he had been feeling seemed to calm down at once.

He exhaled deeply and closed his eyes. The two of them snuggled together and fell asleep.

Outside the cave, the cold wind was biting cold. From time to time, wild wolves would catch the aroma of venison and pick up the road to find them.

However, they were afraid of open fire and retreated, letting out unwilling howls.

Before long, it was morning.

In his daze, Hua Jin was awakened by the howls of wolves at dawn. Opening his eyes, he felt something heavy weighing down on his thigh.

He lowered his head and saw Gong Jie leaning on him, sleeping peacefully.

No wonder!

He had just been dreaming that he was lifting weights and his thighs were heavy. It turned out that this guy was sleeping on his lap!

It was obvious that he was really tired. Before rescuing Hua Jin, he had not had a good rest on the ship. In fact, it had been difficult for him to close his eyes.

He had slept briefly but was awakened by a nightmare. He had dreamed that Hua Jin and Alice had also been beheaded and only Natalia had been saved.

After waking up from the dream, he felt uneasy and did not dare to fall asleep again. He was afraid that if he were to fall asleep, his nightmare would come true. And now, at dawn, even when the wolves howled, he did not wake up.

Hua Jin’s legs were extremely numb, but he could not bear to move for fear of waking the man.

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