One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 4730 Never Too Late to Love (137)

Chapter 4730 Never Too Late to Love (137)

Gu Chengze and Bai Sheng had the understanding between them, that the wedding would be held after Natalia woke up. However, before that, they would start traveling.

Gu Chengze had already meticulously made travel plans. The first stop of the trip was Hong Kong. From there, they would fly to Paris.

Initially, Bai Sheng's impression of Hong Kong was that it was filled with tall buildings. And apart from that, it was probably a paradise for shoppers.

While waiting for the flight, Bai Sheng was actually a little nervous. Gu Chengze curiously thought that perhaps, it was because she had never taken a plane.

Even Bai Sheng herself had forgotten if she had ever taken a plane.

She'd forgotten if she'd ever flown as a child, but she hadn't since her parents died. She hadn't even gone out to play except for summer and winter camps at school, as well as spring and fall outings.

Therefore, it was obvious that she was rather nervous when they were on the plane.

It was quite a distance from Beijing to Paris.

When they first boarded the plane, Bai Sheng was rather nervous. Other than nervousness, she was also a little excited.

After the plane took off, she leaned against the window. Because it was evening when the plane took off, she could see the rose-red sunset at a glance, when the plane passed through the hazy clouds, .

The layered colors of the sunset was like an oil painting. As time passed, it slowly turned from a rose color to a mellow burgundy color.

At a glance, it was like clouds on fire, beautiful as a painting. The light of the setting sun was like scattered golden sand, embellishing the endless sea of clouds and piercing through them so that they were sparkling and mottled. Was this a painting or a beautiful dream, it was hard to tell!

Bai Sheng sat forward and leaned against the window for the longest time, looking at the breathtaking scenery in a daze.

Gu Chengze looked at her helplessly as she immersed herself in the sunset. Earlier on, when they were in the departure hall, he had told her that it would be evening time when the plane took off, the sunset would be at its most beautiful.

The view from the plane was a scene that one would hardly get to appreciate from the ground. However, Bai Sheng did not think much of it at the time he said it. To her surprise, it was a giant painting.

"Isn't it beautiful?"


"To think that earlier on, a certain someone doubted that there was any view to admire from the plane and didn't think much of what I said. Now, it seems..."

"It's beautiful!" Bai Sheng couldn't care less about being made fun of. The beautiful scenery of the sunset flashed by and she did not want to miss a single minute of it. She picked up her phone and started taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Seeing this, Gu Chengze immediately snatched her phone away.

Bai Sheng was taken aback. "What are you doing?"

"A truly beautiful scene should not be captured using a cell phone."

"What do you mean?"

Gu Chengze reached out and turned her face around so that she was looking out of the window. He whispered into her ear, "Idiot, of course you capture it with your eyes!"


As Bai Sheng admired the beautiful scene outside the window, she belatedly realized that no matter how beautiful it was, and even if she were to capture it with her phone, it would be almost impossible to re-live the moment.

However, the beauty captured by the eyes would be rooted in the bottom of her heart and she would be able to remember it for always.

"So beautiful..."

A phone would not be able to capture even a fraction of such beauty.

"But what if I suddenly forget such a beautiful scene?"

Gu Chengze said deliberately, "Then I'll take you on an evening flight again and you can look till you're satisfied."

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