One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 4777 Never Too Late to Love (184)

Chapter 4777 Never Too Late to Love (184)


The two of them were entwined tightly together.

Nevertheless, Mu Yueyao felt a hint of awkwardness.

While she could obviously sense some warmth in his expression earlier on, there was only coldness now. A sense of powerlessness washed over her.

Mu Yueyao asked indifferently, "What do you want?"

"Is this enough for you?" Jing Yang gently stroked her chin and narrowed his eyes. "Is this the kind of submission you want?"


Those words were like a bucket of cold water being emptied over her. She raised her eyes in disbelief and looked straight at Jing Yang, replaying what he had just said.

Did he think that what she wanted was his submission?!

Her heart turned cold!

A cruel smile spread across her face, and a voice that did not seem to belong to her escaped from her lips. "You came to persuade me to lift the ban on you?"

Jing Yang remained silent as though it was a tacit agreement.

Mu Yueyao arrogantly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She suppressed the disappointment in her heart and coldly said, "That depends on how you perform."

Jing Yang was taken aback by this overly unfamiliar tone. He said with a faint smile, "I'll definitely satisfy CEO Mu."

CEO Mu? He actually addressed her in such an unfamiliar way.

Mu Yueyao smiled bleakly. "Don't disappoint me."

Jing Yang lowered his head and whispered into her ear, "How about tonight?"

Tonight? What did he mean?

Before she could figure out, he kissed her once again. All her thoughts were frozen at this moment.

The sound of uncoordinated footsteps echoed throughout the hotel corridor.

Mu Yueyao felt terribly heavy in the head, but in her memory, she didn't recall drinkning that much. How could she suddenly have become so drunk that she was muddle-headed?

She staggered along as Jing Yang held her hand tightly. This was a hotel. What would happen next was completely predictable. Jing Yang had promised that he would put up a good performance tonight.

She was no fool. He had been very attentive. Besides, the implications of him leading her into the hotel were self-evident. Mu Yueyao was past the ignorance of youth.

She had once, as a young girl, held her own burning face and fantasized about what would happen after she and Jing Yang got married, would they be like her daddy and mommy…

Once, when she was young and innocent, she saw her father carrying her mother into the room, in the middle of the night. Out of curiosity, she sneaked up to their door and listened to the commotion in the room through it.

Although Mu Yazhe had put a lot of effort into soundproofing and one could hardly hear anything through the door, Mu Yueyao already developed a vague idea.

What was it like between a man and a woman?

Perhaps it was because her imagination was limited, but no matter, the other party, in her imagination, only had Jing Yang's face. At that point, she might have realized that she no longer simply regarded Jing Yang as her big brother. She treated him as the object of her adoration and her young heart was filled with love.

In the room.

The door was flung open. Jing Yang grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace. At that moment, Mu Yueyao felt as if her soul had been sucked out.

After entering the dark room, before she could figure out her chaotic thoughts, the door was slammed shut. The room was so dark that one could not even see their own fingers.

She suddenly panicked!

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